Waking Up to Danger (2021 Lifetime)

Waking Up To Danger (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Donna Benedicto, Erin Boyes, Hamza Fouad

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A young mother attempts to pick up the pieces after a horrible accident damages her memory, but she soon begins to suspect that her husband’s indiscretions are what caused her suffering and her whole family might still be in danger. Donna Benedicto, Erin Kathleen Boyes, Hamza Fouad star. (2021)


The movie starts with a beautiful woman having WILD nightmares. Cut to the same woman, Arianna, rushing out of her house with her daughter, Izzy. (While looking fab in a suit, I might add.) Arianna doesn’t have time for Rich, her husband, who presses her to have a date night soon. It seems like they are having marital problems. 

Arianna stops by a home she has listed and distractedly talks to her mother on the phone. Arianna doesn’t have time for her either and focuses on her work. A person dressed in black boots tampers with the breaks of Arianna’s car, causing her to have an accident. (The crash here is sooo fake. Donna Benedicto basically whips her hair back and forth as someone throws ice cubes in front of the car.)

In the hospital, Arianna wakes up with Rich by her side. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember him or anything for that matter. (Except for her best friend, Jordan.) Arianna has been in a medically induced coma for three months and will have to go to a rehab facility. Jordan has been helping Rich take care of Izzy and with household duties. (Which raises some red flags for me!!!!)

Jordan and Rich have definitely been hooking up. Arianna had found out that they were having an affair, and that was what was causing tension. Jordan has no remorse and tries to sleep with Rich even though Arianna is awake. Rich declines her advances, which pisses off the BFF… who happens to have a pair of black books and a shrine to Rich. (So that is bad.)

Arianna is released from the hospital with no memory, but at least she gets crutches! Jordan is her first overly supportive visitor. Later, she texts Rich flirty messages, and Arianna starts to become suspicious of their relationship. She can’t understand why Rich is so rude to Jordan. Rich calls Jordan and tells her that it is over. 

Rich takes Arianna driving, which seems like a bad idea, he wants to take her mind off her recovery and keep his wife away from Jordan. On the drive, they stop by the crash site, which is weird. Then they go to their spot by a mountain. Arianna is happy to remember the good times, mainly because she continues to have nightmares. 

Jordan and Rich have a heated argument in the kitchen before dinner. Arianna overhears the conversation. Then Jordan tucks Izzy into bed and is creepy AF.

The memories come rushing back to Arianna just as she regains her mobility until she injures herself doing Laundry. Jordan screams at her BFF and critiques her parenting. As Jordan screams, her memory flashes to an argument she had with Jordan before the accident. Arianna had found text messages between her husband and BFF and confronted them both.  

Arianna looks on an iPad and sees that the search filters are set. She sees hidden reports that her accident was investigated by the police and ruled foul play. Rich was a suspect. Arianna calls her mother and shares her concerns; she asks for Jordan to be removed from taking care of Izzy. Lucy offers to stay over and help. (Or course, Jordan overhears the conversation and drugs lucy with some “detox water.”

As June CHUGS her drink in the car, the windy roads become harder to navigate. She becomes drowsy and crashes into some garbage cans. June is taken to the hospital and heavily sedated. It could have been WAY worse! 

Jordan starts freaking out after her plan to take June out failed, and Arianna takes back her mothering duties. She takes a gun out from under her bed. She cries on the couch and waits for Arianna to come home. Jordan spins Rich into being the bad guy and accuses him of cutting the breaks that caused the accident. IT WORKS?!?! Jordan gives Arianna some pills and tells her to pack. They will run away together with Izzy to “get away from Rich.”

Once Arianna goes down, Jordan kicks her and screams about wanting a happy family. Jordan tells Arianna is underserving of her family as she sets a grease fire. (DANGEROUS!) Then she kicks her some more before leaving. Jordan picks up Izzy from school and drives to a remote location. She calls Rich to meet her there.

Rich sees his house burning and is mildly concerned. Then Jordan pulls out a gun, and he becomes slightly more concerned for his daughter well being. Rich tells Izzy to run, and then he is shot twice in the chest by Jordan. IS HE DEAD?!?!

Izzy runs through the field and is chased by Jordan, who has lame voice-over inserts. Arianna isn’t having that and limps to rescue her daughter. The women punch each other in the face and wrestle over the gun. Jordan is about to kill Arianna but is stopped by a police officer. 

Jordan sits in prison, where she laughs cries. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ariana, Rich Izzy, Ariana’s mother Lucy, Doctor, Natalie, Reporter, 

Great Lifetime debut by Donna Benedicto, now get this woman a Lifetime Christmas movie franchise; she would be perfect. 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: (0 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine)

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  1. I don’t know if you intentionally put all of them in the Minority Report, but that cracked me up. You were Not having this movie!

  2. I just wondered why Arianna didn’t just go out the door once she woke up to the fire, which had not yet spread from the pots it originated. Or, if she had to escape from the bathroom window, why didn’t she just open the window, rather than use her crutch to smash the glass??

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