Secrets from her Past (2011 Lifetime)

Secrets from her Past (2011 Lifetime)

Cast:  Ashley JonesMichael WoodsMark SlackeAntonio Sabato Jr. 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A murder witness fakes her death and changes her identity.


Kate records a confession on a voice recorder in her car.

We flashback to Chicago and see that Kate was formerly named Stephanie. She forgets her ID at a restaurant where she works and witnesses a murder. She fakes her death to disappear.

Ten years later, Kate is still in hiding. She is doing a terrible job because she is married to a man named David and has a young son? Like, why bring them into this. She also flirts with Dr. Shawn at the gym where she works. He is super sexy.

A hot detective reopens the Alek Ravik case back in Chicago and looks into Stephanie/Kate’s death. Alex Ravik catches wind of the case being reopened and sends a hitman to find Kate and kill her. He finds her, no problem. He poses as a parent, Ivan, at the school and earns the family’s trust. He spends most of the movie gathering information and sneaking around their house? Worst. Hitman. Ever.

When he does make his move, it is in a public parking garage with witnesses. He extorts her for money in exchange for her life. Ian sucks at his job. Kate sells jewelry, takes out all the money she can, and makes the voice recording for David. It is still not enough for the $100,000 she needs. She realizes that she has complicated matters with David and her son. She randomly asks the hotty doctor, Shawn, to loan her the money and keep it a secret from David. He agrees and arranges for Kate to pick up the check from his house… at night.

David thinks his wife is cheating on his with all the last min cancellations and late-night meetings. 

Kate stops by Shawns house. He wines and dines her and asks her to sleep with him for the money. Then he kisses her and asks her why she didn’t come to her husband if she loved him. Kate says she will sleep with him but won’t enjoy it. He gives her the money and says he doesn’t want to force her to do anything. It is a bizarre scene, and I’m not sure what Antonio Sabato Jr. is doing in this movie. Waste of a hunk! 

David is 100% sure that Kate is having an affair and screams at her. Kate doesn’t reassure him when she gets a phone call from Ivan and runs off into the night. Again.

At the drop, Ravik kills Ivan in front of Kate. Making it the second murder she has witnessed. Kate runs away and calls David. She tells him to pack a back, take their, son and head to the cabin. At the cabin, Kate comes clean to David the truth. He is hurt that she lied to him for years. 

Ravik finds the cabin, but Kate and David have called the police, who stake out the cabin and take him out. The hot detective thanks Kate for her bravery. David hugs his wife and tells her that everything is going to be okay. Kate is reunited with her family and her mother, who she hasn’t seen in years. THE END!

Side Note

Minority Report: Natalia, Hot Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2011 Lifetime

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