Killer Competition (2020 Lifetime)

Killer Competition (2020 Lifetime)

Cast:  Jacqueline ScislowskiCristine ProsperiPhilip McElroyGina Hiraizumi

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

By her friend Sarah’s suggestion, high school senior Nicole manipulates test scores to be the valedictorian but becomes the prime suspect for a series of top-ranked students’ murders.


High school students Nicole and Sarah are almost hit by a car. 

Flash to ten-day earlier. The girls are overwhelmed by essays and school work. Nicole, a valedictorian, wants to get into Westbridge, which is a very competitive school. Victor applies too and gets in for early admission, stealing Nicole’s spot. Sarah and Nicole decide to sabotage Victor’s midterm by swapping out his test scores. 

After some light plotting, Sarah and Nicole put on black hoodies, hack the system with a power surge, and swap Victor’s test while bring chased by a bumbling security guard. The girls laugh when it is all done. It was all too easy! The next day Victor is understandably pissed about his test scoring so low. He smashes things, and I’m kind of into it? Victor is so mad but also so dreamy. 

Nicole wants to come clean about messing with the test, but as she is about to come clean… Victor is found dead of an apparent suicide. Nicole is the new valedictorian since Victor is dead. She is called to the principal’s office and interviewed by Detective Ramirez. Nicole tells her parents about what is going on and then makes a confessional video that will look REALLY bad out of context.  

Sarah tells Nicole about a handwriting website used to forge Victor’s test. (And probably also generated the suicide note… just saying! Sarah is like Britney Spears. She is not that innocent. ) 

We are back at the car incident. Someone is trying to run over the girls and follow them around town. Nicole warns the other smarty pants in the school. Ryan doesn’t care and tells her to watch her back. He should watch his own back because he is hit by a car next. 

Nicole is rightfully spooked and even more of a suspect in the Detective’s eyes. He tries to search her locker and ask more questions. Nicole declines, so; Detective Ramirez brings Nicole down to the station for official questioning. He has video footage of Nicole and Sarah fleeing the school. Nicole comes clean about the test and the website. Nicole’s parents intervene and lawyer up. 

With no one else doing their job, Nicole does her own investigation. She finds similarities in his and Victor’s handwriting and is convinced it is Mr. Sheppard. Then she gets a text from Sarah’s phone of a hostage photo of Sarah. Nicole rushes to save her friend from danger. When she arrives, Nicole finds Jenna tied up, NOT Sarah. 

Sarah shows up with a hammer and statement lip. She has been hooking up with the English teacher and feels entitled to more. They frame Nicole for murder, and as she goes into her villain monologue, sirens are heard in the background. Police arrest Sarah and the teacher.

Nicole saves Jenna from dying. Jenna goes on to be valedictorian, and like a true teenager, Nicole doesn’t even want to go to Westbridge anymore. Three months later, Nicole starts at college and says goodbye to her parents while Sarah spends her days in jail.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sarah, Principal, Detective, Ryan, Mr. Sheppard, Zach,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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