Killer Body (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Body (2018 Lifetime)

Cast: Sunny MabreyLindsay MaxwellPeter Benson 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Dr. Katie Jones, a successful plastic surgeon, becomes entangled in the web of a narcissist patient whose path to perfection threatens to destroy Katie and her family


A woman in a parking garage walks cautiously. Another woman walks up to her and sprays her in the face with deadly perfume. 

Flash to two months earlier; we meet Dr. Katie, who is a beautiful plastic surgeon. She has it all a successful business, a handsome husband named Chris, and two children. (Children who are much too old to be hers possibly.) Dr. Katie gets a new patient named Liz, who is high maintenance and no stranger to plastic surgery. (Hello, face fillers and breast augmentation.) Liz knows Dr. Katie from med-school. We learn from a flashback that Dr. Katie’s husband was her teacher in med school and favored her over ugly Liz. Liz has essentially made herself look like a plastic version of Katie. 

Chris is now out of surgery due to seizures and hand tremors. He is recovering from a significant incident and looking for a new job. Dr. Katie tells him about Liz, and he says he was only focused on Katie when they were in school. (Which is gross, Chris is the worst.) Dr. Katie is going to go through with the surgery for Liz. 

Three weeks later, Liz is recovering well. She asks Dr. Katie to make her jawline more like Katie’s and then starts to strip down, asking to have breasts the same size. Katie is freaked out and tells Liz that she won’t perform more surgeries on Liz. She calls the referral on Liz’s paperwork, a Dr. Mary. (The woman who is murdered in the parking garage.) 

When Dr. Katie learns about Dr. Mary’s death, she visits her husband, Bruce. He tells her that his face was facing a malpractice lawsuit from a toxic woman named Liz. 

Liz finds a new plastic surgeon who agrees to make Liz look like Dr. Katie. Then Liz finds Jess, Dr. Katie’s daughter, and makes friends with her. Dr. Katie talks to an old doctor friend named Gwen, who says Dr. Liz was and has always been obsessed with her. 

Liz is not only obsessed; she is a killer. She kills Bruce (the same way as his wife.) when he comes over to confront her about Mary. Then she attempts to seduce Chris at a restaurant. At first, he is into it, and then he realizes she is Liz. He tells her to stay away from him and his family. Chris and Dr. Katie file a restraining order. 

Weeks go by, and no work from Liz. That is because she is recovering from a botched surgery. Just because Liz isn’t physically around doesn’t mean that she isn’t messing with Dr. Katie. A malpractice lawsuit is filed, and a harassment video is posted to social media causing Dr. Katie to lose her clients. While watching the video and crying, Dr. Katie notices that Liz recently had surgery. 

At the other doctor’s office, Dr. Katie discovers that she was the subject image for Liz’s most recent surgery. Also, Doctor Robin has a HUGE picture of Mona Lisa in her office, which is a choice. After talking with the medical board, Dr. Katie returns to the office to find Robin dead and foam at the mouth. She cries over the body and notices a poison perfume bottle. Instead of calling the police, Dr. Katie calls Chris and tells him to stay with the kids and keep them safe. When the police do arrive, Dr. Katie is their number one suspect. (Dr. Katie even explains what substance is most likely in the perfume bottle.)

Eventually, Dr. Katie leaves from police custody. Liz is waiting out front and calls Dr. Katie a murder. A murder of the old Liz! Liz admits to wanting to become Dr. Katie and live her perfect life; she asks to borrow it for a while. Then she storms off. 

Dr. Katie sends her family away and hires a private investigator, who I guess isn’t Carlos? He tells her that she will still be charged with malpractice and most likely lose her license. 

While recapping the previous scene to Chris, he mentions that she just needs to cover her ass, and it sparks something in her memory. Dr. Katie rushes to Dr. Robin’s office and finds a recording device in the Mona Lisa painting. The whole murder was recorded. (We see it happen as Dr. Katie and Carlos review the footage.) 

Meanwhile, Liz impersonates Kate in a dark hotel room and seduces Chris while he is half asleep. She smacks him, so he turns on the light and realizes that she isn’t his wife. Liz sprays him with some perfume before he can call the police. Dr. Katie keys into the room and finds her husband on the floor and Liz with a gun. Liz plans to kill them both and take over for Dr. Katie’s perfect life. Dr. Katie points out all her own imperfections/flaws and screams that Liz will never be perfect because it is impossible. Liz is so vain that she looks in the mirror and is distracted long enough for Dr. Katie to wrestle the gun from Liz and stab her. 

Dr. Katie cries and tries to revive Chris as Liz bleeds to death. Later, the family is reunited, and Chris is doing surgery again. Whoopie?   

Side Note

Minority Report: Mary, Bruce, Gwen, Carlos.

The movie was written and directed by men, which explains the strange depiction of an instructor abusing his power as “pure favoritism” and so much victim-blaming in a #MeToo Era. 

Also known as The Wrong Patient 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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  1. Sunny Mabrey, the second most famous alum of the University of Mobile, only behind NFL official Sarah Thomas.
    Anyone remember her playing a lackey for a cult leader portrayed by Howie Mandel in a 2008 episode of Monk? I would have loved to see Natalie (Traylor Howard) whack Sunny’s character in that episode.

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