A Dangerous Date (2018 Lifetime)

A Dangerous Date (2018 Lifetime)

Cast:   Jillian MurrayDavid ChokachiBrianna Joy Chomer 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Julie introduces her single father, Peter, to the world of online dating. When Peter meets Alexis, it’s love at first sight. But as Julie and Alexis get to know each other, she begins to learn that Alexis might not be what she seems.


The movie begins with some misogynistic dialogue. Peter is a therapist or maybe a divorce attorney. He has a teenage daughter, Julie, who whistles and has bangs… so hate her.

To celebrate Julie getting into college, the father and daughter go to dinner. Peter gives Julie her mother’s scarf, and Julie gifts her father, an account for a dating site called RomanceMatch.com. At the bar, a woman named Alexis is on a date and overhears the conversation. She slaps her date and quickly joins the site to date, Peter. 

Alexis messages Peter, but he isn’t interested in online dating. Julie takes matters into her own hands and messages on her father’s behalf. Peter reluctantly goes on a date with Alexis. She shows up looking like a goth Jackie Onassis. The date goes well because they hook up immediately. (Cue some shirtless David Chokachi here. Something we’ve all seen before! #Baywatch)

The following day Peter has flashbacks of his first wife dying of cancer. The nurse on duty was ALEXIS. She has been obsessed with Peter for years. (Since we see this in Peter’s memory flashback, it is confusing if he remembers or we see something in his memory that he doesn’t remember.) Julie isn’t excited that her father had a one-night stand and is suddenly suspicious of Alexis. She tells him to “slow your roll” AND “pump the breaks.”

Alexis drops Julie off at her boyfriend Billy’s house. (Who is the same age as her father.) Alexis tells Julie to call her “Lexi” since they are friends now and she is dating Peter. Julie and Billy follow Alexis to the hospital. Only she doesn’t work at the hospital as a surgeon, as her profile says. 

Some more flashbacks happen with Peter and his wife on the beach like a Sandels commercial. Alexis feels threatened by his dead wife and decides to make her eggplant parmesan. Julie hates it and feels like a third wheel. She asks Billy to look into Alexis’ car plates and see what he can find out about her. 

Peter and Julie argue over his new relationship. Alexis clears up the hospital confusion saying her transfer is processing and there is a lot of red tape. Alexis cuts her finger to bring the attention back to her, but Julie storms off and cries in her bedroom mirror. Julie isn’t the only one with daddy issues. Alexis calls her father and screams at him to go to hell. Julie overhears the conversation and steals the contact information for Alexis’ father. Then the two women argue, and Alexis slaps Julie across the face. 

Billy picks up Julie, and she drives out to Bakersfield to meet with Alexis’ father. He is an alcoholic and tells Julie that Alexis has schizophrenia and needs to go back to the hospital for mental care, not to work. Julie sees a serial killer wall in the house, and it contains pictures of her and Peter. 

Alexis finds out that Julie knows everything and kills her father for talking. She also killed her mother AND Julie’s mother. (We see in an over-the-top flashback.) Alexis ties Julie up and waves around a knife. Julie calls her father, and he shows up. 

Cue a lackluster fight scene. Julie ends up strangling Alexis with her mother’s scarf. SYMBOLIC! 

In the hospital, Peter deletes his dating profile. 

Cut to a mental institution. Alexis is there strapped to her bed. She tells the doctor to call her “Lexi” because they are friends… right? 

Side Note

Minority Report: Susan, Bri, 

Alexis wears the same dress the whole movie. 

The sound mixing was VERY bad in this movie.

This movie is a great example of Lifetime’s problematic history with depicting mental health issues. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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