A Sister’s Revenge (2013 Lifetime)

A Sister’s Revenge (2013 Lifetime)

Cast:  Brooke BurnsTim RozonAshley Jones

Kate Drummond 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A restaurateur has it all–a successful business, a beautiful house, and a loving family–until a ravishing femme fatale with stiletto heels and an ax to grind walks into his life.


A blonde on a bicycle is run her off the road.

A restaurant owner, Michael, runs his restaurant when he learns that his hostess has been in an accident and is in a coma. He seems more concerned about being short-staffed than his staff. Michael comes home to his wife Catherine, who on maternity leave. 

Suzanne is the woman who was driving the car that hit the hostess. She goes home to her boyfriend, Jimmy. She researches Michael online and then applies for the hostess job. Michael hires her on the spot.

The beautiful new hostess is a hit on the floor. Suzanne tries to spend as much time with Michael as she can. She asks him for rides home and plots how to take him away from his wife. When Catherine visits the restaurant and sees how gorgeous Suzanne is, she quickly marks her territory. (By making out with him in the lobby.) Suzanne is having no of it and pulls the fire alarm.

Suzanne rallies her co-workers and heads to the strip club. Michael goes along with them and partakes in many shots. Suzanne asks him to go back to the restaurant for one drink. (Filled with roofies.) Michael wonders how Suzanne is still single, and they hook up in a motel. When Michael awakes, he is naked and handcuffed to the bed. Suzanne refuses to uncuff him and leaves. He breaks the bed and goes to a locksmith to get the cuffs off. He fires her, and she extorts him for $75,000 in cash by blackmailing him with a video. 

The drop happens quickly. Michael demands to know why him. She tells him it is karma.

Catherine calls Michael and thanks him for hiring Suzanne as her trainer. Michael is horrified. He goes to her apartment and tells her to stay out of his life. That doesn’t happen. Suzanne calls Catherine pretending to work for the bank and tells her about the $75,000 cash withdrawal. Catherine doesn’t trust her husband.

Michael looks into Suzanne’s past. He learns that Suzanne is the sister of a woman he used to date named Erin. Erin got pregnant, and he left her. She got an abortion and then killed herself ON VIDEO. Suzanne is getting revenge for her sister. Michael apologizes to Suzanne, but she isn’t finished with him yet. 

Catherine learns about Suzanne sleeping with and blackmailing her husband. Michael threatens Suzanne at her gym and creates a scene. Catherine takes a break from her husband for some space. She is drugged and calls 911 for help. Her toxicology report comes back, and it shows Anti-Freeze was in her iced tea.

Suzanne calls the police and turns Michael in for plotting to kill his wife. Police arrest Michael due to evidence that Suzanne planted. Michael is released on bail, and Catherine is out of the hospital in the next scene.  

I’m not sure what her end game is, but Suzanne knocks out Catherine and kidnaps the baby. She forces Michael to make a confession video. Once he does, she plans to stage his suicide and shots him. Michael wrestles the gun away from her and shoots her in the stomach. 

Catherine, Michael, and the baby are reunited. Jimmy tells the police Suzanne’s plan. The restaurant has Amber back as the hostess and is more successful than ever. Catherine and Michael enjoy a fancy meal without their baby.

Side Note

Minority Report: None?

I love how the baby is only in scenes where it is convenient. There are so many scenes where “someone is watching the baby.” 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2011 Lifetime

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