Five More Minutes (2021 Hallmark)

Five More Minutes (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Nikki Deloach, David Haydn-Jones

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Inspired by Scotty McCreery’s song, “Five More Minutes,” a woman’s Christmas wish is answered in unexpected ways when her late grandfather’s journal turns up and reveals an untold romance.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Little Clara spends time with her grandfather about the benefits of candy canes; they also see a shooting star and make a wish. She wishes to spend every Christmas with her Grandpa.

Flash to grown-up Clara in Chicago; she is an elementary school teacher and a former teacher of the year! A handsome co-worker named Blake asks her out for a dinner date to propose. The only problem is that Clara is not feeling it, and she is also getting laid off because the school is doing away with the arts program. 

It is her first Christmas without her Grandpa, and Clara’s mother is stressed out running “the shop” (Candy Shop) in North Carolina. (Where it is apparently VERY snowy.)

 Clara drives her Grandpa’s car into town and runs into Logan, who is sympathetic for her loss. Logan is back from active duty and is returning to civilian life while he is on reserve. 

Claira makes a wish for five more mins with good old gramps, and I’m worried that he is going to Monkey Paw back to life. 

The next day a young man named, Jay shows up to help with the shop. He was apparently interviewed by her Grandpa before he died. He is very efficient and finds an old journal that belonged to Claria’s Grandpa. She read the journal with Logan and the learn about a mysterious woman named Martha.

Logan and Claira continue to read the journal and share more about their pasts; she tells him about Blake and her ambivalent feelings towards him. Blake finds her a new job and wants to move them to a new town together. She talks through her feelings with her BFF, who encourages her to pursue Logan instead. 

Claira is surprised that her mother is dating a man named Edward. They seem to be hitting it off too.

After a night of journal reading with Logan, Claira calls Blake intending to break it off. He doesn’t answer, so she leaves him a vague message, and Blake shows up in person for her to break up with him…

Claira finds an unsent letter from her Grandpa to Martha and vows to find the woman, so she knows how much he loved her. Logan shares that he wrote a letter to Claira that he didn’t send, and she asks him to spend Christmas with her and forget about Blake, but Logan is called back to active duty. 

Martha shows up and says that she and Grandpa had already reconnected before he died. They wouldn’t have found love without experiencing it with one another. Martha leaves some photos of her with Grandpa.

Jay is still around, and he works on the Candy Shop. He shares a candy cane with Claira, and they talk about love. He leaves because it is Christmas Eve, and his work is done. 

A toy train knocks Claira’s purse off the ledge and spills the photos out. Jay was her Grandpa as a young man. A country song plays while we see footage of Grandpa with Martha when they were younger. Oh boy. I hate this. Claira stands in front of the store, crying and screaming for her Grandpa. 

Claira tells Logan that she loves him, and they plan to stay in North Carolina together. 

Side Note

Minority Report: None.

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