Saying Yes to Christmas (2021 Lifetime)

Saying Yes to Christmas (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Erika Prevost, Romaine Waite

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A magical Christmas wish makes a career-obsessed June (Prevost) say yes to every invitation while she’s home for the holidays. But when an old flame, Blake (Waite), joins her hectic schedule of Christmas activities, past feelings are reignited. June must choose between saying yes to her career and life in the city or to her heart in her hometown. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Sally Wells is a children’s book author and NOT the protagonist of this story; June is, she manages a social media account about Children’s books and is an expert/editor for a company. She advises an up-and-coming author who writes about Christmas in Puerto Rico because all Christmases do not have a snowy setting. When June goes to bat for the author, her boss is annoyed at the idea. The boss doesn’t care about representation; she cares about hit books! #RepresentationMatters 

June feels like she is selling herself short and not standing by her values, but she is very close to an editor job and hopes she can make a real change once that happens. 

The opportunity comes quickly, and June is sent home to get the latest book from Sally Wells (who is renting a cabin nearby) and resign her for an exclusive book deal! 

At June’s family home, she catches up with her parents, who are excited that she is home but not so happy she is working. Blake, a family friend, stops by with some growlers from his brewery. Blake will be taking over the family brewery and has a history with June. He invites her to his family’s cookie party. She refuses because she has to work. Blake makes a bet with June by throwing Jingle bells at a gutter (which they did as kids.) Blake loses, and he makes a wish that June would “SAY YES TO CHRISTMAS!” (Could some Christmas magic be in the air?)

The next morning, June literally can’t say no to any Christmas activity. Like she starts too, but then the Christmas magic takes over and rephrases her sentence. It is great! (Very well played by magical moment by Erika Prevost.) June goes to the Christmas Cookie event and then says yes to help Blake plan the Brewery Christmas party and all the events leading up to it.

June is injured while playing with a dog. She rests in bed and tries to explain to her parents that she can’t say no to Christmas activities. They don’t understand. Black overhears the conversations and feels bad that she doesn’t want to help him. 

The movie gets some great comedy mileage from June running into people who keep inviting her to things. Then she stops at a Christmas bakery and almost buys the whole store thanks to a saleswoman who knows how to upsell. June creates quite a scene, and Sally Wells just happens to be a customer witnessing the whole thing with her daughter. Sally is as charmed as I am and starts up a conversation with June. June takes the opportunity to tell Sally about some Christmas things around town. She also compliments her writing.

To get rid of the Christmas spirit, June goes to see a psychic who helps her realize that she can’t say no to anything Christmas. 

At one of the Christmas events June attends with Blake, they run into Sally Wells and her daughter again. June invites Sally to her mother’s mochi-making party that they do every Christmas. 

June starts to willing agree to help Blake with Christmas things because she likes spending time with him. He takes her to the brewery. Blake mentions his wish, and June realizes that his wish came true, and he is responsible. She tells him to help her undo the wish.

Blake tries to undo his wish with the jingle bell in the gutter, but it doesn’t work. June starts throwing snowballs at him to get him to mean it. Then she bangs on the gutters, scaring her parents.

Speaking of parent’s June’s mom has her mochi event, and it looks fun. They hit a ball of dough with a mallet, chanting “Yosha!” Sally and her daughter are captivated by the tradition. June talks to Sally about her job, and Sally isn’t a fan of the publishing company. She encourages June to go at it on her own and doesn’t want to sign the book deal. 

Sally sends June a book for her to review, but June’s boss isn’t interested in the manuscript. She asks June to tell Sally to write something else. 

While doing something Christmasy, Blake and June kiss.

June shares a photo of origami that she makes with her mom, and the post goes viral. Celebrating her heritage is more authentic on social media, and June has a lot of traditions to share.

When Blake’s caterer cancels on him, June and her mom offer to make Karaage (Japanise Fried Chicken) as a food pairing.  

June’s boss comes into town and is super rude to June. She demands that June meet with her and Sally because the boss is sure that June will blow the deal. 

Blake and June get into an argument. June thinks Blake needs to step up and expand the family business. I’m not sure why exactly, but it is that time in the movie.

At the big meeting, June pitches her book ideas to Sally and quits her job. June will work with Sally to start her own publishing house. She begins planning more inclusive content and #SayYes #RepresentationMatters. Junes family is fully supportive of her decision. 

Blake and June see one another at a Christmas party, and he steals her outside so she can stop accepting Christmas day invitations/ Blake apologizes and admits that he likes her. June tells Blake that saying “yes to Christmas” has shown her what is really important. They slow dance as snow falls, and she says “yes” to Blake. They kiss.

Side Note

Minority Report: June, Blake, Gayle, Annie, Anya, Henry,

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Tree)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine.)

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