A Dangerous Affair (2022 Lifetime)


A Dangerous Affair (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Aubree Bouché, Charlie Bewley, Karlee Eldridge, Tanya Christiansen, Jevon White

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Pilates instructor, Amelie Didot, begins a steamy love affair with one of her handsome clients, journalist Pierce Dalton, but the duo soon find themselves dangerously intertwined after Am lie comes face to face with a masked woman following a murder. When it’s revealed the killer has an erotic obsession with Pierce, Amelie becomes a target in the middle of a deadly love triangle. Stars Aubree Bouche, and Charlie Bewley (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts at a masquerade, like Eyes Wide Shut, without the A-List actors! Amélie sees a man named Pierce on the ground with a head injury.

Cut to Amélie (Yes, she knows the French film and is a fan.) leading a very sexy pilates class. Pierce is the only guy in class and just happens to be shirtless. (And British!) He owns a large newsprint company and is very rich. Barbara, the class gossip, spills all the tea about him. (I love her!) Barbara is planning a masquerade party conveniently enough. 

Despite her name, Fran is a young hottie. Fran misses class and runs into Amélie on her way out. They bond over her old ass car. 

Amélie is new to town and needs some friends; her neighbor Margaret seems promising and even offers to babysit her dog, Buster. Buster, unfortunately, goes missing but is rescued by, you guessed it, Pierce. Amélie offers him private pilates lessons as a thank you.

They go out for a drink, and Amélie opens up about her divorce and cheating husband. Pierce talks about an intense ex-girlfriend who had a jealousy/stalking problem. They decide to go to Barbara’s masquerade together.  

Pierce picks Amélie up with a dozen roses; this guy is smooth. They drink dark chocolate martinis, and Amélie mistakes another man for Peirce because they wear the same gold mask. 

Once Amélie finds Pierce, they walk around the mansion and look at a piece of “art.” (It may be the ugliest painting I’ve ever seen.) They try to interpret the meaning of the picture, which is just a man holding a woman on the beach. Amélie projects her emotions from her past relationship onto the painting. She cries to Pierce about her inability to trust and loss of passion since the breakup. 

On her way to the bathroom, Amélie runs into a blonde woman and finds the man she mistook for Peirce on the floor dead. (You can’t kill the hunk in the first 20 mins!) 

Fran comes to class and is about to sign up until she learns that Amélie is offering private lessons to Pierce. Fran smashes a photo of Amélie’s dog because she is so angry. Barbara recognizes Fran and knows that she is Pierce’s ex-girlfriend. 

Speaking of private lessons, I appreciate the shots of Pierce’s booty (Even if he looks like he is seriously struggling on the reformer.) Pierce and Amélie hump the air, and eventually, Pierce gropes her body.

An article is published on Pierce’s website claiming that Amélie is running a sex ring out of her studio and dated the man who was murdered. Pierce is horrified and realizes that someone hacked into his system. 

Amélie had brunch with Barabra, who warns her friend to stay away from Fran. That is difficult because Fran is waiting outside the restaurant in her car. She offers Amélie a ride, but Amélie decllines.

At a dinner at Pierce’s beautiful mansion, Amélie tells him about what Barbara told him and Fran visiting the studio. He is unnerved and asks Amélie to tell him the next time she sees him. Then he strips and jumps into the pool.

They make out in the pool, and it is steamy. It gets so hot that they burn their dinner because they are so distracted. The security system was deactivated, and when Pierce reviews the footage, he sees Fran tampering with Amélie’s belongings.

Amélie feels nervous at her house as well and calls Pierce over. They realize that they are being stalked and Pierce calls the detective who worked on his case, Kip.

While out on a walk with Buster, Amélie is hit in the back of the head and admitted to the hospital. Detective Kip is there and asks her questions when she wakes up. (Relax, Detective Kip!) 

Pierce takes Amélie to a beach house and makes her feel better with some sexy time. Cue a slow motion rolling around in their underwear scene. It sounds silly but is pretty sexy. In a post-sex bliss, Amélie goes for a walk on the beach and bumps into Fran. Fran has found them there too. 

Amélie is angry that she has been wrapped up in all of this. Pierce wants to break up to make things simpler, but Amélie tells him she doesn’t want to lose him and let Fran win. 

Magaret, my favorite, has been helping Amélie watch her dog during all of this. Amélie invites her over for dinner as a thank you, but Margaret can’t join her neighbor because of a zoom date with her sister while they watch the “finale” of “that show.” Margaret doesn’t get to watch the show because Fran chloroforms her and watches Amélie from the neighbor’s house. 

Pierce goes for a jog, leaving Amélie home alone. Fran confronts him on his job and tells him that “everything he does infuriates her.” She screams at him and admits to killing the man at the party. Then she pulls a knife and lunges at him. Fran calls for help, and a big guy comes to her rescue beating the crap out of Pierce.

Amélie brings leftovers to Margaret and finds her tied up in the bathtub. Fran jumps out, and Amélie runs back to her house and locks herself inside. 

Somehow the women fight by the beach while Fran calls Amélie a “Stupid Whore.” and screams “He’s Mine!” over and over. They roll around in the sand, and eventually, Fran drowns Amélie in the ocean. 

The waves wash over Amélie’s unconscious body. Pierce rushes to save her and gives her CPR awkwardly. (Maybe they do it differently in Europe?) 

The police arrest Fran and drag her away; she insists that Pierce manipulated her and Amélie was attacking her. Fran is the protagonist of her own story, that is for sure. 

Amélie is back to teaching pilates and moves in with Pierce. Pierce is shirtless, and Barbera is into it; she is hilarious. Amélie and Pierce have sex on the reformer, the end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Margaret, Pet Store Clerk, Peirce’s co-worker, Kip, Doctor, Big Guy


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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪 (1 Knife)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine.)

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