Obsessed to Death (2023 Lifetime)


Obsessed to Death (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Holland Roden, Kathryn Kohut, Colton Royce, Jesse Reynolds

Director: Stefan Brogren

Writer: Jessica Landry, Rowan Wheeler

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After Cassie is ghosted by Austin for beloved cycling instructor Summer, Cassie becomes fixated on Summer, who is everything she is not: glamorous and inspirational to all of her devotees at fitness company Levitate 360. Cassie is drawn to Summer’s magnetic personality and worms her way into becoming Summer’s best friend by signing up for her fitness challenge. The closer Cassie gets to Summer, the more she takes on all of Summer’s characteristics, reinventing herself spin class by spin class and lie by lie. But as Summer’s fellow Levitate cyclist and friend Gage starts to notice something is something off with Cassie, her obsession with Summer turns violent. Emboldened by her newfound popularity, Cassie will do anything to have Summer and her lifestyle for herself. Stars Holland Roden, Kathryn Kohut, Jesse Reynolds, and Colton Royce (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts.

Cassie Collins has been stood up for a date, and her date, Austin, is not responding to her texts. She checks her social media, and it is full of haters, so she goes home to her messy apartment. Her sister, Bex, calls and is worried about Cassie. Bex gives love advice, and Cassie isn’t trying to hear it. She drinks wine in bed and continues to look on social media. She becomes obsessed with another girl Austin is dating named Summer.

I mean, Summer looks fun!

Cassie waits outside the workout studio and sees Summer waltzing in with her favorite gay, ME! (Just kidding, someone else named Gage.) Cassie goes back home and does even more social media stalking and getting in shape following what Summer says online. She even buys a home fitness bike. 

Six weeks later, Cassie is a wanna-be Summer carbon copy. She applies to be in one of Summer’s workouts but doesn’t get picked. She screams at the person over the phone but decides to run into Summer at a juice bar. Summer doesn’t take the bait and tells Cassie to apply online for next time because her co-worker Stella got the slot this time.

Not the ring light with the cellphone!

Cassie tracks down Stella and beats her up in the street, making it look like a robbery. Stella runs away and right into traffic. Freeing up a spot. Then, she arranges a run-in with Summer and Gage and offers herself up as a last-minute fill-in. 

The first workout goes well, and Cassie asks to move her bike closer to Summer’s. Cassie is surprised to see Stella on her feet and in a cast. She is not surprised that she is starting to gain more followers online.

9 like?!?! Yikes!

Summer invites Cassie to go shopping for some clothes after Gage ditches for a booty call. Cue a trying-on clothes montage! (Not really, unfortunately for me!) Cassie sees the price tag and cannot afford to shop. She asked the sales attendant to give her a shopping bag to steal some merchandise. 

The name of this fashion boutique

Cassie sneaks into Summer’s apartment by charming the doorman and saying Austin has a man crush on him. When she is in the condo, Cassie goes through Summer’s things and reads her gratitude journal. While trying on clothes, Cassie hears Summer come home and is almost caught but sneaks out when Summer indulges in some ice cream.

This class didn’t seem THAT hard!

During a workout taping, Gage notices that Cassie isn’t doing the low-impact workout version. Summer and Gage meet to discuss, and Cassie claims it was just a mistake. She was so inspired that she wanted to push harder. Gage warns Cassie that he is onto her and that she will be over soon, just like skinny jeans. (I love this guy!) 

Gage is a gay icon

The next day, Cassie apologizes to Gage with a roofied drink. She tricks him by asking him to show her how to do the perfect plank, and he reluctantly shows her but is very annoyed. While wearing his pink shirt and matching shirt, Gage goes home feeling sick. 

Summer invites Cassie over for a double date. Cassie brings over a cutie named Kevin. Austin is surprised to see Cassie and even more surprised that she pretends not to know him. Over wine, they discuss true crime. Kevin has to leave early because he has a work call. His work is as an escort because Cassie hired him for the night. (They have sex since she paid in full and everything!)

Cassie helps comfort Summer, and when she falls asleep, Cassie talks to Austin about him two-timing her. She tells Austin he is a bad guy and owes her for what he did to her. Then they have a threesome. (Which isn’t really a punishment for him, amirite?) During the hook-up, Austin says that they are practically twins. 

I didn’t see this coming!

Gage falters in class and is losing strength because Cassie has been slowly poisoning him. He goes into a seizure in the middle of class. Everyone helps him except Cassie, who watches gleefully.

This moment was pure camp!

The following day, Cassie goes on a shopping spree, dyes her hair, and posts on social media about how close summer is to her. Gage sees the posts and calls Summer to warn her that Cassie is off the rails and ruining her public image. Summer is pissed and confronts Cassie for styling her hair just like her. Summer accuses Cassie of trying to be her, but Cassie tells Summer she is being paranoid. Summer asks her to delete a drunk photo she posted online, or she will kick her out of the workout group and block her on social media to protect her brand. Summer tries to set some boundaries between her work and personal life and stops hanging out with Cassie.

I thought this was the moment she would figure it out but, no!

Stella has been looking into Cassie’s background and accuses her of lying. Cassie beats Stella up and suffocates her with a big bouncy ball. The next day, when Stella doesn’t show up for work, everyone is concerned. When asked about it, Cassie is quick to blame Stella’s boyfriend. 

She should have minded her own business!

Cassie doesn’t respect the boundaries and shows up at Summer’s condo again. Autin tells her that he will tell Summer everything because he plans to propose and wants to start with a clean slate. Cassie doesn’t give him a chance and drugs their wine. Then she makes out with Austin while pretending to be Summer. He tries to get away, but Cassie stabs him with a corkscrew.


Police detectives show up on the scene, and Cassie has a whole story prepared. Cassie plays the role of the doting best friend and offers to take Summer in while the police investigate. Cassie claims that Austin attacked and drugged them. 

Gage is back at the gym, and he is worried about Summer. He tells her that the doctors told him that he was being poisoned and asked if he had any enemies. Gage is starting to put things together and tries to talk with Summer about it. Summer tells him that their life isn’t a true crime podcast. 

Gage is a good friend!

While getting smoothies, Summer talks to the bartender, a friend of Cassie’s from childhood. The bartender tells her Cassie has fallen off social media and shows her Cassie’s original social media page. @therealcassie89. Summe calls the studio and has Cassie teach the class so she can look on social media and learn the truth. Not only did Cassie date Austin, but she also had an affair with a professor and murdered his wife and maybe him? Summer realizes she is dealing with someone who is truly dangerous. She finds evidence of drugs in Cassie’s things. Summer text Gage to distract Cassie so she can go to the police station. 

Literally No1Curr

Summer is lured to the basement of the gym by “Gage” looking for a fusebox, and Cassie hits her in the head with a fire hydrant. Gage is also there, and he has been stabbed. Cassie pulls out a knife and tries to stab Summer, but she overpowers her. The police rush in, and Cassie tells them that she knew Gage wasn’t texting her because he doesn’t even know what a fuse box is. (Hahaha, she dragged him!) 

A few months later, they start a new fitness challenge, and another girl is obsessed with Summer., much to her horror. (Nice!)

The face, the Britney Mic, everything about this ending was perfect.

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

There are so many fun little touches in this movie from the art department.

Gage is the first gay character to have a sex life in a Lifetime Movie. Go, Gage! No sex shaming! 

It may be my favorite Lifetime movie of the year. 

Overall rating

 Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?

Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

Put a Cork in It (Skip It)

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