A Bride’s Revenge (2019 Lifetime)

A Bride’s Revenge

Stars: Katie Leclerc, Jeff Shine, Hannah Barefoot & Ben Gavin

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

As Miya and her fiancé plan their dream wedding they are stalked by an eerie and dangerous veiled bride who is determined that Miya will never walk down the aisle.


We start off with a bride putting on her vail and talking down an aisle with no one in the church. The priest comes and tells her the wedding has been cancelled, because no one is there. She is like “Oh he WILL show, he promised.” The bride then proceeds to scream while plucking petals in a he loves me, he love me not style.


Flash to a year later and we meet Miya, who is a hairstylist, gets an invitation from Laurie to HER finace’s (Ian) wedding. While Miya is closing up the shop she gets the feeling she is being watched AND SHE IS. By a person in a wedding gown and veil, but they look like a ghost bed sheet costume.

At Ian’s Mom’s birthday party (Which only has three people in attendance.) Ian’s mom is shading the hell out of Laurie because Miya explains the uneasy feeling she has been having. Laurie shows up with a gift for Ian’s Mom and meet Myia. She says she didn’t send the card, and the Mom is like:

“I’m surprised you came to my Birthday, I seem to remember you hated family gatherings.” SHADY!!!!!!

Another late night at the salon and Miya is attacked by the veiled ghost bride with a knife. Myia calls 911 and a handsome detective comes to help her. Ian does too but he isn’t very helpful When Myia talks about her dead mother,

“All of this made me think of when my Mom was attacked. I’m trying so hard to forget her final moments and remember who she was.”

He tells her he is sorry he wasn’t there when her mom died?

No one believes Myia when she tells them that she thinks it is Laurie. Seriously who else would send a wedding invitation, buy Laurie’s fav flowers and send them to her. Ian tells her that Laurie waited at the altar even though he called off the wedding two weeks before. Laurie’s father died and mother had dementia. He is sorry he ever met her.

Later, while running errands, Myia ties up Ian’s dog to a tree and runs inside. The bride is BACK and unties the dog and sends it running to traffic. Ian is pretty upset with Myia for inadvertently killing his dog.   

At their wedding tasting, Myia is attached again with a knife… this time in a bathroom! Myia runs out and tells Ian who goes with her to the bathroom. Don’t worry folks it isn’t Laurie, it is someone inexplicably in a wedding dress in the bathroom. When Myia confronts Laurie, who conveniently is at the restaurant across the street, everyone thinks Myia is crazy and out of line!

Taking matters into her own hands, Myia follows Laurie to her job and other places. Laurie notices and they have in altercation which is all caught on camera and will implicate Myia as the aggressor. (Even though Laurie was neging her.) Myia’s tire is deflated and she is running later to take care of Ian’s mom. (Who has a cane?) Ian’s mom goes to take a bath and is somewhat surprised to see the veiled ghost bride. The bride throws the mom down the stairs. Myia makes it home just in time to see the bride running off.

Ian is a little less upset about his mom dying, than the dog. He tells Myia that she is crazy and making the whole thing up. He doesn’t want to hear it and yells at her, but then immediately apologizes. They agree to spend some time apart.

At the funeral, Laurie shows up and shades the hell out of Myia. Ian is ever more suspicious and angry with Myia now. He can’t believe she missed taking care of his mother to follow Laurie. He breaks up with her at the funeral. He wants to postpone the wedding. Things keep getting worse for Ian, he gets passed up for a promotion at work. POOR IAN!

Myia gets served papers for a restraining order against. This doesn’t stop her from staying away from Laurie’s mom who is in a nursing home (Shady Pines, Ma!) Laurie’s mom is staring off into space, and then grabs Myia’s hand and tells her “Not to trust them! THey will ruin you and BREAK YOU!”

We all know that Ian can’t catch a break, his brother Mark gets in a car accident when he tries to avoid a bride in the road and hits a tree. Let me repeat that. HE TRIES TO AVOID A BRIDE IN THE ROAD. Haha, WTF?! Ian is even LESS sad about his brother being in a coma in the hospital.    

While in a meeting, Ian gets texts from his brother asking him to help him. Mark (the brother) flatlines when a mysterious figure pulls out his IV and unplugs his breathing machine. The murder attempt doesn’t work because the nurses save him. Thank you nurses, Ian needed a win in this movie. He has a hard life. Mark tells Ian that he tried not to hit the bride in the road.

Myia continues to do she sleuthing and finds out that Laurie’s sister (?) may have been responsible for the fire. She confronts her coworker (Sandra) because she has a rose detail on one of her nails and has a rose at her workstation… could the coworker be Rose, laurie’s sister. Sandra or whoever freaks out and causes a scene. She leaves the hair salon.

Turns out his was the OTHER co-worker Caroline who is Rose, Laurie’s sister. They knock Miya in the head with a brick and tie her up in the closet. Laurie has been holding this burning their father alive thing over Rose’ head  to get her to carry out her plan, to make it look like Ian commited suicide because he is so depressed. The method of murder for Ian will be death by OJ and rat poison? (Miya comes to and hears the whole plot. She breaks free and rushes to Ian’s rescue.)

At the mosulem (don’t ask me why.) Ian sees the bride and chases after her.  The bride leads Ian to Laurel who has a gun and is read to make it look like a murder (of Myia) suicide. Laurie tries to force Ian to drink the rat poison instead of shooting him and Rose goes after Myia with her knife. Laurie tries to shoot Myia but kills her sister instead and Ian pushes Laurie down the stairs just like she did to his mom, who he didn’t care about.

We finish off with a wedding where everyone waves a bunch of ribbons. The end?

Side Note

The actor who plays Ian is a potato, but has really nice arms.

The sisters don’t even look like sisters. One has brown hair and one is blonde, come on!  

Do not video search this title. All the results are porn.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 🔪  (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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