Holly & Ivy (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Get the tissues ready!

Holly & Ivy (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Cast: Janel ParrishSadie ColemanJeremy JordanMarisol Nichols,

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Melody’s neighbor, Nina, learns that her illness has returned, Melody promises to keep Nina’s kids, Holly & Ivy, together. To adopt the children, she must renovate her new fixer-upper, which she does with the contractor, Adam.


Melody is a librarian who moves into a new fixer-upper and meets her neighbors. Single mother Nina and her daughters Holly and Ivy. She has trouble finding a job and offers to start a children’s free program at the local library. Then she visits the hardware store and meets a hunk named Adam. (He laughs at her for buying the dilapidated house.) 

Nina unloads a Christmas tree by herself and almost passes out. Melody helps her and talks to the children about books. She even gives a book to the older daughter Holly. Nina and Melody bond and talk about the important stuff in life. They are becoming fast friends. Too bad, Nina keeps almost passing out from exhaustion. Melody offers to help watch the kids since she has so much free time. 

Melody takes the girls shopping and runs into Adam at the hardware store again. She gives him her number and takes the girls home to trim the tree. Nina serves up brownies and dances with her daughters. It tires her. Nina shares with Melody that she has had cancer in the past, but it is in remission. She is nervous about going to the doctor. Holly overhears the conversation. Melody sees Holly is worried and tries to comfort her. 

Adam offers to help Melody with the renovations and takes her for hot cocoa. (She is sad she didn’t order a large, and he switches with her. Awww!) He even offers to build her furniture because it is his dream. Melody loves dreams and tells him to follow his heart. 

Nina’s lymphoma is back. Melody talks about growing up in foster care, and she doesn’t want to see Holly and Ivy go through what she had to. Melody impulsively offers to take care of the kids should anything happen to Nina. Nina is hesitant at first but realizes it would be what is best for her children. Nina has no family who could take the children. The social worker has other plans, and it isn’t straightforward. The house is in disarray doesn’t make Melody look like a fit candidate for child care.  

Both Adam and Melody realize that they might have to put their dreams on hold because of life. Melody makes renovations herself and is a strong independent woman. Time is running short, though, and she is still trying to find a job. Instead of asking Adam for help, they go sledding??

Nina gifts Melody a Christmas Elf decoration; Melody would receive them from families as a child. Nina’s present shows that she thinks of Melody as family. It is sweet. What is sweeter is Adam rounding up his friends to reno the house. The gesture touches Melody, and she insists on helping still. Adam builds a book nook, and his parents gift her a bookmobile.

One year later, Nina has passed, and Melody adopts Holly and Ivy. They live in the beautiful home together with Adam. Who proposes and then they kiss while dancing around the tree.

Side Note

Minority Report: Melody, Library family, Interviewer, Judge 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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