The Christmas Pact (2018 Lifetime)

The Christmas Pact

Stars: Kyla Pratt & Jarod Joseph

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)
When Heather, a local theater director, and Bobby run into each other upon his return home after leaving for the Navy years prior, they quickly realize that their mutual childhood crush might lead to an unexpected romance.


Christmas 1987, we get two terrible children actors skipping out on church to go get a Christmas tree and plant it and make a Christmas pack to visit it every year until they die. They then do a chant and encant the devil, just kidding. They give each other 80’s gifts and read their Christmas lists.

Christmas 1997, the kids are not in college. Ben ’s dad died and Sadie is going to art school. They watch Christmas movies and eat cupcakes. (The movie looks like an 80’s workout video.) Sadie and Ben are falling in love but don’t want to because they are facing big life changes. They go to the tree do the same chant and give each other gifts and read their Christmas lists. She wants rent tickets, he wants Sadie not to leave and gets her a necklace of a tree so she can take the tree with her… awww.

Christmas Eve 2007, Sadie is back in town after being gone for 3 years from town. She is a photographer and travels around the world. Ben has been in town this whole time. They go on a picnic and have a snowball fight. They go ice skating, Then in the town square their friend (Dressed up as Black Santa) proposes to his girlfriend, awwww. They go back to the tree and exchange gifts. Ben is about to tell Sadie he loves her, but then her Austrian ex boyfriend shows up and asks for her to take him back he did come halfway around the world.

2009, Sadie and Liam broke up because she didn’t see a future with him. Ben takes her to a Christmas tree for the Christmas pact. They apologize for not seeing each other for another two year and they make a new pact to not let anything come between them. Ben immediate meets a girl at a Christmas party.

2010 Sadie’s parents are moving from her hometown and Ben is still dating the girl from the party. Sadie and Ben still love each other and almost kiss but stop themselves. It gets awkward between them. Ben and his girlfriend are moving in together. Sadie is angry that he is moving on. This will be the last year of their pact… or it wont even happen this year. We get a montage of Christmas things and Sadie is clearly a better match than Ben’s Girlfriend. (Even she knows it.) Ben shows his girlfriend the tree and tells her about the pact. She is like you guys have something really special. They break up because he is in love with Sadie. Sadie has to leave but goes to the tree before she leaves. Ben is there and they do the chant again. They exchange gifts one last time. She gives him a photo book, it is the story of them. He gives her a forest full of trees. He planted a tree for every year they have been friends and he owns the property. His feeling have grown just like the trees. They Kiss!

2018, weird but okay. We get two more terrible kids actors and the tree tradition continues with their kids. .

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Side Note

This is the first TV Christmas movies I’ve seen with black Santa’s at the mall and am living for it!!!!

WHY did this movies timeline stop at 2010?

Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees, took a tree off for the children, they were horrible.)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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