Broken Trust (2012 Lifetime)

Broken Trust (2012 Lifetime)

Cast: Laura Vandervoort, Shawn Roberts, Sonya Salomaa, Sean Allan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Starring Laura Vandervoort, Shawn Roberts and Sonya Salomaa. Attorney Sophie tries to rescue a kidnapped mentor while taking on a case against a major pharmaceutical company and escaping the deadly traps set to snare her.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a bearded man, Mr. Alan, downloading some files and setting up a drop-off of the USB. He is VERY paranoid and tries to avoid security, and looks even more suspicious. It doesn’t matter because once he gets to his car, someone in the backseat murders him. 

Cut to a beautiful blonde lawyer with a large folder making her case. Her name is Sophie, and her rival is also a blonde lawyer named Sophie. Just kidding, the other lawyer is named Sonya. Things could get confusing because these women look and have very similar names. 

It appears that Sophie has recently gone through a breakup and works for her father’s law partner, Bruce after her father died. Bruce is planning on selling the firm, and his VERY pregnant assistant is worried about losing her job. (The woman needs to be on bed rest, not making copies!) 

As Sophie closes up for the night, she gets a strange call from Bruce that sounds like someone is killing him. Sophie looks for Bruce at a bar but gets distracted by a handsome bartender. When Bruce stands her up for a meeting, Sophie talks to a detective, and then her ex-boyfriend, Eric, shows up, who also works in the police station. He is skeptical and thinks that Sophie is overreacting but agrees to help.

A distorted voice calls Sophie and demands ransom for Bruce alive. The caller instructs Sophie not to contact the police. (Too late) and to get in her car and drive to a parking garage. It is the same office from the beginning of the movie, and she is sent there to find the USB. Sophie sneaks around the building in a really cute trenchcoat. Who knows what she is doing, but she looks fabulous!

Sophie goes to Eric’s apartment to tell him what is going on; he is thankfully shirtless. (See below) Nothing worse than a character recapping what we just saw; at least we get a shirtless hunk. 

The caller calls again and is now cutting off fingers. Eric promises to find Bruce, but he can’t guarantee how many fingers he will have left. Sophie realizes that she can’t use Eric’s help and goes back out into the night alone. She delivers mysterious packages to a destination, the voice suggests. Sophie has been out all night.

Sophie finds herself in a motel with a dead body, but she still has that trenchcoat! She is instructed to open the package, and it is a gun. It is a setup, and Sophie has just been framed for murder. Sophie cries on the phone to the voice; she realizes someone is trying to distract her from her BIG pharmaceutical case. 

In court, Sophie is frazzled and unprepared. A blue box is dropped off, and it contains Bruce’s finger. Sophie doesn’t scream in court and calmly walks out. The case is going to be thrown out as a mistrial “due to her outburst.”  

Eric continues his detective work, sadly with his shirt on. He goes to a storage unit and finds some files. A bald man attacks Eric, and once they start fighting, Eric must have read my mind because he rips his shirt off his body and fights. It is hot.

Sophie is arrested and questioned for the murder of the motel man. Sophie can’t share what is going on with the cops, but Eric somehow manages to get her out of questioning. They run around together while rekindling their romance through banter. Sophie eventually ditches him again and heads to a cabin in the woods. Eric follows her, and THEN A CAR EXPLODES. Sophie and Eric are presumed dead. 

Bruce drives away with the hitman, and he might have been in on it the whole time? He returns to work and makes flowery speeches about how Sophie was like a daughter to him. He also announces that he is merging with another firm. His speech is interrupted by a delivery boy with a box that reads “Open Now.” 

Inside the box is Bruce’s finger. Sophie is alive and in Bruce’s office. She tells him that she knows he is in on it. He was the one watching her the whole time and framed her for murder. Bruce!!!!! He explains that he stands to make millions and offers to cut Sophie into the deal for her silence. She refuses and unbuttons her shirt to show she was wearing a wire the whole time. Bruce is arrested.

Sophie takes over the firm and cancels the merger. She talks to reporters and then take Eric home for some sexy time.

Side Note

Minority Report: Security Officer, Assistant, Judge, Dr. Cook, Peter, Detective, 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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