Galentine’s Day Nightmare (2021 Lifetime)

Galentine’s Day Nightmare (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Camille StoppsAnthony GrantTina Jung

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

It’s the day before Valentine’s, a time for all the single girls to celebrate being single. Though her career is on the upswing and she’s landed her dream job, Claire (Camille Stopps) can’t say the same for her personal life and decides a night on the town with her girlfriends is what she needs. When she meets Brian (Anthony Grant), she thinks she may have found the one, but soon realizes that Brian is married to her boss. Now in a terrible predicament, Claire’s nightmare is only beginning when her boss is murdered, and she becomes the prime suspect. (2021)


The movie starts at a funeral. A hunky man named Brian is eulogizing his wife Lisa, who “committed suicide” while Madison (the daughter) watches angrily. Flash to two years later.

Claire and her girlfriends (Tiffany and Sophia) head out for a girl’s night out for Galentine’s Day. Brian introduces himself to the table of women and buys them some shots. After a drinking montage, Brian approaches the table while Claire is alone. He takes her up to the roof to enjoy the view… or push her off? They talk about where they run and their jobs. Brians opens up about his wife’s recent death. Then they kiss at midnight for Valentine’s Day. Claire’s friends ditch her, and she gets a ride home from Brian. (I know he is hot, but stranger danger, gurl!) She invites him in, and they have sexy time. After Claire falls asleep, he hacks into her phone and steals her credit card numbers. 

The next morning, Claire wakes up to a love note from Brian. (He just happens to have a Hallmark card and Valentine’s day chocolates with him. Sure.) She gushes to her friends at work. (A office with mannequins in it. Sooooo maybe Fashion merchandising?) When Claire leaves for a lunch date with her boss, Margaret. She runs into Brian, who is married to HER BOSS!!!

Claire tells Tiffany about her predicament and then does some online research on Brian. Little does she know he is using spyware on her computer and stalking her. Brian shows up at Claire’s house and wants to explain himself. He tells Claire that he rushed into a relationship with Margaret too soon after his first wife (that we know of) died. He wants Claire to give him a chance. Claire asks for time to think. (But she uses the time to gossip more with Tiffany and her mother.)

Claire has a flashback to that time she pushed her boyfriend into oncoming traffic by accident. Random detail sooooo, moving on!

Brian runs into Claire in a secluded park that she likes to run through on her lunch break. He kisses her and tells her that he has feelings for her. When Claire shows up at his restaurant, he creates a huge scene and screams at her for stalking him. Brian goes to the backroom, tampers with the timestamp on the surveillance footage, and then kills Margaret in a stairwell. (His own damn wife. That is cold. Brian’s only redeeming quality is he is hot AF.)

When Claire learns of her boss’s death, she opens up to her mom, Anna, about everything. Brian eavesdrops via Claire’s laptop. He overhears that Claire is meeting Tiffany at a coffee shop and goes there to set up another “Claire is stalking me” moment. Brian creates another huge scene. Tiffany suggests that Claire go back on her medication.

Police detectives interview everyone in the workplace. Claire has more flashbacks when the police didn’t believe she accidentally pushed her boyfriend in front of a moving vehicle. 

When the murder weapon turns up (It is a letter opener!), the police reinterview Brian. He tells them about Claire stalking him. Claire’s prints are on the weapon, and she has a criminal record. (Charges from the accidental manslaughter of her boyfriend.) Then they find a tracker on Brian’s car and suspect Claire. 

Claire and Anna lawyer up. The lawyer is Sophia. She tells her the incriminating evidence against her in a potential trial. Claire freaks out while her mom tries to manage her daughter’s PTSD. They start looking into Brian’s past and find Madison. (Lisa’s daughter.) 

Madison lives in a beautiful house and is hesitant to talk to Claire. When Claire clarifies that Brian is framing her for murder, Madison invites her inside. (Haha, that is when I slam the door in her face.) As they are talking, Brian breaks into the house. The women barricade themselves in an upstairs room. A horse statue falls and hits Madison in the head. Claire calls the police and makes a run for it to her estranged dad’s home to hideout. (Not wanting to be found by the police.)

Claire and her father make amends. He tells her he is sober and hasn’t slept with a woman in months. (TMI, Dad.) The dad realizes that her laptop is bugged and installs anti-virus software. It is too late because Brian has found Claire and puts in a call to the cops to turn her in. When the cops bang on the door in the middle of the night, the dad speeds off in Claire’s car as she sneaks out the back entrance and gets away.

Dressed in a black baseball cap and oversized jacket, Claire shows up at Tiffany’s house. Tiffany is super calm about the whole thing and tells Claire to turn herself in. I’m starting to think she is involved. 

Tiffany takes Claire to the park, and they look for a park ranger who saw Brian and Claire together. He promises to talk to the police on her behalf, but Brian murders him with a rock. RIP park ranger.

Claire starts to suspect Tiffany and calls her friend Sophia to look into her. Sophia finds out that Tiffany has lied about many things, and Sophia helps Claire get evidence to prove Tiffany is involved. Claire goes back to Tiffany’s house and lures Brian there. He sneaks into the back door and grabs a pillow shoots through it at what he thinks is a sleeping Claire. The police burst in and arrest Brain for murdering his wife. Tiffany is arrested too, she targeted Claire and was working with Brian the whole time. (WTF!)

The police apologize to Claire for the misunderstanding. Claire and her mother celebrate with Sophia with a bottle of champagne. Claire’s dad even shows up with pizza. Everyone is happy.

Side Note

Minority Report: Brian, Tiffany, Sophia, Scott, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

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