A Christmas Together With You (2021 Hallmark)

A Christmas Together With You (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Laura Vandervoort, Niall Matter, Harry Lennix

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

During the Christmas season, Megan and her father-figure Frank head out on a road trip to find his long-lost love. Along the way, Megan finds the love of her own life

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Megan owns a cafe and is still reeling over a breakup from Brian. She doesn’t know what she is going to do for the holiday, but she wants to switch it up. She decides to help a favorite customer Frank, find his long-lost love Claire Colins from Long Grove. 

Megan proposes that she and Frank take a road trip to find Claire! He politely declines but thanks her for the thoughtfulness. Then Frank has a change of heart when he remembers that Megan’s wedding was scheduled for the holidays. 

The road trip hasn’t even really begun before Megan runs into a handsome stranger at a rest-stop coffee shop and spills coffee all over herself. He throws money at her, annoyed.

When they get to the town of Pinegrove, and Steve’s family happens to recently own the lodge in town. He gives them a room and apologizes for the way he treated Megan at the gas station.

The lodge s big on Christmas activities but not so much on amenities. Steve seems in over his head. Megan decides to help him wrap presents; they talk about Steve struggling to manage the lodge. Steve invites Megan out to dinner and caroling with his family, but she turns him down. 

The search for Claire continues, and they realize that she stayed as a guest in the lodge and is currently in a retirement home in town. Megan takes Frank to the home, and he is relieved to see that Claire volunteers in the retirement home. She is recently widowed and filling her time. Frank asks her out for steak dinner or coffee, and she turns him down too!!!!

Megan takes Steve up on his caroling opportunity under one condition. That they go by Claire’s house so Frank can serenade her with “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.” Claire is not impressed and stops him from singing. She asks him not to break her heart again. (YIKES!) 

Steve runs into another hiccup with a catering order for a veteran luncheon. Megan offers to help and suggests renting out an old out-of-business restaurant. Cue a shameless Campbell’s/French’s Green Bean Casserole #AD (It is basically a commercial in the middle of the movie.) Megan admits that she always wanted to be a chef, but had to take time away from that dream to take care of her father before he passed away.

Megan considers buying the restaurant and talks to her business partner, who encourages Megan to sell her shares in the business and take a risk on the restaurant and the lodge guy. 

Claire also takes a risk on Frank and agrees to go out with him. They spend the day walking around town and catching up on life. They dance downtown in the street to Christmas music. Claire asks Frank why he left her all those years ago. Claire gets overwhelmed and rushes off. 

Steve makes a grand gesture for Megan, including a meteor shower viewing party for two. Megan also gets overwhelmed and rushes off.

Megan and Frank leave town, but before he goes, Frank drops off an engagement ring and letter for Claire explaining that her father disapproved of him and that is why he ran off. They have a stowaway in their car, Steves’s dog, and have to go back to Pinegrove. 

Claire and Frank get together and so do Megan and Steve! The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Lisa, Frank, Kyle, 

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

šŸŽ„šŸŽ„šŸŽ„ (3 Christmas Trees)

Enjoyment Level: šŸ·šŸ·šŸ· (3 glasses of wine.)

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