Swim at Her Own Risk or Killer Coach (2016 Lifetime)

Swim at Her Own Risk or Killer Coach (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Javicia LeslieKeesha SharpTom Maden 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After a one-night stand with her coach, a pressured swimming phenom finds the lives of herself and her loved ones in danger.


Coach Gina intensely pushes her daughter, Samantha, to swim harder in practice. Gina was an Olympic bronze medalist and expects her daughter to be the best because she IS the best. (Much to the other teammembers’ annoyance.) A new assistant coach, Bryce, is added to the team since Coach Gina can only focus on her daughter. 

On a random night swim, Samantha floats in the water with a dead man’s float. Coach Bryce sees her and thinks that she is drowning, jumping in to save her. They laugh at the misunderstanding and get coffee. 

Outside of the pool, Samantha is focusing on applying to college with her cutie boyfriend, Lucas. Lucas sees Samantha with the new assistant coach having coffee and gets jealous. He is even more jealous when she spends more time with the new coach during one-on-one night swims. (Which mostly involves hooking up in the pool.) Lucas and Samantha break up, and Samantha pumps the break with Bryce too.

Bryce turns into a full-on stalker, texting Samantha at all hours of the night and telling her that he is fine keeping the relationship a secret. Samantha knows she is in over her head and tries to set boundaries with him. Bryce continues to follow her around the school and at home. Most of the time, he is shirtless. (Which I appreciated.) He threatens to expose the affair with a video if she doesn’t be with him. (Which I don’t appreciate.) He shows Lucas the video of Samantha in the pool and pretends he thinks it is Lucas. Lucas freaks out and screams at Samantha. 

Emily, a teammate, starts to hang out with Bryce, and Samantha tries to warn her former friend. Bryce thinks he is making Samanta jealous. He is just making her annoyed with him. Emly tries to seduce the assistant coach, and he gets rough with her scaring her off. 

Bryce shares documents that prove Gina was doping when she was in the Olympics. He threatens to expose the truth as blackmail.

Gina notices her daughter’s distraction and failing grades and scolds her daughter. Samantha screams at her mom about swimming and says, ” Sometimes I don’t need a coach… I need a mom!” Then she works on getting dirt on Bryce. Bryce’s own father says he is a liar and a cheat. 

Samantha tells Lucas everything. He tells her to go to the authorities and promises to keep her safe. Lucas breaks into the assistant coaches’ office and steals the file. Before he can get into the car, he is smashed in the face with a baseball bat and ends up in the hospital.

Detectives question Samantha with Gina, and she tells them about Bryce stalking and pool sex. Gina is horrified; her daughter kept the secrets from her. 

Bryce skips town and resigns from the coaching position. He pops back up with a gun in Gina’s house. Then he goes to the pool and pulls his gun on Samantha. She tricks him into going into the pool to get him away from his gun. (Which is pretty smart.) I gotta say, Samantha is a pretty bad swimmer and even worse at faking like she is into Bryce. She makes him so angry that he almost drowns her. She does the deadman’s float and gets to the gun before he can. Samantha shoots him as the police, her mother, and randomly Emily arrive.

Two weeks later, a swim meet happens. Maybe Samantha wins? It doesn’t matter because she is happy? Ok!

Side Note

Minority Report: Samantha, Coach Gina,

Also known as Killer Coach

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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