Stalked by my Doctor (2015 Lifetime)

Stalked by my Doctor (2015 Lifetime)

Stars:  Eric RobertsBrianna Joy ChomerDeborah Zoe

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a teenage girl is miraculously saved by a heart surgeon, the doctor begins to flirt with her. Her father doesn’t believe her. Unbeknownst to all, the doctor is obsessed with the girl, and he fakes her death… so he can have her to himself.


The movie starts in an expensive restaurant with jazz playing as diners enjoy martinis. Dr. Albert Beck is waiting for his online date to join him when he gets a phone call. It isn’t the hospital calling him away for surgery; it is his date canceling on him. The date says she will block him on social media and never to contact her again. Angry and rejects Dr. Beck speeds races his car to 120 miles per hour and screams as we get the title card.

Peppy music plays as we see a high school. Sophie and her friend Kailyn watch their hunky boyfriends Ryan and Eddie, playing soccer from the bleachers. Kaitlyn just got her acceptance letter to the college of her dreams, Sophie also gets in. They are going to be roommates! On the drive to go celebrates, Sophie reprimands Ryan for texting and driving. (You really shouldn’t do that folk!) They get into an accident, naturally. 

Dr. Beck is a cardiologist, and Sophie is in his care. He shouts a lot of medical jargon and then asks Sophie if she lies Sushi. He promises when she is better to take her out for a dinner date. (I would 100% be down for that date.) The ambiguous surgery goes well, and Sophie is on the road to recovery. Dr. Beck comes into her room and traces her facial features with his finger and then kisses her. (Nothing creepy about that!)

On another date with a Wilson Philip reject, Dr. Beck shows the woman a picture of his Mexican mansion and asks her to quit her job and move with him to start a family. The woman is weirded out and leaves abruptly. Before she goes, she tells him that he needs to talk to a therapist. He screams at her and calls her a “fat ass bitch.” Then he cases after her claiming he isn’t interested in her anyway. 

Back in the hospital, Sophie is recovering but still banged up badly. Without gloves, the doctor puts ointment on her scars and bandages her up. She asks Dr. Beck about her boyfriend and hopes he is okay. Sophie is also worried about being hideously disfigured. Dr. Beck promises she will always be beautiful. Sophie’s mom Adrienne walks in and asks if everything is okay. She is protective of her daughter and tells her that a female should be present for any exam. 

Sophie is released from the hospital and visits Ryan; he plays video games with a cast on his leg. The doctors told him he will never be able to run at full speed again. Ryan gives Sophie the cold shoulder, so she next visits Dr. Beck in his home. Sophie tells him that she can’t stop thinking of him, and they make out. (The second half of this paragraph is a delusion Dr. Beck has. The first of many fantasy sequences in the movie series.) Sophie does write Dr. Beck a letter thanking him for saving her life and signs it “Love, Sophie.”

While out at the mall with Kaitlyn, the teens run into Dr. Beck. He buys them come carrot cake and caresses Sophie’s hand. He invites Sophie to a movie, but she makes up an excuse that she has homework… BECAUSE SHE IS A TEENAGER. Sophie knows the man is not right mentally. 

Dr. Beck goes into an alley and cries, “I AM A DOCTOR” while kicking trash around. Then he officially starts stalking Sophie. He breaks into the house, gets into her bed, and fantasies about Sophie in lingerie on top of him. Sophie and her mother come home. Dr. Beck hides in a closet and watches Sophie talk to Ryan on her bed. Ryan apologizes, and then they talk about God being a woman. Ryan gives her his grandma’s ring and makeout. Dr. Beck sneaks out of the house eventually and drives around town.

At the mall again, Sophie is approached by Dr. Beck, who gives her an American Girl Doll. Sophie isn’t weirded out by the doll; she is weirded out that he knew what type of doll she likes. Sophie rejects the doll, and Dr. Beck has another scene where he screams while pulling the doll apart. 

Sophie sits her parents down. (I was surprised she even had a father.) She tells them about Dr. Beck and says he is “like a middle schooler trying to lose his virginity.” Adrienne and Sophie want to see a new doctor, Jim is less sold on the notion. They march down to the doctor’s office and get Sophie’s file. Dr. Beck is angry and looks up Adrienne’s medical record, learning she is allergic to penicillin. He ships her some medication with penicillin laced pills. 

Adrienne takes the pills and has a terrible reaction. Sophie finds her mother sprawled out on the kitchen floor, struggling to breathe. Sophie calls 911, but they will take too long, so Sophie drives her mother to the hospital herself. Adrienne is stabilized in the ER, and Dr. Beck congratulates Sophie on saving her mother’s life. 

Sophie walks alone in a parking garage and is chloroformed. She manages to get away from Dr. Beck and into her car. They proceed to have a high-speed chase in a parking garage. Dr. Beck rams his vehicle into Sophies and breaks the window with a tire iron and gets her.

Shockingly, Sophie is murdered off-camera and staged to look like a car crash. The car is set on fire and burns her body. Through a new report montage, which is my fav kind after trying on clothes, we learn the following.

  1. Her parents identify the body.
  2. Ryan is sad

Next, we see Dr. Beck. He has Sophie ties to his bed and gagged. She is alive! He drugs her as he tells her his plan to take her to Mexico. Through a flashback, we see Dr. Beck pulling a body from the morgue and putting it in Sophies’ car, crashing and burning it. 

Adrienne receives a ring recovered from the body and gives it back to Ryan. He realizes that the ring is not his grandmother’s and goes to the medical examiner’s office to figure out whose body was burned. Sophie’s parents are not interested in pursuing it. Why is Ryan, the smartest person in this movie? (With that haircut and goofy ears, seriously?!?!) 

Ryan convinces Adrienne to come with him to Dr. Beck’s house. Dr. Beck hears them coming and sedates Sophie and moves her body. Ryan accuses Dr. Beck of faking Sophie’s death and searches the premises. They find nothing and are sent away.

Sophie pretends to be in love with Dr. Beck suddenly. She calls him an expert on the human body and wants her to make love to her. She asks him to untie her hands so she can touch him, and he falls for it. Sophie reaches for a steak knife and tries to stab him while screaming she hates him, but he overpowers her and reties her. Then he cries because she told him that she hated him and recites the following monologue. 

“I gave you your life, and I can just as easily take it away. I can reach in that chest of yours and UGH! Make that heart do anything I want it to. You want to stab me? I’ll take your arms. You want to run from me? I’ll take your legs. You want to scream at me? I’ll take your voice. And then you will need me to take care of you for the rest of your life… well, who’s going to want an armless, legless, mute, like you.” 

Sophie knows she is about to lose all her limbs and is very motivated to free herself. She manages to until herself and hits Dr. Beck with a lamp. Once she gets to the front door, it is locked. So she knees Dr. Beck in the balls and beats him with a golf club, while he tells her that he loves her. She gets the kets off his body and runs to his car. Sophie drives herself to safety and comes home to her own memorial service. (Nice darkly comedic touch here.) Sophies’ parents rush to embrace her, and a few women faint in slow motion. Then Ryan runs to his girlfriend and hugs her as she cries. They kiss passionately, and the guests all laugh.

Police storm Dr. Beck’s house and do not find him. 

Cut to Cabo San Lucas, Dr. Beck speaks Spanish to a waitress while waiting for his next date.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Waitress, Kaitlyn, Eddie, Police, Doctor,

Spawned a very successful series for Lifetime

  • Stalked by My Doctor: The Return (2016)
  • Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge (2018)
  • Stalked by My Doctor A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare (2019
  • ***Which featured a crossover event with the storyline from “Sleepwalking in Suburbia.”

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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