Psycho Ex-Girlfriend (2018 Lifetime)

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Elisabeth HarnoisMorgan KellyKimberly-Sue Murray

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kara and Tyler are planning to get married when Tyler’s ex-girlfriend returns from rehab, adamant on winning him back. As Kara tries to protect her relationship and prevent Tyler from sliding back into his bad habits, she is pulled into a twisted game of cat and mouse.


A redhead woman named Isabella is walking around a church listening to alternative music. She meets up with a blonde therapist Kara, and they talk about how Isabella used to be a bad girl and pop pills. 

Kara heads home to her boyfriend, Tyler, and their cat Gulliver. They are planning a wedding, but keep getting distracted by text messages coming in from Tyler’s ex-girlfriend Elle. Obviously, Isabella is Elle. The movie treats it like a BIG reveal. Kara is shocked when she sees Isabelle/Elle at her restaurant. (Kara is a therapist and a restauranteur. Is there anything this woman can’t do!) 

The therapy sessions continue, even though Kara has an unsettled feeling. Elle uses the therapy session to talk about Tyler and their sex life when they dated. It seems like a massive conflict of interest. Another conflict of interest is Elle getting a job from Tyler at the restaurant. Elle gloats to Kara at church.

Ella waste no time putting the moves on Tyler. He shut it down, but the text from Elle keep coming in. She is also a little too extra with the patrons at the restaurant. She flirts and sashes around the restaurant, which makes Kara jealous. Kara takes a page from Ella’s book and has sex with Tyler on the bar counter after they close. (Ella watches from the window.) 

Later in the night, Elle texts Tyler and says she has relapsed. Kara takes his phone and tells Elle to call her sponsor, not Tyler. Then Kara goes to Ella’s house and is surprised to see that she is okay. Elle calls her a bitch orphan and slams the door in Kara’s face. When Tyler hears of the altercation, he tries to give Kara a gun to protect herself; she refuses the offer. Tyler also tries to get Elle fired from the restaurant, but the co-owner says she is good for business. 

Gulliver, the cat, turns up dead, and Kara is traumatized. Kara knows that Elle is responsible and wants Tyler to go to the police. Tyler doesn’t think Elle would do something so awful. When he goes to confront Ella, Ella’s police chief father steps in and makes Tyler leave. Later, at the restaurant, Elle maintains her innocence and tries to seduce him in the wine cellar. When he turns her down, she screams and breaks a wine bottle. 

Kara starts tracking the harassment she has received from Ella. (I forgot to mention that Elle almost hit Kara with her car.) Tyler is concerned that Elle is getting to Kara. Elle knows that Kara’s parents died in a boating accident and used to call her Caroline. It is the final straw when Kara finds her wedding dress with blood all over it. The couple goes to the police and presents the harassment list. The list doesn’t matter because Ella’s father is the police chief and squashes the whole ordeal. 

A random home invasion happens, and Kara gets attacked/almost raped by a man in a mask? Kara, again, blames Ella. I’m beginning to think there is more to this than meets the eye. So does a lady detective who questions the police chief on his shady behavior.

Kara becomes extremely paranoid and takes Tyler’s gun to go on the run. As she is running to her car, she is attacked again and thrown into a shed. The lady detective arrives just in time and stops the attack. The attacker says that he was responding to an ad he saw online, and Kara requested to be attacked in the advertisement. The detective takes Kara and Tyler’s electronic devices and questions Ella. Then she issues a restraining order on behalf of Kara again Elle. 

Ella doesn’t honor the order of protection and breaks into Kara with an ax. Kara pulls out her gun and shoots Elle as Tyler comes home and witness the whole thing. 

Kara was working with Laura, the abused woman from the beginning of the movie, the whole time to make it look like Elle was setting her up. Laura put the ad online? I don’t know; this twist was very dumb.

Side Note

Minority Report: Laura, an abused woman. Lady detective and her assistant. 

Also Known as Twisted

Lifetime doesn’t have a good track record for depicting mental health. This is no exception. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

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