Deadly Due Date (2021 Lifetime)

Deadly Due Date (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Ashlynn Yennie, Ella Cannon, Philip Boyd, Brianna Butler

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After reconnecting with a pregnant classmate at their reunion, a couple has their life thrown into chaos when the woman promises to let them adopt her baby but unbeknownst to them, the woman has her own plans to create the perfect little family. Ashlyn Yennie, Ella Cannon, Philip Boyd, Diane Robin, Brianna Butler star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a woman named Claire running through the woods from a hot guy. (Like sweaty hot, not attractive.) He has a gun and tackles Claire in a graveyard. Claire beats his ass with a rock and kills him. He was the birthfather and wanted to give the child up for adoption, but Claire decided to keep the baby and will kill for him. (She is having a boy, which is a thing that is repeated over and over.) 

Cut to an attractive couple, Bill and Rachel. They are struggling to have a baby and embarrassed to show up at a 15-year reunion childless. Of course, Claire is obsessed with Bill, and she went to high school with the high school sweethearts. Bill kissed her on the cheek at a party in high school and still thinks she has a chance. 15 years later.

Seeing the pregnant Claire sends Rachel into a tailspin. She cries in the bathroom and opens up to Claire about miscarriages and her struggles to have a baby. The couple offers Claire a ride home, and she freaks out when Bill doesn’t take her home with them for an implied threesome.

Claire gets admitted into the hospital to get her way and calls Rachel as her emergency contact. Richard and Claire pick her up from the hospital and offer Claire to stay with them. Claire hits on Bill while holding a cold compress on her head and that my friend is CONFIDENCE. 

The next morning, Claire makes the couple breakfast and talks about wanting to put hr baby up for adoption. After a few seconds, Bill and Rachel offer to adopt the child and move Claire in; WHY NOT!

The adoption agent shows up and is disappointed to see that Rachel is late. (Claire tampered with Rachel’s car and took her cellphone, setting her up to look bad in front of the agent.) It causes a fight between the couple, much to Claire’s delight. 

Richard’s mother shows up, and I. LOVE. THIS. ACTRESS. Diane Robin nails the overbearing mother/mother-in-law. She comes to help take care of Claire and not so subtly shades the hell out of her. Then she insists on throwing a baby shower and calls Rachel ignorant for putting knives in upsidedown in the dishwasher. 

Rachel ends up doing everything for the baby shower. She accidentally burns something in the oven and sets off the alarm. Alice, the mother, and Rachel scream at one another in a drop-dead all-out bitch fest. The party ends before it even begins, and Richard needs to pick sides. 

Alice goes for a walk to cool off and sees Claire talking with her baby dad, who is apparently not dead. He isn’t alive for long because Claire kills him when she asks for 50% of whatever money she is getting. 

Claire suggests that Rachel watch a friend’s kid to show the adoption agency she is good with kids. Then Claire gets out her bubble gun and lures the child outside into the street. Lindsay finds her daughter in the street and is irate. (Understandably!) Bill and Rachel get into another fight 

Alice can’t let it go and does some research into Claire and the baby daddy. She goes to a shooting range and asks questions, but the shooting range owner calls Claire to warn her that someone is looking into her past. 

Claire gets Alice alone and stabs her with a kitchen knife; she then throws her body on the open dishwasher in the lamest attempt to cover up a murder. (What did she do? She falls on the dishwasher and stab herself with an upsidedown knife?)

Detectives arrive and start investigating the murder; they seem to kill more than Bill does. 

Claire offers to name the baby boy “Alice” to Bill. He laughs and says that wouldn’t make the best boy name. Then Claire asks bill to feel the baby kicking. Rachel catches them and is VERY jealous. 

When Bill goes out of town, Rachel freaks out and can’t be alone with Claire. She talks to her (ex)BFF and asks if Claire had an obsession with Bill in High School. Samantha finally talks about the “FAT BUBBLE FAIRY.” Rachel and Lindsay realize Claire has been up to no good.

Rachel calls Bill and fills him in, but he still doesn’t believe her. When Rachel goes home, Claire shows her true colors AND her gun. Claire kidnaps Rachel and has her write a break-up letter before they go.

Claire shows Rachel her baby daddy’s decomposed skeleton at an abandoned warehouse and tells her that she is next. Then Claire’s water breaks, and it is time for Plan B. Which is shooting Rachel and then holding her at gunpoint and forcing her to deliver her baby. 

Rachel successfully delivers the baby, so good on her! Claire is exhausted and locks Rachel in a freezer while she passes out holding the baby. When Claire comes to, she puts her baby down and goes after Rachel with the gun. Rachel is ready and knocks Claire in the head. 

Rachel calls for help and limps out while holding the baby. She gets a hold of Bill and tells him where she is. Claire follows the sound of the baby crying and shoots at them. 

Claire tires out, and Rachel seizes her opportunity. The women fight, and Claire knocks out Rachel. Bill shows up, and Claire tells him that Rachel kidnapped HER and killed his mother. Bill knows she is crazy at this point, he talks with her for Rachel to wake up and take the baby to safety or to use the baby as bait. Rachel throws Claire off of a tall ledge sending her plummeting to her death. Rachel’s last works to Claire, “I’m sorry. My Baby needs me.” Perfect.

Bill and Rachel cradle the baby while sirens sound in the background.

One year later, Bill and Rachel raise their kid, the end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Lindsay, Samantha, Detective, 

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