Rebuilding a Dream Christmas (2021 Lifetime)

Rebuilding a Dream Christmas (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Meggan Kaiser, Zane Stephens, Bryson JonSteele

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Successful real estate broker Abbey (Kaiser) is forced back to her hometown to repair a Victorian house she inherited from her grandmother. She decides to sell the house and hires single dad Josh (Stephens) to help with the repairs. Working together brings up memories from her past and as her relationship with Josh and his 8-year-old son, Noah (JonSteele), grows, Abbey finds her calling and makes a home for herself. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Kids Ellen and Abby love Christmas. They meet a Santa who makes Abbey feel special because her parents are dead.

Abbey now lives in Chicago and works as a broker. It is really dull, but she is up for a promotion or something and has to work the weekend/has no family, no friends, no boyfriend, no life. 

A house in her hometown that she inherited had a tree fall on it during a storm, and she needed to make repairs. Since the house is historical, she has to get approval from the city council… in person. So off to Weston, she goes.  

Abbey stops in the local coffee and talks with Joy about the Christmas fair. Abbey’s grandmother used to make ornaments and was a staple at the event before she passed away. Then she sees her friend Ellen has purchased her dream Christmas Store. Ellen asks for help with the contract in exchange for a handyman’s number. Ellen calls her brother Josh, who isn’t excited to help.

Josh heads to Abbey’s house and sees the window, and tells her that she needs to fix the roof. The search for old blueprints in the attic. 

Josh has a son named Noah (Who wishes for a mom for Christmas.) Noah might get his wish because Josh is aggressively pursued by Karen. (The head of the town council and a real pill.) 

Abbey has dinner a Josh and Ellen’s mother’s house. The mom REALLY wants Abbey and Josh to date. She spends the night at their house and forgets to charge her phone, missing a work meeting. Abbey has to stay in town longer and works remotely, hoping her boss won’t notice. 

She spends less time working and more time baking with Joah and Noah. Also, she makes Christmas ornaments like her grandma used to do, this time for Ellen’s new store window display.

Abbey oversleeps again and messes up at work. She gets into a car accident and is stuck in town even longer. Her boss, Mark, is not happy and takes her off the big account, and the promotion seems out of reach at this point. 

Karen finds out that Abbey is selling her grandmother’s house and comes to check it out. She asks for paperwork for Ellen’s window display and then denies it on a technicality, and she gives Karen the permit to fix the window, so she can get out of town and stop hanging out with Josh. Then Karen sets up a play date with Noah and Josh. Abbey sees them together and thinks Josh has moved on.

Abbey tells Ellen that she plans to head back to Chicago, and Ellen encourages her friend to talk to Josh and see what is going on. (Like a normal person!) Abbey heads back to Chicago but stops mid-trip and heads back.

Abbey finds Josh in the town square outside of Ellen’s store. Josh tells Abbey that he wants her to stay. Abbey does, too, and will help bring the local business to town. She runs into Santa again, and he “ho ho hos.”

Ellen wins the window display, and it is the first thing I cared about this whole movie. Go, Ellen! 

Josh and Abbey kiss while Noah screams about Rudolph. What. The. Hell. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Ellen, Mark, 

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