Operation Christmas (2016 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)



Operation Christmas 
Starring: Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy) & Tricia Helfer

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As her new romance blossoms, a single mother is dismayed when her boyfriend, a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it ruin the holidays for her and her children they decide to give back to the struggling military families on his base and, as their efforts go viral, they are rewarded in ways they never imagined.

Olivia (Divorcée) and Scott (Widower, third in a row!) literally fall for each other on the ski slopes. While watching I was calling each moment. Klutzy woman on skis runs into handsome man, their kids are become friends at ski school, they go on a lunch date, take a helicopter to the top of a mountain, capped off by romantic Christmas Eve wishes. A very predictable opening act takes a sharp left turn!

Scott stands Olivia up at their next date for Christmas Day. (He is called away for military duty.) Almost a year goes by and then there Scott is in his military uniform, look all sexy! Olivia is not having it and is mad at him, but orders are orders. They are tasked with a project to help solders and their families for Christmas, that “will be more than a toy drive.”

This movie is basically an extended episode of Army Wives, minus Sterling K Brown (My favorite army wife). Will Olivia take on the challenge of a military man widower while reopening a family deployment center? Of course, it’s a hallmark movie, ya dummy!

Overall, I like my white ladies of Hallmark to be a little less put together than Olivia. She has a job, family, boyfriend, and volunteers to help the military and their families at Christmas time. (All while dressed very nicely) I can’t make fun of that!

Side Note
Olivia’s sister wants to be a singer… so she sings in multiple very awkward scene.
I added a tree because Sarah cried at the end.

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Overall rating
🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)
🍷(1 glasses of wine required)


*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media

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