The Wrong Cheer Captain (2021 Lifetime)

This photo is not from this movie, I just love it.

The Wrong Cheer Captain (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Jackée Harry, Alexis Samone, Chelsea Gilson, Meredith Thomas

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A young cheerleader, Kate, suspects the newly made Cheer Captain, Anna, had something to do with the mysterious death of Emma, who was her main competition. Now Kate becomes the center of attention for Anna who proceeds to sabotage her life. Vivica A. Fox, Alexis Samone, Sofia Masson, Jack e Harry, Noah Fearnley, Chelsea Gilson, Marc Hermann, Claire Tablizo, Shellie Sterling, Alli Albrecht, Alexa Anderson, Tyler Price, Meredith Thomas star. (2021)


Ms. Vivica is back with another Wrong movie. This time it focuses on her daughter, Kate, and her cheerleading aspirations to become cheer captain. 

Kate is up for captain, but her friend Emma thinks that Anna (a new girl) has Coach Johnson’s eye. Emma eventually gets the spot over everyone so they are both wrong.

Kate spends a lot of time cooking Chicken Teriyaki and shrimp Ceaser salad for her busy working mother, Ms. Vivica A Fox. (Who looks fabulous.) 

Anna is new in school and has a troubled past, and Jackée Harry (who is the principal) lays down the law with her. So does her hot teacher, Mr. Olsen. Anna is already causing trouble. She complains to the Coach Johnson that she was overlooked for the position and the coach admits that Anna is a better cheerleader than Emma, but Emma has put in the time with the team. 

At a pool party, Anna and Emma have a heated discussion about being co-captains. Shane, Emma’s shamelessly shirtless boyfriend, intervenes. Later he finds Emma unconscious in the house and freaks out. (Think screaming with your hands at your face, like Kevin from Home Alone.) Oh, damn, she is not in a coma; Emma is DEAD.

Miss Vivica isn’t one to pass up a chance for a lecture and warns her daughter about the dangers of alcohol and partying. Kate doesn’t take it well and just wants a hug. (Awww, don’t we all!) Shane is questioned by the police and suspected of drugging Emma with honey.

Anna continues her BD and breaks into Mr. Olson’s home and downloads some files from his computer. While she is there, she watches him strip down and shower. (I mean, who wouldn’t, the man is my favorite Lifetime Hunk appearance-wise.) 

Mr. Olson is taken in by the police when photos of cheerleaders from the pool party are found on his computer. Anna planted them, of course. (She is getting revenge because he took her vape on campus.) Coach Johnson is upset by the news and talks to Jackée Harry about a guy feeling that something isn’t right.

Kate also thinks something of off because Anna has no social media presence. What is also strange is Kate is working a little too closely with Shane. He is her dead best friend’s boyfriend, and they causally are talking IN BED? They devise a plan for Shane to get close to Anna so they can get intel on her. He works out shirtless around Anna, and it works! Anna opens up about a rough childhood. Shane thinks Anna is strange, but he doesn’t think she is a murderer. He trusts her so much that he goes up to Anna’s bedroom and gets cold feet. He literally runs away from her, and that isn’t what you should do to a girl with self-esteem issues. 

At Anna’s old school, Kate and Shane question some students. They learn about a girl who died from an apparent suicide. Anna is onto Kate and breaks into her home while she is sleeping. Not sure what her end game there was, but she gets away. The detective doesn’t take Kate seriously when she accuses Anna of the break-in. 

Kate and Shane then talk to the mother of the friend who committed suicide, Mrs. Jacobs. (Meredith Thomas’s ninth wrong series appearance.) She tells them that Anna was under a lot of pressure from her abusive parents. Mrs. Jacobs’s daughter died from an overdose on the same honey substance as Emma.

Kate picks a fight about Anna at practice and accuses her of killing Emma. She lays everything out on the table in front of Coach, who tells Kate she might need some consulting because she is acting irrationally.

Mr. Olson also tries to warn Coach about Anna. She believes him because he is so hot. Coach goes through Anna’s backpack and finds the drugs that killed Emma and the girl from the other school. Anna catches the Coach and takes her out with a bat, and knocks out the Coach.

Kate walks into the scene, and they struggle over a syringe. Kate stabs Anna, who slowly stumbles away as Kate helps Coach up.

Two weeks later, the detective stops by Kate and Ms. Vivica A Fox’s home to fill in some plot holes. Anna is in a mental hospital and claims to not remember anything, but that is a lie. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ms. Vivica A Fox, 

Jackée Harry, Kate, Anna, Detective, 

Not the best wrong movie. Kind of a been there done that for me. 

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