I Almost Married a Serial Killer (2019 Lifetime)

I Almost Married a Serial Killer (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Krista Allen

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

To escape a serial killer, a single mom and her daughter enter witness protection, only to find their lives in greater danger than ever.


Krista Allen is a one of my Lifetime favs and this time she is playing a professor who teaches in a movie theater?Her boyfriend comes to give her a kiss and he leaves his coat, which has a engagement ring inside!!! Krista Allen runs after him and he invites her to dinner, could she almost be married to a serial killer???

Rafael, the boyfriend (and/or maybe serial killer), had to go out of town or something. Krista Allen goes over to his house and hears a crash. She head to the garage and finds a wall of newspaper clippings and photos of girls alive/dead. The serial killer is called the hunter, the last picture on the wall is Krista Allen?!?!? Rafael creeps up behind her with a cake knife and tells her that he needs her to tell him that she loves him. Just as Rafale is about to kill her, Violet her daughter, calls her to check in and they speak a code about cotton candy, (That is their safe word.) Violet calls 911.

Krista Allen gets away and runs into some people on the street to help her to the cops. At the police station the detective tells them that they have caught Rafael. They are going to need Krista Allen to testify to put him away for life. That is what happens and the judge sentenced him to life in prison. In court Rafel looks at Krista Allen and smiles.

Six months later… Violet is turning 16 and hosting a sweet sixteen party. FBI show up to let Krista Allen know that Rafael has escaped from Jail and she will have to be placed in witness protection. Mother and daughter dead to Willowfield, CA. and are reminded by the FBI to not tell ANYONE who they are.

Rafael gets a new face and kills the plastic surgeon who did the surgery.

Krista Allen and Violet practice their new identities before school. Violet forgets her name in her first class, like an idiot. Krista Allen is a teacher at the school? Maybe she is just a helicopter mom? They are from Miami, we keep hearing that. They meet a man named Brian in town who seems really nice and so they share TMI.

I thought Brian was Rafael but we see a clip of him in a motel and then he goes to find out where Krista Allen from her father in the hospital or nursing home? Krista Allen’s friend is the temporary emergency contact and she gets the call that Krista Allen’s dad is in bad shape. The friend goes to the hospital and calls Krista Allen on a FLIP PHONE? Rafael bumps into the friend and steals the phone. He calls Krista Allen and breaths heavily, which, you know, is hot.

Instead of rushing home to see her dying father, Krista Allen and her daughter go ride horses and make friends with the locals. Krista Allen even goes on a date with Brian leaving Violet home alone. After her date Krista Allen comes home and finds a masked intruder in her house. He chases her but luckily Brian comes to her and Violet’s rescue. Since he saved the day, Krista Allen tells Brian everything… which is absolutely not protocall with the FBI.

The FBI get Rafael and it is ALL because of Brian. (He got the licence plate.) Rafael claims that the feds have got the wrong guy and tells them they are making a mistake. He tells them that he is a journalist and he has a terrible British accent! He has been researching the case.

Brian invites them over to his house and he & Krista Allen celebrate by kissing a drinking wine. When Brian goes to get another bottle of wine he passes a wall with NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS. Brian IS Rafael. Krista Allen is falling for Brian though, because she is a dummy.  

Violet is really being a brat because Krista Allen wont let her go camping. She call Brian and he convinces Krista Allen to let Violet go camping he even offers to give her a ride, alone. Brian and Violet listen to come country and drive. As they drive Brian slips and mentions Violet’s back home boyfriends name. She knows something is up but it is too late. Brain/Rafael pulls over and makes Violet get out of the car.

Brian goes back to town and has a romantic dinner with Krista Allen. They drink wine and Brian/Raf confesses his feelings for her. Before she can reciprocate, Krista Allen gets a call from the FBI. They tell her about he doctor and the surgery he did to make Rafael look different. Krista Allen hands up and tells Brian/Raf everything. She gets sick and runs to the bathroom and goes past a bedroom that looks exactly like RAFAEL’S ROOM?!?!

The FBI get a composite sketch of Brian/Raf and know who they are looking for. Krista Allen knows what is going on too but she goes with Brian/Raf and pretends not to know who he is. They drive into the night and Violet and Krista Allen are paying along. They stop for a bathroom break and Violet calls 911 from a pay phone… A PAY PHONE! (Thankfully the pay phone doesn’t work because it is 2019.)

Brain/Raf drugs Violet’s water bottle and puts her in the bed of his “safe home”. Krista Allen isn’t concerned about her daughter and drinks wine with Brian/Raf. (This movie had so much wine that I had to open a bottle.) Brian/Raf proposes and Krista Allen has some deja vu. She know that she can’t say she loves him and accept his proposal because he will kill her.  

Oh wait, I gave Krista Allen too much credit. SHE DIDN’T KNOW and only realized because the engagement ring was the same. Brain/Raf pulls a sharp knife on Krista Allen this time and she begs for her life. He goes his villain monologue while Krista Allen grabs a fire poker and hits him. She runs upstairs and finds her daughter passed out. Brian/Raf if about to get Krista Allen but she grabs some hairspray and distracts him and stabs him to death.

Back at home they finally have Violet’s sweet sixteen party. Krista Allen and a single dad flirt a little bit, but Krista Allen shuts him and says she is focusing on being a parent. Good for her!  

Side Note

Also known as Killer in a Red Dress

Minority Report: Plastic surgeon & Violet’s fake friends.

I hope my plastic surgeon can make me look as young and my face as imobile as Krista Allen’s in this movie. When she does, I promise I won’t kill her after the procedure. .  

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knifes)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Why even make reviews if you won’t even write the whole story? You got the ending COMPLETELY wrong.

      1. No, it’s great! You’re writing these as you watch, right? It’s like an Impressionist painting filled with wine and Botox watching these things. Krista Allen Character is so stupid it’s ah-mah-zing.

  2. I cant find this episode on the podcast and I really want to hear you cover it!!! Which number is it?

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