A Lifeguard’s Obsession (2023 Lifetime)

A Lifeguard’s Obsession (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Christian Howard, Amanda Jones

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a lonely, awkward lifeguard saves a well-known woman from drowning, he believes he’s earned a place in her life…and her heart. Stars Amanda Jones, and Christian Howard (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

 The movie starts with some stock footage of people enjoying the beach. Tyspm and Liz, a student and coach, sit on surfboards and discuss their taboo relationship. Liz has a psycho ex-boyfriend who she is worried could be stalking them in the middle of the ocean. It turns out she is right, and they are both murdered?!?!?!?! (It’s like Jaws with no shark!)

Six months later, Maggie is back at work after the beach closed down after the “shark attacks.” AJ, Maggie’s boss, shows up to drop some exposition like Maggie has a super hot influencer boyfriend named Cade Kerrigan. Maggie also hasn’t been surfing since the attack, but she decides to go for it.

Lifeguard/hot nerd Blake Hopkins (Who is shirtless the whole movie. THANK GOD!) watches from his guard tower. Maggie looks good until she grabs her injured knee ad falls into the water. (We get underwater shots of her holding her knee, too, in case you missed it!) Blake rushes to save her and creepily swims up behind her under the water. 

Cade and his Lifeguard partner, Tina, rush to Maggie’s aid. Cade makes Maggie some hot tea and screams at her that her knee isn’t ready for surfing. Cade was too busy posting a social media post to realize what was happening. Maggie tells Cade he is too caught up in being an influencer than taking care of her. She thanks Blake for saving her life.

The relationship is on the rocks. (I get it! If my boyfriend didn’t save me from drowning cause he was on his phone, I’d be pissed too!) Blake seizes the opportunity and gives Maggie a gift to help her knee recover. They go for a walk, and Blake gets to know Maggie better. Maggie talks about her seashell collages, and Blake is familiar with them. She jokingly says he is stalking her, and since this is Lifetime… he totally is. 

Cade sees Blake looking at Maddie’s “shell” and gets jealous. Maddie tells him that they should take a break. (This is good news for Tina because she has the hots for Cade. They also hook up once! We can’t get a flashback?) 

The town art gallery owner, Sam, isn’t into Maggie’s work. Blake breaks into the gallery and trashes the place so that Sam will give Maggie an art exhibit. His plan works, and Maggie is thrilled. Blake helps Maggie set up and casually mentions that he thinks Cade and Tina are too close for comfort. 

Maggie and Blake go to the pool to cool off after a hard day’s work. He strips down to his underwear, the stopwatch that he always wears that belonged to Liz, and has a knife strapped around his thigh. Then the underwear comes off too, and they skinny dip together. They hook up and fall asleep on the pool deck. 

The next morning, the maintenance man almost finds them. Lucky, he whistles like a maniac. Maggie and Blake laugh it off. Cade interrupts with a concerned phone call. Blake gets angry when Maddie answers, and she sees another side of him.

AJ, the boss, catches Blake in a lie about a burger restaurant and looks up a story about a woman and boyfriend murdered. Blake’s REAL name is Ryan, and he was a suspect. AJ confronts Blake/Ryan on the beach and becomes his next victim. 

The art gallery exhibit opens and is a huge success. Maggie thanks everyone for coming and is surprised to see Cade makes an appearance. He tells her that he needs to talk to her and ends up getting into a physical altercation with Blake. Maggie kicks them both out of the gallery.

Black goes to an abandoned house and hulks out, punching walls and screaming. 

After finishing her shift, Tina takes a short shower in a creepy locker room. Blake sneaks in and steals her cell phone. (He sends sexy pics to Cade from her phone.) He rushes by Tina, but he drops the stopwatch. Tina knows Blake is the culprit. 

Maggie gives Cade a second chance, and they talk. Cade is interrupted by screaming fans, and as he takes photos with them, Maggie discovers the sexy Tina photos on his phone. Maggie feels betrayed and foolish for giving Cade a second chance. 

Tina goes to the bar and tries to explain what happened to Maddie. Maddie doesn’t hear what Tina is saying at first. Then she sees the stopwatch and realizes that Blake is behind everything and stalking her. 

Maggie confronts Blake and gives him back the stopwatch. He tells her that he is in love with her and crushes his stopwatch with his bare hands because he is so angry that she tells him to leave her alone.

Cade gets a text from Tina to meet Magie at an old abandoned shack, and the dummy goes. (I’d hate to see this hunk die!) Cade calls Maggie to see where she is, but he is stabbed in the back by Blake. 

AJ washes up on shore dead. Tina distracts Blake so Maggie can look for clues to the old shack. Tina and Maggie realize they are in danger. Maggie finds a journal of Blakes that has news clippings and pictures of her; before she can tell anyone, Blake chokes her out. 

Tina isn’t successful either and is syringed by Blake and left in the middle of the ocean to drown. Thankfully the woman is a Lifeguard and swims to shore to get help. (Let’s go, Tina!)

Maggie wakes up after being drugged with Ketamine. Blake tied her up in the old house. Maggie cries and tells Blake that he can’t escape what he has done. Blake says that saving her life saved him. He is obsessed with her. 

Maggie uses the old, I have to use the bathroom trick and finds Cade’s body in the shower. She is about to scream, but then Maggie hears Tina call for help. Blake is holding a knife to Tina’s neck.

Maggie rushes to help Tina and grabs a brick or something, and bashes his head. Maggie tries to rush to get help, but her knee is acting up. Black runs after her, and she grabs a shell and STABS HIM IN THE NECK WITH IT?!?!?!

Blake manages to get away before the police can arrive, and Maggie tries to move on with her life. She surfs again and doesn’t wear a knee brace anymore! So at least, there is that! Tina didn’t die either, so YAY!

Cut to Florida, where Blake is a Lifeguard in another beach town, obsessing over another woman. This time he has a neck scar. 

Side Note

The movie seemed unfinished. Like where was the underscoring 

Blake’s accent sneaks out on the word “Career.” 

Minority Report: Liz, Tina, Sam, Alicia, 

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Overall rating 

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷🍷(Added a wine for shirtless hunks!)

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