Swindler Seduction (2022 Lifetime)


Swindler Seduction (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Colton Haynes, Gabrielle Graham, Tanisha Thammavongsa

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Louisa meets handsome and sweet Steve at a bar in Chicago, he seems like the perfect guy: an angel investor and entrepreneur who just sold a company for millions. 48 blissful, sexy hours and countless lies later, Steve disappears, and Louisa realizes she’s been swindled out of thousands of dollars. The police won’t help her but after Louisa finds out she’s pregnant, she sets out to track down Steve on her own, only to discover he has an identical twin, Mitch, and the brothers are both romantic con artists. As Louisa digs deeper, she uncovers how women have been hurt by the swindler twins and decides she must fight back. Using her wits, courage, and determination to not be fooled again, Louisa tries to outsmart the twins and serve justice for all their victims. Stars Gabrielle Graham and Colton Haynes (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a woman named Louisa receiving harassing phone calls. She sets up a camera to record the events.

Cut to 2013 in Green Bay, Louisa is leaving for a work conference with her girl Brooke. The girls spend the weekend in Chicago, and when they aren’t working, they enjoy a night out on a budget. A devastatingly handsome man buys them a bottle of champagne after noticing them struggling to order. His name is Steve Johnson, and he puts the moves on Louisa. Steve tells them that he is an angel investor. 

The one thing he isn’t investing in is the bill they rack up that is over $1000 dollars. Steve conveniently loses his wallet, and Louisa (reluctantly) picks up the tab. Steve promises to pay her back.

Louisa is very trusting; maybe because of the alcohol, she invites him back to her hotel room. (Where they have “not a one night stand.”) The next morning, Louisa lets him borrow her car while she is in the conference to work out his card, phone, and house key situation. 

Brooke cautions Louisa that she doesn’t really know Steve that well. That doesn’t stop her from giving him a ride to Green Bay to stay at his cabin. On the drive back, he realizes that he has brought the wrong set of keys. He stays with Louisa all weekend and talks about all the celebrities he knows, like 50 Cent.

To make up for the inconvenience of putting him up all weekend, Steve takes Louisa, Brooke, and Brooke’s boyfriend to test drives cars. He “buys” them cars and promises them to be delivered in 6-8 weeks. They all front him money to help pay for his weekend. 

Steve calls his brother Mitch to try and get money, but Mitch hangs up on him. When Louisa starts asking questions, Steve acts offended that trust has been broken. He storms off. Steve instantly turns back to Louisa and apologizes. 

Steve is on a mission to prove his millionaire lifestyle is authentic. He makes her drive him back to Chicago and drop him off at a luxury high-rise. 

Alex and Brooke look up Steve’s charity and investment company and catches him on multiple lies. They call Louisa to try and reason with her. Louisa is shattered and has a breakdown. She has been played.

Brooke takes Louisa to the police, trying to place a police report, but they have no factual information. 

After wallowing in her sorrows for a bit, Louisa posts on a website warning other women before she realizes that Steve used her phone. She calls the number he dialed, and it turns out to be his baby mama, Shania. Shania tells Louisa that Steve is a liar and has a twin brother. 

Louisa visits Steve’s childhood home and gets Mitch’s phone number. She calls him, and he tells her that his brother is bad news. (Steve is with him.) Mitch is lying too. The hot twin brothers are bad news.

Louisa starts spending more and more time tracking Steve. Brooke becomes concerned and tries to get Louisa to go out with her. Louisa doesn’t make it out because she gets morning sickness annnnd is pregnant with Steve’s baby. (WOW!) She calls Steve and tells him about the baby, he makes it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with her or the baby. 

A woman named Holly contacts Louisa after seeing her post online. She was also a victim of Steve’s tall tales. The story is similar to Louisa’s. She continues to listen to other victims until she literally goes into labor.

Years later, Louisa decides to raise the baby with her mom. The website is viral—Louisa interviews with a nationwide news story about Steve. He is eventually convicted of fraud and serving real jail time.   

Louisa is busy raising her son Hal, but she is still fixated on the story of Steve and Mitch. She becomes convinced that Mitch is just as bad of a twin as his brother. 

Mitch is onto Louisa, too; he poses as a victim in need and calls Louisa to tell her that he will make her pay. Then he verbally harrases her and threatens to take away her son. The calls become incessant, and Mitch stalks her. 

The harassment starts putting too much on Louisa’s mental health because she is losing sleep and becoming increasingly paranoid. She leaves her house in the middle of the night and knows she sees Mitch outside her home. 

With a lot more evidence, Louisa brings her evidence to the police. Officer Kate believes Louisa about Mitch but needs more hard evidence. 

Louisa teams up with Holly, Shania, and a woman named Brooke to go after Mitch. They decide to catch Mitch playing him with his own Game.

Holly meets Mitch at a bar with a purse full of cash to spend. She seduces him and brings him to her extravagant house. The whole time he thinks he is con-ing her. When Mitch looks around, he catches onto their trap and becomes enraged. 

Louisa rushes into the house to protect Holly and tells Mitch that she has called the police. Louisa and Mitch begin to fight; she grabs a fire poker and locks herself in the bathroom. 

Mitch breaks the door down like Jack Nicholson in the shining. Only this time, the police show up and arrest him. He is sentenced to six years in prison. 

A podcast calls to ask Louisa to join her on air. She uses the opportunity to speak out for women who have been lied to by someone they trust. 

Louisa enjoys her son’s 8th birthday and focuses on her family.

Side Note

Minority Report: Louisa, Brooke, Alex, Francie, Doctor, Police, Hal, Debbie, Officer Katie 

This movie did not go over the top the way some Lifetime movies do. It was well done and I liked the victims joining forces to take the conmen down.


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