The Kept Mistress Killer (2023 Lifetime)


The Kept Mistress Killer (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Alicia Leigh Willis, Matthew Pohlkamp, Sallie Glaner

Director: Jeff Hare

Writer: Stephen Romano

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When beautiful Catherine Brunner interviews for a new job as a financial trader at a top investment firm, the CEO of the company, handsome Paul Burke, hires her right in the room with an eye toward bringing her to the top. (2023)

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

The movie begins in an affluent suburb with a Hunk and his wife sleeping soundly in bed, as a woman with a gun in one hand and a phone recording in the other sneaks up on them. She breaths heavily while walking and then screams out,

” PAUL, YOU MURDEROUS SNAKE!” with tears running down her face.

The woman’s name is Julia, and she is his pissed ex-wife who isn’t handling the divorce too well. Julia puts the gun down and threatens Paul before leaving the rattled couple crying in bed. 
Cut to Catherine and her mother, Hailey eating pancakes. They are both in-between jobs. Catherine has moved her mother in and is helping her get back on her feet.

Catherine takes a meeting and meets an executive playing golf in his office. He is the hunk, Paul, and is interviewing Catherine for a professional trader job. In the lobby, a former employee named Jackie screams at the receptionist. Jackie tells Catherine to watch her back because Paul is a dirtbag. (But, hey, at least he is hot!)

Catherine gets the job and does presentations about “The first quarter” and “second quarter.” (Haha! I love the detail!) Paul calls Catherine into his office and gives her a $10,000 bonus for a great pitch. To seal the deal, Paul wines and dines a client and has Catherine join him. She displays her wine knowledge and impresses everyone. Pau drives Catherine home, and she tells him about Jackie confronting her. Paul brushes it off. They don’t know that Ex-Wife Julia is watching them from a car. 

Speaking of cars, Catherine receives a car surprise via a delivery work car with a note inviting her and her mother to a party at Paul’s house.

Ex-Wife Julia also visits Catherine and tells her she is making a BIG MISTAKE. Then she gives Catherine her number.

Catherine and Paul charm the client at the party and celebrate with more sparkling wine. While they make out, Pam grabs more wine and roofies Catherine randomly. The next morning Catherine wakes up in a guest bedroom with a major headache. Paul has left a note on the nightstand to make herself at home. 

At first, Catherine is embarrassed. She heads downstairs to get some aspirin and finds Ex-Wife Laura MURDERED ON THE FLOOR! She calls the police first and then her mother. Her mother’s advice? Be Brave! 

Detective Barr questions Catherine and gives her a ride home. (What Service!) Catherine tells the detective about Jackie threatening her. Then she calls Paul and asks for the security camera footage from his house to help clear her name. Paul promises to get Catherine the best lawyer he can. He also has Pam arrange representation for him because she is the only one he can trust. 
Pam, of course, can’t be trusted. She tampered with the security cameras and is working for someone who is paying her a lot to frame Catherine. When Pam demands more money, she is the next person to end up dead. 

Detective Barr questions Jackie, who promises she is innocent but clearly isn’t. (She has no alibi) The detective receives DNA evidence. The killer used the same murder weapon in Pam and Ex-Wife Laura’s murders. 

Nightmares haunt Catherine, and she tries to remember what happened the night of the party. She meets with Paul to try and jog her memory; instead, he tells Catherine he loves her. That is enough to get her in bed!

After they have sex, Paul talks about his ex-wife and a daughter she had with another man. Catherine listens and is supportive. Later, she looks up the daughter Zoey and sees that she was in town during the murders. (Zoey is actually friends with Jackie and living in her house secretly.) 
Catherine pumps the breaks on the relationship with Paul because she can’t trust anyone. Catherine trails Jackie to a bar and confronts her about Zoey. Instead of talking, Jackie creates a scene and says Catherine attacked her. Catherine buys a gun and goes on the run because the police are after her. Catherine hides out at a neighbor’s house. (He obviously has a crush on her.) The neighbor is good with computers and hacks into Catherine’s phone to show her location as Central America. (Very random!)

Hailey searches for her daughter and works with the detective to try and locate Catherine. The mother reams Paul out and calls him a liar. He explains that he loves Catherine, and she sees that he means it. Hailey leaves the police station with a ride share, and the driver stops on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere due to car trouble. The driver chloroforms Hailey and locks her in a cabin somewhere. 

The driver calls Hailey on a flip phone that is left in the cabin and tells her that she must convince Catherine to do what the driver wants or she will kill her. Hailey doesn’t listen, breaks out of her room, and walks down some squeaky ass stairs. All the windows and doors are nailed shut, and Hailey is trapped. 

Hailey is held hostage to get Catherine to meet the killer and not tell the police. Catherine leaves the neighbor and takes his car. The neighbor calls Paul and tells him where the meeting spot is in an attempt to keep Catherine safe. 

The killer pulls a gun on Catherine and explains her evil plan to frame Catherine for the murders. Meanwhile, Paul follows them and sneaks into the cabin.

Catherine reads a confession on tape while the killer holds her at gunpoint. Paul comes in and pops off a few rounds, with sends the (still) mystery killer running into the woods with a flash drive of the video. Hailey is saved, and the police show up. The detective still has no idea who is trying to frame Catherine, but at least she knows she is innocent now. 

A few weeks later, Paul and Catherine are continuing to date, and the cops are no closer to solving the case. Paul takes Catherine to his country estate, and she is VERY impressed with its beauty. Paul gets on one knee and proposes.

The moment is supposed to be romantic, but a video plays on the TV. Paul was working with THE RANDOM WOMAN WHO WAS IN BED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE to frame Catherine for three million dollars. (This twist is idiotic.) Catherine somehow got the footage and discovered the mystery woman and scheme weeks ago. 

Detectives have been trailing Catherine for weeks to catch Paul in a lie and drive up to the scene. Detective Barr arrests Paul in a barn, taking the random woman into custody. 
Catherine goes back to living with her mom and eating pancakes. The end! 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts
The movie started off interesting, and then they just fubbed it at the end. The girl from the bed being the big reveal was something that I didn’t guess, but the payoff didn’t land for me.

Minority Report: Pam, Car Delivery Guy, Detective, Lawyer, 

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Overall rating
Number of Kills: 🔪🔪 (2 knives)
Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

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