My Killer Client (2019 Lifetime)

My Killer Client (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Tammin Sursok, Allison Paige and Greg Perrow

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Christa Bright is an aspiring personal stylist who has an instant connection with new client Kat Niven, a shy woman who needs help gaining confidence. But when Kat’s admiration for Christa turns into plain obsession, Christa begins to get suspicious. She soon discovers that Kat is her fiance Jack’s ex-girlfriend and she’s trying to become Christa in a demented ploy to win Jack back for good.


We start off at prom and Kitty made her own dress… it is red and awful. (Think Avril Lavigne on a budget.) Kat shows up for photos and everyone makes fun of her and calls her crazy. Which you should never do to a ligit crazy person. Then Kitty strangles, Jake, the boy she was supposed to be with because he dumped her and has a new girlfriend. Everyone huddles around her as she cries.

Flash forward Christa (Jenna from Pretty Little Liars) She is getting married to married to Jake (a software planner who she has badly photoshopped into all her pictures on the mantel.) At a boutique Christa is doing some person shopping/stylist work and meets a grown up Kat, who thankfully isn’t still wearing her prom dress. (But is still equally style challenged. She is all wearing beige and purple socks with and sandals.)

Christa wants to buy her own boutique and call it “Glam Up, Gurl!” (I added the sass, but the name is terrible.) Jake thinks that his future wife is the best business woman to ever business. As they go over her proposal  and someone watches through the window.

Kat really wants to secure time with Christa, who is booked  through April, to ensure she gets time with Christa, Kat poisons Alyse to get her spot. The next day Kat brings flowers to Christa and is ready to get styled. She is playing it cool though and invites Christa to relax and go get a latte. They cheers their lattes, like five times, and are now BFFs. Lindsey, Crista’s true BFF, is jealous and lashes out at Kat. (She makes fun of her socks. We know, you never make fun of Kat… or she will kill you.)

After a let down of a pool scene. (Could we get more shirtless Jake, please?!?!) This movie redeems itself by doing a shopping montage!!! Kat tries on clothes and Christa makes approving or disapproving faces. Lindsey is still jealous and suspicious. She accuses Kat of acting like a person around a celebrity. (Which is how all my friends act around me, so I don’t see the problem.)

Lesley wont let a sleeping dog lie and goes over to Kat’s house. She finds Kat is an outfit similar to Christa and wearing a top bun? Lindsay is acting like Kat was trying take over Christa’s life and being obsessed with her. (We haven’t seen any of these “similarities” before from Christa so this scene just does not work. Lesley goes to Christa and tells her her concerns, but Christa needs Kat as a client to pay for her wedding. Lindsay goes BACK to Kat’s house and snoops through her yearbook?? I’m not sure what Leslie finds out because Kat hits her with a golf club, multiple times. As Kat is dragging Lindsay’s body to the basement, Kat makes lunch plans with Christa and Jake.

At lunch, Jake is shocked to see Kitty his ex from high school and tells Christa that they need to talk. As Kat is “sexily” swimming in the pool Jake fills Christa in. Kat goes to the “bathroom” but really smells Jake’s clothes and steals some of Christa’s. She overhears the couple talking about her and walks out with a knife, to cut the dessert! (What were you thinking she might do?)

Christa and Kat talk the next day, and it seems tense, but they are pretending to be cool.

Kat shows up at Jake and Christa’s house to get the baking dish she “left” during their lunch. Jake is home alone and Kat comes onto him. He shuts her down and pisses her off. Kat gets so mad that she breaks the dish in the street and then bangs on the steering wheel.  She parks her car outside with a gun and watches Christa and Jake.

Kat then steals Christa’s dress that was at the boutique for alterations. This dress is the most basic slip-on dress, no alterations would be needed for this dress. It is literally a tie on. While Kat is getting dressed, she talks to Jake’s mom on the phone. They are planning an event together and Jake’s mom is a BIG fan of Kat and her money. (She is funding the whole event and providing the venue.) Jake’s mom also doesn’t approve of Christa.

A detective shows up at Kat’s house and asks her about the dress and Alysse (the lady who had a “heart attack”) The detective is on his way out when he sees a red dress on a chair and almost finds Lindsay’s body. The detective leaves and Kat thinks she is in the clear, but she gets a call from Christa who is wondering where Lindsay is.

They meet up at the boutique and Kat pulls a gun on Christa. While being held at gunpoint, Christa talks to Jake and tells him that everything is okay. She also tells him that she loves him so much. (I was hoping she would say some secret code to cue him that she needs him. Disappointing!) Kat does her villain monologue, she is planning on staging a robbery and kill Christa and Lindsay. The girls fight and Christa begs for her life, telling Kat that they are friends. It doesn’t work and Kat shoots Christa in the shoulder.

At the fashion show event, Jake and his mom are waiting for Christa to arrive. The mom is shading the hell out of Christa and Jake tells her to show some respect. We get a few models working the runway. Which I appreciated. Kat shows up at the event in the red dress and gives a speech about how much she loves Jake. Jake realizes that Kat is wearing Christa’s dress and yells at her to stop. His mom stops the show and they go backstage. Kat tell Jake that she loves him and did everything for him. She follows him to the roof of the parking garage. Kat doesn’t understand why he won’t love her. Jake grabs Kat by the arms and Kat flashes back to high school. She runs to her car and pulls a gun on Jake.

Christa shows up, she drove herself to the event, and beat the crap out of Kat and strangles her with some measuring tape. Haha. They call the police, because you know Christa was shot and suddenly remembers.

The wedding happen and  Christa opens her Glam Up Boutique. (Which isn’t ready yet, but they have a poster that says the name.) She misses her friend Lindsey but has the approval of Jake’s stupid mother.

Side Note

Also known as Killer in a Red Dress

Minority Report: Maybe Lindsay?

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knifes)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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