Mistress Hunter (2018 Lifetime)

Mistress Hunter (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Lauralee BellMartin CoppingLauren PlaxcoLydia Look 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Determined to make him pay for his affair and to secure custody of their daughter, Jackie hires a Mistress Hunter to stop her husband’s relationship with the other woman. But when the mistress and her husband wind up dead, the Mistress Hunter appears never to have existed, and Jackie is the number one suspect.


Jackie drives on the freeway crying with mascara running down her face. She is heading to meet up with her friend to tell them about her cheating husband, Karl. Jackie’s friends Valerie and Melanie listen to Jackie crying and tells her to contact the Mistress Hunter!!! They ask her to act like everything is normal. 

Karl and Jackie’s relationship is strained. Karl is continuously texting and neglecting his parenting responsibilities. Jackie realized her husband was cheating on her when she gets a hotel coupon in the mail. It is a hotel that she has never been to! Naturally, Jackie stalks him and following him on his lunch break to a seedy motel, where he meets a floozy in a sundress. 

Acting normal is more complicated than Jackie thinks it is. The touch of her husband is so repulsive that she physically throws up. She is going to have to keep sleeping by his side even after she knows he cheated. Jackie fakes sick to buy her more time until they can get a meeting with Mistress Hunter. 

The meeting thankfully comes quickly, and Jackie goes to an abandoned warehouse to meet the Mistress Hunter. It is like meeting the great and powerful Oz. (A disembodied voice booming over speakers.) The Mistress Hunter is named Hannah. The Mistress hunter has two options. Option 1: She promises to make Karl and his sundress honey’s lives miserable while gathering all the information for a court case. Option 1: Break up the couple and send Karl running back to Jackie. Jackie is 100% sure that she wants to do option 1 and pays in cash. 

The Mistress Hunter disguises herself to meet up with Jackie and drives around with a van of costumes. In the first meeting, she pretends to be a Green Peace volunteer. Then she takes photos of Karl while he is at work and follows him with a tracker she placed in his car and puts a surveillance camera in the sundress girl’s house. When she sees Karl buying sundress girl a necklace, she says, “Oh, you dog!” Then she watches them have sex while cocking an eyebrow disapprovingly. 

Next, the Mistress Hunter poses as a mom at a playground to meet up with Jackie. She tells her that Karl is lying to the sundress lady. He told her that he is separated and no mention of their child. Karl is a creep. This info motivates Jackie to break into Karls off and steal some files.

Dressed as a security officer, the Mistress Hunter breaks into Sundress Girl’s house and steals the necklace. She gives it to Jackie to execute the next part of the plan. Jackie dresses up and wears the necklace, she thanks Karl for the surprise and says she found it under her pillow. 

It works, Karl starts doubting Sundress Girl and accuses her of trying to destroy his life. She tells him that she loves him and isn’t doing anything crazy. When he leaves the house, he finds a note on his windshield blackmailing him about the affair. 

Jackie invites Sundress Girl over to do her nails? I guess Sundress Girl is a beautician. When the Sundress Girl sees a photo of Karl, Jackie, and their daughter and has a breakdown. Jackie relishes in making the Sundress Girl squirm. Later, when Jackie recounts everything to her friends, Melanie thinks it is terrible, and Val loves it. 

Karl comes clean about the affair, and Jackie kicks him out. He goes over to Sundress Girl’s house and reads her diary. Later, Sundress Girl comes home drunk and is angry to find Karl in her bed; she tries to kick him out… but he is stabbed to death, and then the Sundress girl is shot and killed.

Detectives break the news to Jackie, and she breaks down. Jackie tells them that she didn’t know of the affair and is more worried about telling her daughter that Karl is dead. Jackie blames herself for the death; she shouldn’t have called the Mistress Hunter. When Jackie becomes a suspect, she tells them about he Mistress Hunter.

Jackie identifies the body and then stops by her friend Val’s house after not hearing from her in a while. The house has been broken into, and Detectives suspect foul play since Val is missing. Detectives can’t find the Mistress Hunter either and doubt Jackie for everything.

In the middle of the night, Mistress Hunter breaks into Jackie’s house with a gun to give her a message. The Mistress Hunter says that none of this was a part of the plan. It wasn’t her that killed Karl or Sundress Girl. More photos of Karl’s cheating surface and in one of the pictures is Val with Karl in bed! While the women are talking, a hooded figure plants the murder weapons in Jackie’s recycling. Detectives get a search warrant and find the incriminating evidence. 

To clear her name, Jackie goes on the run and hides in an old property that Val was selling. It seems like someone else is squatting there. It is Val with a gun. Val does her monologue about why she did it; it is because she loved Karl but got Jealous of Sundress Girl. Jackie wrestles the gun from Val. While being held at gunpoint, Val comes up with lies she will tell the police. Jackie calls Val pathetic. Val grabs the gun and shoots herself in the head. WTF! 

Flash forward, Jackie is at the playground with the Mistress Hunter. She decides to partner with the Mistress Hunter and will become one herself. It is like First Wives Club, but more murder!

Side Note

Minority Report: Mistress Hunter, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. I thought it was a seedy motel too but I think it’s just her apartment. Also she had brochures there saying she has a traveling nail salon business and that mistress hunter takes and studies the pamphlet.

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