Trapped in the Farmhouse (2023 Lifetime)


Trapped in the Farmhouse (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Jenna Michno, Gabriel Pranter, Tryphena Wade

Director: Peter Sullivan

Writer: Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, Hanz Wasserburger

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman on the run from her abusive boyfriend seeks shelter from a terrifying storm in an isolated farmhouse, unaware that something far worse is waiting for her inside.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with an emergency warning playing on the radio while a man makes breakfast in bed for his… prisoner locked in the attic. (Only on Lifetime!)

Cut to a woman sleeping in her car with no cell service. Her name is Emma, and she is traveling through southern Texas, which is experiencing tornado threats. Emma tries to outrun the storm and is devastated when she gets a flat tire. The tornado sirens blare, and Emma pulls into the closes house she can find.   

She runs to the old farmhouse and leaves her cell phone in the car. Emma bangs on the door and screams for help when a hot stranger grabs her and shows her to the cellar. The hunk’s name is Jack, and he assures Emma that they will be fine, even as the tornado whips past. 

After the storm passes, Jack offers to fix the flat tire for Emma, who is still rattled by the storm. She has flashbacks to an abusive relationship and is on the run from her ex. Jack shares about his ex-wife, who passed away a year ago. He tells Emma that she reminds him of his wife. 

While Jack works on the car, Emma looks around the house and finds the locked attic. She looks through the keyhole curiously but is caught by Jack with an update on the vehicle. Emma asks him if he grabbed her cell phone, and he makes an excuse before changing the subject. Emma offers to grab the phone herself, but Jack says the weather is bad and returns to get it.

Jack cooks a meal and talks more about his wife, who died in a car accident. He also says he has a daughter Kaylie but doesn’t explain where she is. Emma brings up her boyfriend and how he was a “charmer.” (But really, she means manipulative.) Jack tells Emma that she only stayed with him because he was “safe.” 

Emma tries to use her phone, but there is no service. Emma looks through some drawers and finds family photos. Jack walks into the room before she can get too far into her search. Emma decides to leave, and Jack stands in her way. Emma lies, says her sister knows where she is, is worried, and explains that she must leave. 

Jack gives Emma the keys, and she hits the road, but the storm comes back, and Emma drives back to the farmhouse. She sees someone in the attic. The tornado heads right for them, but they make it to the basement just in time. Emma hides and becomes worried that Jack isn’t going to let her out of the basement, but he does after saying, “You’re going to leave.” 

Finally, Jack shows his true colors and knocks Emma out, and ties her to a chair. She wakes up in a candled-filled room. Jack explains that he tied her up for her safety and says he noticed the bruises on her arms from her abusive boyfriend. Jack wants to keep Emma safe. 

Emma acts like she has to go to the bathroom and pretends to escape out the bathroom window. Jack runs after her, but she really is hiding in the shower. Emma grabs her phone and calls her sister for help. Then she runs around the farm trying to hide from Jack.

Emma runs up a tower, which seems ill-advised. Jack catches her and ties her up to the chair again. Jack asks Emma to trust her, and she laughs. He was chasing her around with a gun; how could she supposed to trust him!?! Jack leaves Emma in the basement and calls her an “ungrateful bitch.” (RUDE!)

The police arrive on the farm and check in after receiving a call. The Deputy asks Jack about a call she received about a missing woman who is in danger in the area. The Deputy asks about Jack’s wife and daughter. Satisfied with his answers, the Deputy thanks Jack for his time and searches the premises for anything unusual. The Deputy finds some tire tracks and notices two coffee mugs on the counter. 

Emma calls for help, and The Deputy finds her, but Jack shoots The Deputy with his shotgun. Emma is horrified. 

Jack then gives Emma a soda to help make her feel better. He also offers to make a big breakfast after the storms pass. He wants to introduce Emma to his daughter Kylie. Emma will act as a surrogate mother and teacher for his daughter. The soda is drugged, and Emma passes out while Jack sings, “Pop goes the weasel.” 

Emma wakes up and finds Jack watching home movies. Emma is handcuffed to a piano and unlocks herself with a felt-point pen. Emma sees the video and realizes that the dad is NOT Jack, and the family is NOT his. 

Emma runs upstairs to see who is locked in the attic and finds Kylie changed to a bed. Through a flashback, we see Jack con his way into the house to use the phone. 

Kylie has been trapped in the attic for a few months. Emma checks Kylie for injuries and finds bruises on her stomach. Emma takes a hammer and tries to free Kylie from her chains.
Jack chases the girls with a knife while singing truly made-up words to “Pop Goes the Weasel.” They end up outside, and Jack screams into the storm.

Emma and Kylie lock themselves in the cellar, leaving Jack out with the tornado.

After the storm passes, Emma and Kylie emerge. Jack is nowhere to be found. Hot cops show up and assure them that they are safe. Emma even agrees to take in Kylie until the police can reach other family members. 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts
I watched this movie during a tornado warning in Chicago. 

Minority Report: Deputy, Chris, Kylie, Cop, 

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Overall rating
Number of Kills: 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)
Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

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