Double Mommy (2016 Lifetime)

Double Mommy (2016 Lifetime)

Stars: Morgan ObenrederMark GrossmanBruce Boxleitner 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After taking a break for the summer before their senior year, Ryan and Jess rekindle their relationship and find out that Jess is pregnant with twins. When Ryan’s mother demands a paternity test, they find out that Ryan is only the father of one baby… The other father is Ryan’s best friend Bryce, who Ryan discovers date-raped Jess at a party over the summer. With college recruiters and an overbearing father looming over Bryce’s head, he will stop at nothing to make sure that he clears his name–even if it means getting rid of Jess and her babies!


A jock named Brent grabs some pills and Scotch and goes to the last party of the summer. He beelines for the prettiest girl at the part, Jess, and makes a toast. She thinks of Brent as a friend and is hoping her ex-boyfriend Ryan will show up. Brent mixes the pills in a beer, and his friend Neil catches him but doesn’t stop him. Jess drinks the beer and drives home with Brent.

On the ride home, Jess starts to see double and passes out. Brent takes her to a secluded area and rapes her while she is unconscious. The last thing she remembers is him saying, “No one tells me no.” Jess wakes up and doesn’t remember anything she blacked out. She showers and finds bruises on her body and calls Sara, her BFF, to help her piece things together. There is a knock at the door, and it is her ex-boyfriend Ryan. He apologizes and tells her he loves her, and he will always be there for her. 

Brent is verbally and physically abused at home by his father. When the father discovers that Brent took his Scotch, he forces him to finish the bottle. Brent’s mother is horrified and helps her son to be, finding the date rape drugs in his pocket. 

At school, Brent and Ryan make the same soccer team. When Jess sees Ryan, she is uncomfortable but can’t figure out why. Jess and Ryan makeout after school, and Jess suddenly throws up. She goes to the doctor, who confirms that she is 8-weeks-pregnant with twins. They tell their parents, and Ryan’s mother insists on a paternity test.

Jess comes clean to her parents crying. She thinks Brent raped her because there is no way that she could have gotten pregnant otherwise with Ryan out of town for the summer. The parents contact the police and conduct a paternity test. Detectives question Brent and his parents, they aren’t talking and lawyer up. Brent finds photos from the part and uses them as evidence against Jess, saying that she was obsessed with her. He posts slanderous posts online, calling Jess a slut.

Students at school bully Jess. They gossip and say that Jess is obsessed with Brent. Brent slips an abortion pamphlet in Jess’s locker. Ryan is angry with Jess at first. When he finds out she was raped, Ryan fights Brent at soccer practice. They both get suspended. When Neil it is his turn to talk to the police, he decides that he is not going to lie and tells Brent he will tell the truth. Brent tells Neil that if he admits to seeing anything, he will be just as guilty.

Brent and his father call in favors and invite Jess and her parents over for a meeting. Brent puts pills in Jess’s drink to cause a miscarriage. (Like, REALLY Brent. This is so messed up.) Jess’s mother is suspicious. Her suspicions are confirmed when Brent’s father offers them a $500,000 check to raise the two babies. She rips up the check and shames them. (Go, Mom!)

Jess has a miscarriage scare from the drink, but the babies survive. She takes to social media, and the tables are turned. Everyone in school knows that Brent is a rapist. Brent almost beat up Jess and has a violent outburst as students record him acting out. Brent’s father sues Jess for defamation of character. 

Brent almost rapes another girl named Kristen, who has been bullying Jess. Jess sees bruises on Kristen’s arm and begs her to come forward. A college student comes forward first and tells Jess that the same thing happened to her. Her family took the deal, and she regrets that decision. It let Brent rape again. The college student promises to talk to detectives, but Brent threatens her. When she doesn’t back down, he runs her off the road and kills her. 

At a soccer game, Jess has a flashback and remembers that Brent raped her on the school’s premises. Detectives review the security footage and find the assault. Brent can be seen dragging Jess from his car. It is all the evidence they need, and Brent is arrested. Brent’s garbage parents scream at the police and say that they can’t arrest their son. (Even though they KNOW he is guilty.) They promise to fight things in court, and Brent is released on bail. (The power of money.) Brent is looking at eight years, and the lawyers think that they can take a plea to get Brent’s sentence down. 

When Brent’s father hears from his company that they will cut him off because of his son’s behavior, the father kicks Brent out of the house and disowns him. Brent grabs his father’s gun, punches his mother, and leaves to take care of Jess. 

Jess is home alone, eating for three when she hears a window break. Brent grabs her, and Jess screams at him to leave her house. Just as Brent is about to shoot Jess, his father arrives. He demands that Brent give him the gun. They struggle, and Brent’s father is shot and dies in the driveway. 

Flashforward to Jess and Ryan raising their babies together. Brent’s mother arrives and asks to see her grandchildren because she has no one left in her life. Jess’s mother takes pity on her and lets her see the babies. Big mistake because Brent’s mother talks to the baby like a crazy person.

Side Note

NEED HELP? National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE and

Minority Report: Sara, Neil, family physician

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2016 Lifetime

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