Deadly Dating Game (2021 Lifetime)

Deadly Dating Game (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Jillian MurrayBritt AllenTriana BrowneIyan Evans

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A radio DJ begins questioning her ex’s intentions when he suddenly re-enters her life just as a mysterious stalker begins targeting her at her radio show.


First daters enjoy a picnic date in a park. As they are pouring wine, someone watches from the bushes. Gavin still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend and ends the date early, leaving the woman to be murdered (Or pushed down) in the woods by someone she recognizes. 

Shannon hosts a radio show and asks her listeners to help find her love. Her producers Haylee and Franklyn are excited about the rating and dates that are going to come in. On air, Shannon lays down some ground rules. The daters must be the same age as her and not a musician. The dates, unsurprisingly, aren’t going well. Shannon calls it quits, but her listeners won’t let her give up. 

Outside of the studio, a creepy man with cupcakes accosts her and grabs her arm. Shannon is spooked. Haylee reassures Shannon to keep dating and sends her on a date with Ian, who is a doctor. (We know this because he arrives on the date wearing scrubs.) Ian steps away to take a call, and Gavin stops by Shannon’s table. He is still in love with her.

Gavin calls into the radio station and asks for a second chance. She turns him down on air. 

On her second date with Ian, Shannon argues that a hot dog is a sandwich. Then Ian asks about Gavin calling in, because he listens to the radio show. Shannon apologizes and tells Ian that she likes. Ian invites her to a concert, and someone in a hoodie with a rock murders Ian in an alley. 

Shannon waits for Ian at the concert venue and gets a call from Ian. Only it isn’t Ian; it is a detective telling her that he was found dead in an apparent carjacking.

The next day the radio show gets a call from the killer who admits to killing Ian. A lady detective takes statements from the radio staff and tells Shannon to change her routine. That doesn’t work because the stalker leaves a ransom-style note with Ian’s tie in an envelope outside Shannon’s house. 

The good news is the radio ratings are through the roof, and Haylee thinks they are running for a radio award. She also is quick to tell Gavin that she is his friend when Haylee and Shannon run into him again. Shannon goes to her car, and someone has written: “Beware.” on her windshield. Shannon is more committed to the radio show more than ever. A stalker/murderer will not bully her. 

Shannon has a stalking expert on the show, and the expert warns Shannon to take this seriously. Shannon puts a safety plan together with Haylee,. It goes into action when someone breaks into Shannon’s house and goes through her things. 

Franklyn, Shannon’s boss, gives her a taser which creeps Shannon out. Haylee offers to lock the taser in the workplace safe for safekeeping.

At the party, everyone is a suspect, and Shannon spends a long time in the bathroom kicking open bathroom stall doors. Then Shannon accuses Gavin of killing Ian, an accusation that hurts his feelings. Shannon decides to leave to the party early and head back to the station to be with Haylee. At the station, Shannon finds her friend passed out on the floor, shocked by the soundboard. Gavin takes Shannon home inexplicably. Then they dance slowly in the living room after hearing a loud noise outside. 

The next morning, Haylee calls and tells Shannon that the police found her stalker. The cupcake freak was lurking around the studio and had a shrine to Shannon in his house. Shannon is relieved. 

Things start turning around for Shannon. She wins radio personality of the year. She celebrates with wine and dinner with Gavin. Shannon calls Franklyn to thank him for the wine, and he says he didn’t send it. Gavin passes out from drinking the wine, which was poisoned. 

Shannon rushed to the office with her pepper spray. She finds Franklyn poisoned too. Haylee joyously admits to killing everyone so she could be with Gavin. Shannon tackles Haylee and takes her out with the taser, well not really. The police show up and take Haylee to jail where she does her morning show alone in her cell.

Side Note

Minority Report: Franklyn, Gavin, Evelyn, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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