Caught in His Web (2022 Lifetime)

Caught in His Web (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Garcelle Beauvais, Alison Thornton, Malia Baker, Emma Tremblay

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Executive produced by Emmy®, Grammy®, Tony® and Academy® Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg, Caught in His Web is inspired by actual events and tells the horrifying story of Emma (Alison Thornton), Olivia (Malia Baker) and Gabby (Emma Tremblay) who are each unknowingly tormented by a mysterious cyberbully by the name “Blake.” Infiltrating each of their lives by hacking into their cell phones and computers, “Blake” coerces them to send nude photos and continually harasses them and tracks their every move. Feeling extremely alone and experiencing anxiety, depression and fear, the girls later discover they are not alone in being tormented. They decide to join forces and enlist the help of Detective Holland (Garcelle Beauvais), in the hunt to unmask their harasser and end their nightmare.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Trigger warning: This movie includes depictions of self-harm. 

The movie starts with a teen crying in the dark while messaging. Things like “I Own You.” The messages drive her to cut herself with a razor blade. Emma isn’t one of the girls receiving disturbing messages. Olivia and Gabby also receive messages throughout the night.

Emma is called to the HOT guidance counselor’s office for a sudden drop in her grades at school. Gabby is there too because she keeps falling asleep in class. (She has been up all night because of her cyberbullies) 

 At home, Emma’s mother works night, and she is up all night receiving text messages from Blake, who blackmails her into sending him nudes. (He sends her pictures of other girls and threatens to post them on Facebook.) Emma recognizes Gabby in one of the photos. 

Gabby and Emma compare notes and realize the same person has been messaging them. Gabby tells Emma about Detective Holland, who has been looking into the case. Emma coming forward, too, helps strengthen the evidence against the cyberstalker. 

The Detective calls in the girls and a classmate named Olivia to question them to find similarities in their stories. They are all feeling ostracised at school and have to come clean to their parents about the messages. Olivia is the only one who doesn’t and ops for prescription drugs. (What is this Euphoria Lite!?!) 

Detective Holland tries to hold the teachers and her co-workers accountable, but everyone seems to think there is nothing they can do to stop bullying online or in person. (This makes me so mad to see because so much can be done to discourage this behavior.) 

The girls start to ask around school and realize that many girls are also getting messages. Like, over twenty. They are not going to take bullshit from Blake, and all go to share what they know with Detective Holland. She is shocked that so many victims of Blake exist and have come forward. 

The Detective finds a link in the case and works with a Hacker, with a capital H, named Sam. They triangulate the numbers and link them to a local hardware store co-worker of Emma’s named Nathan Riley. 

Nathan isn’t just sending messages. He is watching the girls by hacking into their laptop cameras and calling them at their jobs to harass the girls to stop the investigation. It only causes them to double down. They hack into his social media accounts and lock him out. Then they start to send Nathan messages like, “Payback is a bitch.”

The girls send the messages to Nathan’s work and get him fired for harassing customers. Nathan sees the girls on his works security footage and sends out Emma, Olivia, and Gabby’s nudes to the entire school. (Which is a felony since they are all underage.)  

An order of protection is filed against Nathan, and he tries to make a run for it after wiping all his data. Detective Holland chases him down and finds a cell phone in a gaming console. It is all the evidence she needs to put him away.

Emma, Olivia, and Gabby make statements at Nathan’s trial. He is sentenced to 20 years in prison. Byeeeee, loser!

Side Note

Minority Report: Gabby, Oliva, Anita, Detective, Renne, Chester, Ms. Parker, Principal, Guidance Counselor, 

I was hoping this movie would shed new light on the topic of cyber bullying or online predators, but it was a typical run of the mill Lifetime movie. The movie was set in 2012 and could have been produced in the same era.

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Overall rating

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