Story of a Girl (2017 Lifetime)

Story of a Girl (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Maddie PhillipsKevin BaconSarah Grey 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a compromising video of thirteen-year-old Deanna Lambert hits social media, her teenage life is changed forever. Overcoming bullies, hurtful school-yard taunts, and the enduring rage and disappointment of her father, Deanna longs to escape a life defined by her past. Directed by Kyra Sedgwick (feature directorial debut) and starring Ryann Shane, Jon Tenney, and Kevin Bacon, based on Sara Zarr’s award-winning novel, Story of a Girl is a coming of age drama about a young woman pushing beyond the shadow of her past to become the author of her own life.


Deanna had a sex video leak when she was in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL?!?! Not only do all her classmates see the video and think she is a “slut.” Her parents also find it and almost call the police, but think twice about reporting it. Deanna is left to fend for herself. She deletes her social media and tries to lay low until graduation. 

She applies for a job at a pizza joint run by a shirtless owner named Michael. (Played by Kevin Bacon.) She is making money to get herself out of her town and go to college. Denna doesn’t want to end up like her brother, who lives in the basement with his pregnant girlfriend. Her home life, in general, is not good.

A hair dying scene happens, it is almost a makeover… so I’ll take it. Anything to make this movie less boring. I mean, it is SO BORING. Stacy (The woman living in the basement who recently had a baby.) blows off some steam and party with some friends. She neglects to pick up Deanna, and this causes the family to worry about Stacy. They start a search for her when Stacy doesn’t show up the next morning.  

Tommy (the guy who was in the sex tape) also works at the pizza joint and starts giving Deanna rides home. They talk about what happened between them, and he claims he didn’t make the tape. They almost have sex in the car, and Deanna stops it. They really get into what happened and the miscommunication between them. It is depicted as a lose/lose situation. What I wanna know is, who the hell made that tape and why.

Oh, Kevin Bacon’s character is gay! That is cool. He relates to Deanna about feeling like a black sheep in the town. He advises her to apologize to people she has wronged and make things right. Typical motivational speech stuff, but when Kevin Beacon says it… you listen. Deanna tries, but her parents accuse her, so sleeping with her boss? What is wrong with them. Her stepdad/father can’t even tell her that he loves her. 

Tommy and Deanna apologize to one another, and it seems to stick this time. Deanna’s brother and Stacy (she came back.) are moving out into their own place. Then Deanna’s father buys her a car. (Oh no, she is buying it herself with her pizza money.) 

With her new car, Deanna gets the hell out of town as sappy music plays.

Side Note

Minority Report: Lee, Shop clerk

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Directed by Kyra Sedgwick, which is cool.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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