The Pregnancy Project (2012 Lifetime)

The Pregnancy Project (2012 Lifetime)

Cast: Alexa PenaVegaWalter PerezSarah SmythRichard Harmon

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A 17-year-old attending a Washington state high-school made her senior school project pregnant teenagers’ treatment by pretending to be pregnant.


Gaby is a pregnant teen who is working on graduating from high school. Oh, wait, she is FAKING IT FOR A SCHOOL PROJECT?!?!?!

Then the movie flashes back to the beginning of the school. Gaby is dating a guy named Jorge, who is older than her. She is taken care of by her overprotective brother Javi and her mother, Judy. Everyone in Gaby’s life warns her about becoming pregnant. It begins to make Gaby wonder what people would think of her if she was. Gaby is an honors student and popular in school. Would people treat her differently? She asks her mother to help her fake her pregnancy and then runs it by Jorge. They both agree to it. (Jorge is reluctant because Javi would kill him. He wants to tell his parents, but she says no way. She does tell her friend Claire, which seems rude.)

The project proposal goes well, and Principal Trevor accepts her idea, especially when he learns that Gaby’s mother is on board. He goes to the superintendent to make sure all the higher-ups are involved. The project is started and signed off on. 

One month of “pregnancy,” Gaby fakes morning sickness. She tells her friend Emily that she is pregnant. Emily doesn’t take it well and storms off. Word gets around school fast. Gaby writes about it in her journal and asks Claire to do the same. Next, Gaby tells her favorite teacher and then Javi. (It doesn’t go well.) Jorge tells his parents that his girlfriend is pregnant, and that doesn’t go well either. Her friends try to be supportive but end up being rude. 

Another pregnant girl named Tyra is the only one excited for Gaby. She offers to go shopping for maternity clothing. They also go to the pregnancy class together. Tyra tries to maintain a positive mentality about everything, even though she has no idea what she will do. Once she has the baby, her foster family will kick her out of the house. The baby will be her only family. Gaby feels terrible for lying to someone so genuine. 

At Christmas, Jorge’s family pressures him for information on his plan with the baby. He almost slips up and says that pregnancy is fake. He goes over to Gaby’s house and is bullied by Javi. It is too much for him, and he wants to quit.

Four month’s pregnant, and students make fat jokes about Gaby. Maddie is the worst one. Teachers also say terrible things about Gaby and her family.   

Javi stops by unannounced and almost catches Gaby without her cotton ball belly on. He gives her a gift for the baby and is coming around to becoming an uncle. It is sweet. Tyra is also excited when she sees the ultrasound. Then she learns that Gaby is five months pregnant and seems confused.

Cue a making a better fake belly. (Which includes cutting a basketball in half and wrapping it in fabric.) The stress of keeping up the facade is putting a strain on Gaby and Jorge’s relationship. It also starts affecting her friendships. DJ calls Gaby an annoying bitch behind her back. It seems like everyone is talking about her. After hearing so many things, it starts getting to Gaby. Jorge even breaks up with her because he doesn’t want to lie anymore.

Gaby confesses to her favorite teacher, who can’t believe it. He gets angry because she is manipulating people. Tyra overhears, and it wrecks her. She thought they were friends. Gaby calls Jorge and apologizes.

A school assembly is held for Gabby to reveal that is she is not pregnant. It is a pretty dull presentation, to be honest. Students and teachers read the terrible things said about Gaby from index cards. Then Gaby takes off her belly, and everyone freaks out. Gaby goes on about stereotypes, but it is so cliche, boring, and LONG. It isn’t inspirational at all. Gaby gets some press, and her friends are still mad. The only friend with who Gaby wants to repair her relationship with is Tyra. Gaby promises to dedicate her life to helping foster kids like Tyra. 

One happy person is Javi. It is adorable. I love this man. Can he be in more Lifetime movies? Jorge and Gaby get back together. His parents are relieved. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Gaby, Jorge, Javier, Leann, Juana, Emily, Carmen, Parenting class instructor. Pregnant girl, Coach, Reporter,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2012 Lifetime

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