A Nutcracker Christmas (2016 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)


A Nutcracker Christmas 
Starring: Amy Ackler (From Angel) & Sascha Radetsky (Center Stage)

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Ballerina, Lilly Jamison (Amy Ackler) is raising her sister’s daughter. Her niece turns out to be a ballet prodigy and is offered the lead in The Nutcracker. The director, Mark, (Sascha Radetsky) is Lilly’s ex boyfriend.

At work, I’ve been running nothing but productions of The Nutcracker. I over came my ballet PTSD, to watch this movie for YOU.

That being said within the first few moments, I was in. Voice over? Ballet competition? Oh and her name is Lily Jameson (or porn star name?) in the words of Charlie from Center Stage, “Whatever you feel, dance it.”

Things were clicking right along. Lilly get into the New York Ballet, gets to play a snowflake, and then (a year later) she gets to be a sugar plum fairy!! Then her sister (Beth) dies in a car accident!!! (I was like, nooooo!) and Lilly is forced out of her dream role by Mark to go be with her family.

Flash forward a bunch of years and Lilly is not dancing anymore, but Sadie (Orphaned daughter of Beth) does. Sadie gets the role of Claire Philadelphia ballet and who is running it, Mark! Due to an injury, Lilly has to go on as the role she was supposed to play 8 years ago. (Much to the dismay of he Canadian dance moms.) THEN a dancer quits and Mark has to go on in his place. The show must go on! Sure, they are both way older than the teen dancers in the company. Who cares! They are in love and dancing, so that is good.

Side Note
This was more dance movie than Christmas.
Carolers singing “We wish you a merry Christmas” make an appearance.
Seriously, in the end of the movie when they show the production of Nutcracker, I was thinking “Is intermission next? Do I need to open doors?”

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Overall rating
🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required)

*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media

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