A Student’s Obsession (2015 Lifetime)

A Student’s Obsession (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Louise LombardAlex EsolaElla WahlestedtJo Marie Payton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a high school teacher falls victim to the charms of a seductive student, the relationship takes a sinister turn when he begins to dismantle his teacher’s perfect life.


Stephanie is a wife, mother, and teacher. She runs in the mornings and makes breakfast for her family. The problem is, they are all too busy to notice. Her daughter Nicole and Husband Michael barely see Stephanie. 

James notices Stephanie in the science class. He is a brooding new student. TV legend Jo Marie Payton plays the school vice-principal. She encourages Stephanie to get her man’s attention by any means necessary. She then goes home and seduces her husband while someone takes pictures with a telephoto lens. Michael pumps the breaks because he has to get work on a work project. (What is wrong with this man.) Dejected, Stephanie gets a text from James saying he is looking forward to the weekend field trip. 

On the field trip, James makes it known that he is interested and available. Then he frocks on the beach showing off his toned body. Stephanie appreciates the show and watches from her hotel window. They take the students to dinner, and Stephanie has a few cocktails. She dances with her purse on, which is such a mom thing to do. Stephanie steps away to make a fall and falls on a rock scraping her knee. James is there to the rescue, unnecessarily taking off her shirt to stop the bleeding. They kiss for a moment, but Stepanie stops him.

After the field trip, James sketches pictures of Stephanie’s face shirtless and looks at the moon. Then he follows her while jogging in his car. Stephanie goes to Vice Principal Linda and has James removed from her class for inappropriate behavior. That doesn’t go well and only makes James pursue his teacher more aggressively. He puts a snake in the administrative office, and it bites Linda! (WTF!!!!)

Stephanie screams at James when he gifts her his grandmother’s necklace. He threatens to expose the affair and insists they are perfect for each other. Stephanie realizes that she is dealing with a mad man. She visits James trailer and speaks with his mother. The mother already knows about his obsessive personality and promises to handle the situation because he is a good boy. 

That doesn’t happen; Jake positions Stephanie and almost kills her. Stephanie is hesitant to talk with the police, but Michael insists. Stephanie blames a co-worker name Richard instead of Jake. Maybe the poison clouded her judgment? Then she is let go from the school because of rumors about her and Jake. On her way off school property, Stephanie gets into Jake’s car and thanks him for warning her about Richard. He is happy it is just the two of them from now on. Stephanie clarifies again that he is just a kid with a crush on her.  

Nicole, Stephanie’s daughter, is dating someone new. She invites him over, and it is Jake posting as someone named Seth. Instead of canceling the dinner, Stephanie goes along with it, and James plays footsie with her under the table. Stephanie kicks him out of the house, and he sexually assaults her. Nicole is confused and upset when Stephanie bans her from seeing her new boyfriend.   

I in the middle of the night, Richard breaks into the house to warn Stephanie about James. She kicks him out and understandably is frightened. She doesn’t have to worry long because James kills him. Then he might kill his mother too? (No, beats her up.)

James finds Nicole and convinces her to run away with him. He takes her back to his trailer and holds a tied up Nicole hostage in some random horse stable. James lures Stepanie to a shrine to her, and she finds Richard’s body. 

Stephanie finds James with a shotgun. He talks about killing his abusive father when he was young to save his mother. As he is talking, James’ mother shoots him. He is taken to a hospital in handcuffs and admitted and fixated on another woman.

Side Note

Also known as Dangerous Lessons

Minority Report: Linda, Cop

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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