Fit to Kill (2022 Lifetime)


Fit to Kill (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Maeve Quinlan, Revell Carpenter, Sarah Voigt

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Landing a dream job has deadly consequences in this shocking thriller. A young woman who dreams of working in the fashion industry jumps at the chance to work for a celebrity model turned fashion designer. But after a series of extreme outbursts and bizarre events, she begins to question whether her job is worth it after all. Revell Carpenter, Sarah Voigt, and Maeve Quinlan star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a disheveled-haired girl running around a warehouse with many creepy mannequins. Someone in a black trenchcoat followers her and stabs the girl to death with fabric scissors. (Which is NOT cool, fabric scissors are for fabric only!)

Cut to Sadie, who is struggling to get a job in fashion. (We can tell this because she has a wide-brimmed hat and a blue streak in her hair.) Sadie moves in with her mom to help make ends meet while on the job hunt. Sadie quickly gets an interview at Fabulique. (A high-end fashion house in a LA high rise.) 

Claudia Morrow is a former model who now runs the company and has an asymmetrical haircut and oversized red pantsuit. She interviews Sadie for the position of her assistant and is trying to pull off her best Miranda Presley. Sadie nails the interview, and Claudia even says she reminds her of her daughter. 

Sadie’s mother, Lynn, is proud of her daughter but is worried about the NDA contract. She should be worried about Sadie’s phone skills because the girl can barely handle taking incoming calls. Speaking of calls, Sadie gets a heavy breathing call at work and emails that tell her she “won’t’ last long.” She also almost gets run over by her boss, who speeds through the parking garage. It isn’t the best first day. 

On her second day at work, Claudia freaks out over a magazine article and verbally abuses Sadie. It is wayyyyy out of line. Sadie goes home and drafts up her resignation letter; her mother tells her to give a two-week notice and keep things professional. 

The next day at work, Claudia apologizes for her behavior and offers to pay off Sadie’s student loan debt. Sadie accepts the apology and the money. (She also throws away that resignation letter.) 

After getting a makeover (WITHOUT A MAKEOVER MONTAGE?!?!), a woman confronts Saide outside of a hair salon and warns her that Claudia is dangerous. The woman always says that the assistant before Sadie, Lexi McCay, is missing. Sadie doesn’t heed the warning and accepts a sleepover invitation after her car is damaged in the parking lot. 

Claudia tells Sadie to sleep in her dead daughter’s room, which has been untouched since her passing. As Sadie sleeps, Claudia watches her via nanny cam. (Ummmm, yikes!) the following day she gives Sadie her dead daughter’s clothing to wear to work oh and her dead daughter’s car. Claudia also asks Saide to housesit for her while she is out of town. 

Lynn is concerned about all not strings attached gifts. She is also worried that Sadie likes Claudia more than her now. 

Sadie gets nervous when the alarm goes off and calls her ex-boyfriend Vince to stay the night with her at Claudia’s house. They end up hooking up and eating Chinese in their underwear. Claudia comes home early and catches them together; she isn’t upset and actually seems to ogle Vince’s body! (You go, Claudia!)

While picking up dresses from the Wearhouse, Sadie is confronted by the woman again. She is also a former assistant and tells Sadie she is part of Claudia’s pattern with her assistants. A pattern of turning them into her dead daughter’s replacement. 

After getting arrested for driving a “stolen car,” Sadie realizes that the former assistant is correct and looks into Claudia’s past. Sadie starts to piece things together and suspects that Claudia may have killed her daughter and paid the police off to rule it as a suicide. 

Claudia calls off work and asks Sadie to come to her home with her files. Sadie finds Claudia drunk and emotionally unstable. Claudia tells Sadie about her daughter being mentally unstable, having inherited her mental illness. The next day Claudia acts as if nothing happened. 

Sadie housesits again for her boss and invites Vince over. He gets upset when a bottle of roofied wine is delivered with a pair of panties and a note, “Thanks for last night.” Alone and depressed that her ex-boyfriend is over, Sadie drowns her sorrows with the wine. When she wakes up and heads to work, she notices blood on the backup camera. 

Detectives are waiting for her at work because another assistant has gone missing. (She was run over with Sadie’s car.) Sadie tells the detectives about running into Elana at the warehouse and salon. When the detective leaves, Sadie accuses Claudia of killing her daughter and quits.

Sadie gets a text from Elana to meet her at the warehouse. She is there, but she is dead. Someone knocks out Sadie, but isn’t Claudia!

Claudia stays late at work reviewing the security footage and sees someone in an asymmetrical wig breaking into the house. Lynn interrupts and demands to know where her daughter is. That’s when Claudia randomly mentions that HER DEAD DAUGHTERS BODY WAS NEVER FOUND.

Sadie wakes up to Rebecca, Claudia’s daughter, tying her up. Rebecca accuses Sadie of trying to replace her and ruining her plan of hurting her mother. Sadie is a smartie, using the voice command feature on her phone to “Call Claudia. ” 

Claudia and Lynn show up and stop Rebecca from killing Sadie. Rebecca calls her mother selfish and headbutts her. She searches the Wearhouse for Sadie, but Claudia stops Rebecca and hands her daughter to the police. Rebecca thinks she is famous as the police drag her away. (I guess she was fame-obsessed or something.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Julius, Detective, 

Also Known as: A Job to Die For 

Lesson learned. Never take Lifetime’s word when someone is “dead.” 

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know whether to watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine.)

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  1. Shout-out to Daniel West (the writer). This can’t really be accused of following the standard Lifetime movie playbook.

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