My Life as a Dead Girl (2014 Lifetime)

My Life as a Dead Girl (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: Cassandra ScerboKeegan Connor TracyKirsten Zien

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A teenager assumes her murdered friend’s identity and takes shelter with the girl’s estranged family, but her vengeful pimp threatens her new life.


The movie begins in Portland, Brittany is working the street in a hot pink mini skirt, and I am here for it. Her junkie boyfriend/Pimp, Jackson, hits her up for money, and she gives him all she has from under her mattress. He gets violent and ransacks her place.

Determined to make money, Brittany defends her turf and scares off a female panhandler with her high heel shoe. They run into one another later in the night and become fast friends. They try on clothing, drink, and make plans to get out of town. 

Chelsea calls her Aunt Kim to get some money and shows Brittney a butterfly pin that her mother gave her. Then they go to a bar and try to steal money from Jackson. He chases them through an alley and shoots Chelsea dead, thinking she is Brittney. (She borrowed her hoodie.) 

Needing to get out of town, Brittney heads to Aunt Kim’s house and pretends to be Chelsea. She meets Kim’s husband, Donnie, who makes terrible dad jokes, and is sure to wear the butterfly pin.

Over dinner, Brittney scarfs down food and shares that the foster system has been terrible for her, and admits to running away. Kim offers Brittney to stay rent-free indefinitely. They also go on a shopping spree, where Brittney is caught stealing but a little girl. Aunt Katen shows her a box of pictures of young Chelsea. (At least Brittney feels kind of bad for what she is doing.)

Brittney starts highschool? She sees a girl named Shannon being bullied and stands up for her and gives her fighting advice because Brittney is street smart, not book smart. In the gym, a boy named Zach flirts with her. He asks her to study with him after school. 

Red flags start popping up. Kim and Donnie ignore them. The school Brittney claims to have gone to doesn’t have her student records. Kim asks Brittney about it and learns that Brittney never went to high school. She also eats walnuts at a restaurant even though Chelsea was allergic. Donnie begins. 

Back in school, Brittney defends Shannon from her bully. Like, slams her up against the wall and threatens to take out her kneecaps with a sledgehammer. The roughness must turn on Zach because he asks her out on a proper date. On the date, Brittney over shares about witnessing a murder and being a former sex worker. He comforts her until he realizes that she was a prostitute. He bolts from the date.

Detective in Portland identifies the body from the alley as Chelsea White. They send something in the mail to Kim to inform her, but Brittney intercepts it. Donnie finds it and shows the document to Kim. They realize that Brittney is impersonating Chelsea. They work with detectives. 

Zach apologizes and woos Brittney with flowers and love notes. He isn’t the only one pursuing her; Jackson tracks Brittney down and begins stalking her around town. He grabs Brittney while she is on a date with Zach and shoots her. Zach takes Jason out and holds the bleeding Brittney. Kim is also on the phone with Brittney and tells her that she just wants her to be safe and forgives her for everything. 

The two women visit the grave of Chelsea, putting the butterfly pin on the headstone. They hold each other and cry. Apparently, Brittney is living with Kim and Donnie because they legally adopted her. Brittney really lucked out.

Side Note

Minority Report: Teacher, Kayla

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2014 Lifetime

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