Majestic Christmas (2018 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Majestic Christmas  

Stars: Jerrika Hinton  & Christian Vincent

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)
Christmas in the charming town of Briar Falls will be bittersweet this year when architect Nell (Hinton) goes back to her hometown having been given the job of turning the historic Majestic Playhouse into a modern multiplex, much to the town’s objections. The Playhouse has been home to their annual Christmas tableaux, which will now have to end after a long and historic tradition to the town. This job is Nell’s first promotion, and one she wishes she hadn’t been chosen for, especially when she meets the new owner of the theater, Connor (Vincent), whose vision and ideas clash with Nell’s. Since Connor hasn’t had much experience celebrating Christmas, Nell hopes that if she can give him a crash course in Christmas during the town’s Twelve Day Festival, that he might just change his mind about modernizing the Majestic.


Nell lives in the city and loves Christmas. She donates to a Salvation Army and her bracelet falls in a handsome stranger accuses her of stealing! Santa looks in the bin and pulls out the bracelet and the handsome stranger is wrong!

Nell gets assigned to rehab The Majestic Theater in Briar Falls, they want to tear it down and put up condos. Turns out the buyer is the handsome stranger who accused her of stealing! His name is Connor and will be shutting down the theater. She invites him to come see the towns 12 days of Christmas festival.

Back in Briar Falls, Nell visits her parents (who are both alive and well, for now. I don’t trust you, Hallmark.) They discuss the closing of the theater and the end of town Christmas traditions, except for the town festival. People in the town are not happy about the new plan for the theater and are taking it out on Nell. They even wear “Make America Great Again”est hats that say “Save the Majestic.”

Connor is not a fan of Christmas, so Nell and her friend, Hannah, go to his house to decorate. He tells them it is not necessary because he will be selling the house, that his aunt gave to him along with the theater. He can’t avoid Christmas in this town. Connor gets roped into helping bring toys to the town toy drive. The people of the town (Who are MOSTLY WHITE) are all wearing the “Save the Majestic” caps and giving Conner the cold shoulder. It is very uncomfortable.

Connor can’t take the heat and agrees to put on the Christmas eve pageant for a minimal cost. He works with Nell and they debate if they should turn the theater into a multiplex or a historical museum of the theater. Nell drags him to day 2 of the town festival, which is caroling. She tells him that Briar Falls is a great town and she would live there if she had more architect opportunities.

Since it is a 12 day Christmas festival we get more Christmas events. Connor’s house gets decorated by his realtor, they build snowmen for a contest, have a snowball fight, and lots of meandering around with Christmas decorations in the background.

Nell is working on two sets of plans for The Majestic. Connor’s version and her dream version.

The pipes of the theater burst and the whole set falls down. The Christmas Eve pageant looks like it might not happen, despite there being over an hour left in the movie… Connor agrees to help build the set and they put in time day and night to get it done. They finish and then sassed by the towns folk for shutting down the theater.

Nell and Connor go ice skating but literally sit on a bench in the middle of the ice skating rink. Haha, NVM spoke too soon they skate for a few seconds.

Nell finishes her plans and has to take them to the city. She runs into Connor and tells him a hard copy of the plans are at her mom’s house for him to get. In the city Nell’s boss is pleased with her work, but she quits her job because it is not a good fit for her. She is going to work on restoring Briar Falls to its former glory.

Connor picks up both plans. The normal plans and her dream plans. When he gets home Connor learns that he won the house decorating contest. He is just in a good mood, until her overhears that Nell quit her job and he thinks she is leaving him high and dry on the project.

Nell isn’t having any of his drama and tells him that they see things too differently and he is always jumping to conclusions. This relationship can’t work.

Nell’s mom talks some sense into her and the cafe shop owner plays the piano while talking some sense into Connor. (He knew her when he was a little boy, apparently.) She suggests that he stick around town and be will Nell.

At the Christmas Eve Pageant, Connor decides to go with Nell’s dream design. He apologizes and so does she. They kiss before the movie even ends! Connor is going to stay in town and so is Nell. She invites him to Christmas dinner with her family and he tells her that he invited his parents to town.

The biggest jerk in the movie gets injured before he is supposed to go on and Connor takes his place. They do a bunch of tableau and everyone in the town is impressed. Nell and Connor kiss under the mistletoe.

Side Note

Minority Report: The romantic LEADS!, Co-Workers

The theater needs to be renovated, they don’t even have real seats!!! Maybe holds 100 people.

Jerrika Hinton is a GD delight!!!!

Cornbread was brought up within the first 30 mins of this movie. I can’t even.

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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