Pregnant at 17 (2016 Lifetime)

Pregnant at 17 (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Josie BissettZoé De Grand MaisonRoark Critchlow

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After witnessing a brutal crime, things are finally starting to look up for 17-year-old high school dropout Chelsea. She’s fallen madly in love with Jeff, an older and accomplished man who is promising to give her the life she can only dream of; there’s only one hitch…he’s still married! Chelsea finds out she is pregnant to make matters worse, and Jeff wants nothing to do with the baby. Being withdrawn, Jeff’s wife Sonia suspects he is having an affair and discovers not only is the other woman just 17, but she is pregnant too. When Sonia meets Chelsea, she feels sorry for her and decides to help her out, but when a dark figure from Chelsea’s past returns, it puts all three of them in danger, including her unborn baby! Josie Bissett, Zo De Grand Maison, and Roark Critchlow star. (2015)


The movie begins with a teen being forced to dig a grave, and then we hear a gunshot—title card. 

Chelsea, a redheaded teen, is drinking at a bar while her father plays pool with a woman who is rough around the edges. (Or at least needs a new hairstyle.) She picks up some smokes for her father and runs into a handsome boy with a butt chin named Adam. As she leaves, Chelsea has a memory flash of the time she saw a man named Greg robbing the convenience store. Chelsea turned Greg in and is nervous because he is getting out of jail soon.

Cut to Sonia, a rich, beautiful blonde woman whose husband, Jeff, is cheating on her WITH Chelsea. Sonia is onto Jeff and suspects her husband is cheating on her because Jeff has been sneaking around. The final straw is when Jeff buys Sonia some jewelry for no reason.

Jeff calls Chelsea in the middle of the night and makes plans for a hotel meeting. Sonia overhears the conversation. What they don’t know is Chelsea is pregnant. (We know this because she faints while ironing AND pukes in the morning. Then she gets a pregnancy test.) 

Chelsea plans on telling Jeff at the hotel and wisely spills all the details about Jeff to a co-worker named Liz. Chelsea also shows Liz a tattoo on her ankle. It is like she knows she is about to be murdered and is giving Liz all the info she needs.

At the hotel, Sonia (in disguise) sees Chelsea chicking in and cries while sad music plays. Sonia goes to her office and looks up Chelsea on social media. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Jeff hook up in the hotel room. Afterward, Jeff is noncommital, Chelsea tells him that she is pregnant. Then he REALLY is noncommital to the relationship and blames Chelsea for getting pregnant and tells her to get an abortion. She comes clean about actually being 17. Jeff freaks out because this affair is beginning to be more than he bargained for. (Maybe he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife.) 

Adam is supportive of Chelsea and just an all-around good guy. Who isn’t good is Lauren, Greg’s sister, who thinks Chelsea made up seeing her brother rob the store. Lauren stalks Chelsea. (So does Sonia, who visits Chelsea at her work, and also learns that Jeff’s girlfriend is 17.)

The movie flashes back to when Jeff and Chelsea first met in a bar parking lot. The soft romantic music is trying to get me to be into the relationship, but I can’t. It is creepy, and he is a cheater.

Jeff follows Chelsea to her home and confronts her. He tells her that he has talked to a lawyer and wants her to get rid of the baby, or he will be charged with statutory rape and become a registered sex offender. He bribes her with $10,000, but Chelsea throws the money in his face. Lauren watches all this from her car parked across the street. 

Sonia and Jeff have a come to Jesus moment. They argue about their relationship and infidelity. Jeff goes as far as to tell Sonia she has changed since the miscarriage and blames her for his cheating ass. He is a terrible person. He doesn’t last long because someone runs him over while he is on a jog. Jeff survives, but he is in the hospital. Sonia rushes to the hospital and is given Jeff’s belongings. Chelsea texts Jeff about the baby, and Sonia is now up to speed on everything. Sonia sympathizes with Chelsea and even considers helping out with the baby. She drops off baby books at Chelsea’s work and talks about baby names.

Adam and Chelsea continue to go on dates, and he talks to her about the benefits of adoption. Adam was adopted and encourages Chelsea to consider it as an option.

Greg is released from Jail and hellbent on revenge with his sister Lauren. Greg stalks Chelsea. Sonia happens to be with Chelsea when she notices Greg and takes her to the police station. Sonia offers Chelsea a place to stay, but Sonia comes clean about being Jeff’s wife before they go to her house. At first, Chelsea is angry. She thinks Sonia lied, but then she realizes that Jeff was the liar the whole time and cheating on his wife. 

The two women grow closer and come to an understanding. They cook dinner together at Sonia’s house. Chelsea asks about Sonia’s miscarriage and tells her she would have been a good mother. 

The next morning Greg and Lauren pretend to be delivery people and burst in the house with guns. They tie up Sonia and Chelsea. They are extorting Sonia for $50,0000. Greg goes with Sonia to the bank, and Lauren takes Chelsea to the middle of nowhere.

Sonia gets the money out of the bank and is thrown in the back of her car, where her vet bag is. She uses her syringe from the bag and waits to make her move.

Greg and Lauren take the ladies deep into the woods and forces them to dig their own graves. Sonia fakes an injury and stabs Greg with the syringe taking him out. They run off and are chased by Lauren with her gun. I think Lauren accidentally shoots herself. Sonia assists with medical aid, and they call 911. Greg wakes up from the sedative and attacks Sonia; Chelsea shoots and kills him.

Chelsea has ber baby and gives the baby up for adoption to Sonia. They name the baby Annette after Sonia’s grandmother. Adam shows up and tells Chelsea that he loves her. Everyone is happy. Jeff goes MIA leaving Sonia to raise the baby. Chelsea and Adam go abroad to Germany. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Dom, Cassandra, Doctor, Detective, Bank Teller,

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