Christmas in Tahoe (2021 Hallmark)

Christmas in Tahoe (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Laura Osnes, Paul McGillion, Rebecca Staab, George Lopez

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

To save her family hotel’s Christmas show, talent booker Claire must ask for help from her ex-boyfriend Ryan, the lead guitarist of a now-famous band that fired her as their manager years ago.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Claire works for her father’s resort/casino and is planning the SOLD OUT variety show and Christmas-related events. She is so good at carrying around an iPad and looking busy that Claire is offered a job from hunk Andre in Las Vegas, WAY better than Tahoe. Claire shares the good news with the resort assistant manager, Jackson, who doesn’t seem too excited about her leaving. 

While out drinking hot chocolate, Claire sees an ex-boyfriend, Ryan, who is now in a successful band. Lucky he is because Claire’s sold-out show loses the headliner. Claire is reluctant to work with Ryan again because he fired her as the band manager years ago. He tells her that his band is not available when she does, but he will help her find a new headliner.

Ryan and Claire pose as room service to convince a comedian, Ricki, to join the concert. Claire uses her sympathy to get her to sign on, and Ryan uses his good looks to charm the comedian.

There is a showboating kid that definitely needs to be in the show. She literally cartwheels in the room and steals the show at a kid’s recital. Claire has her eyes on another acapella group and bombards them backstage to do a heartfelt pitch. (With WILD hair.) The group is TERRIBLE. They are not Pentatonix. 

Ryan is a gifted songwriter, and Claire hears him working on a new song. Ryan wants to work on songwriting and quit his band. Claire hears Jackson singing and asks him to play in the Christmas eve show. 

The searching for acts brings Ryan and Claire together. They kiss in the moonlight but are interrupted by a text. The acapella group cancles. Ryan quickly books his band to replace them. The band owes Claire because they fired her before they hit it big.

Claire’s father finds out about her Las Vegas offer and feels betrayed. Later, he forgives her and gives her his blessing to stay and put on more concerts. 

The night of the concert, Jackson, AKA The Train Guy, performs an entire song. It is not very Christmasy, but it is VERY Train. The stand-up goes on, and she needs to work on her material. The acapella group is next, and they are pitchy. Then Ryan and his band go on for about two seconds before Ryan and Jackson close out the night with an original song. (Oh wait, NVM is a Train Song. “It’s Christmas Time.) Claire just bops backstage.

Claire has to decide if she is going to Vegas or staying with the family business AND Ryan. She decides to stay because that is just what happens in these movies. Jackson is offered Ryan’s spot in the band, so everyone is happy! 

They kiss as the Train song plays. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Otis, Acapella singers, 

George Lopez was underutilized, and Laura Osnes isn’t my favorite. The Train guy being in this movie was very random. This movie was doomed from the start. 

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