10 Year Reunion (2016 Lifetime)

10 Year Reunion (2016 Lifetime)

Cast:  Kacey ClarkeKayla EwellJillian NelsonThea Gill 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Four young women who were inseparable friends in school return home for their high school reunion with plans to unearth a time capsule hiding their deepest, darkest secrets, one of which holds the key to uncovering the mystery behind their best friend’s tragic death ten years before.


 Four friends make a time capsule in high school. Nerd Patty wants to be a lawyer; Erica is over highschool, Abby puts in some mix-CD’s, and Rose has a side braid. They all agree to open the box in ten years. Then they party, Abby is spiked, and she is thought to have alcohol poisoning. 

Ten years later. Patty is a lawyer who has lost the glasses and lives with a girl named Carly. (Carly might have been there, but I don’t remember her.) Carly is hellbent on opening the time capsule because it is their last memory of Abby. (I guess she died?) The friends are reunited, this time with WINE!

Everyone catches up and tries to outdo one another and subtly shade. (Girls are mean.) The party really gets started when the boys show up. Abby’s old boyfriend, Shane, and Chase works for the town police force. Carly finds out that Abby took drugs and overdosed. That was the real cause of her death. Carly is a buzz kill and ends the party early. She spends the night looking through old files about Abby’s death. (Carly learns that Abby was drugged) SOMEONE IN A BEEKEEPER OUTFIT LURKS OUTSIDE THE HOUSE?!?!?! Chase pops up out of nowhere and says it was just a neighbor in the garden. (Perhaps digging up the time capsule.)

At brunch, Carly insists on opening the time capsule, and no one else seems into it. (Particularly, Rose.) Carly accuses her friends of drugging her, and they are like, “You’re crazy!” Then they all hug it out. Carly finds a CD on the back of a photo. She made a video telling everyone that she knows what was in the time capsule. Abby is worried that one of them is going to kill her and asks them not to look into the time capsule. Abby sets up a scavenger hunt. Carly hides the DVD for safekeeping and starts her search. (With a flashlight!) The Beekeeper is also on the hunt and burns the clues after Carly finds them along with the original coroner’s report. Then they write” LEAVE HER BURIED” in lipstick on the mirror (What is RuPaul’s Drag Race?)

While decorating for the reunion, Carly is attacked in the kitchen, and they try to stab her. Everyone rushes in and makes sure Carly is okay. She declines Chases’ offer to make a police report and instead visits Abby’s mother (Played by Thea Gill from Queer as Folk!)

Carly continues to look for clues and is attacked again. This time she files a report. She was with Shane this time and begins to suspect him. 

The stress is too much for Erica, who is also having trouble with her spouse. She decides to go back home, but not before reading her clue and sneaking out into the garden in the middle of the night to find the time capsule. She is it in the head with a shovel and buried in the back yard by the Beekeeper. (Or gardening outfit is what they are calling it in the movie, haha.) 

At the reunion, Carly tells Patty that she wrote that she was in love with Abby’s boyfriend Shane in the ten year reunion time capsule. She feels bad and asks Patty to go with her to visit Abby’s grave. (The Gravestone just says, “ABBY” Haha!) Carly finds a gift from Abby, giving Carly her blessing to date Shane. Carly is confused, and I couldn’t care less!

Carly is convinced that Shane is her attacker and asks Patty to help her leave immediately. Before she goes, Carly finds blood on the shovel and starts digging, thinking Erica could be buried. It isn’t Erica, it is the time capsule. Shane shows up and says he didn’t do anything. Then they find Erica in a well. Rose hits Shane and knocks him out. Rose and Carly argue about calling 911. They are interrupted by Patty with a gun.

Patty holds Rose at gunpoint while Carly looks through the time capsule. The secrets are revealed. Chase slept with Abby; Erica had an abortion, Rose tricked Chase into proposing to her, and Patty confesses that she hated Abby for taking her scholarship. Patty admits to drugging Abby and accidentally killing her friend. Patty remembers she has a gun and starts shooting at her two former friends.

Rose and Carly run to the car and attempts to get away from the madwoman with a gun. The car erupts in flames, and Rose’s seatbelt is stuck; she explodes along with the car. Carly calls for help and goes back to confront Patty with a pair of gardening shears. They fight over in the back yard, and Patty eventually falls on the gardening shears. She dies, obviously.

Carly hugs Shane while the police sirens are heard in the distance. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Erica

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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