Stolen in Her Sleep (2022 Lifetime)


Stolen in Her Sleep (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Morgan Bradley, Alicia Leigh Willis, Jason Cook, Conner Floyd, Meredith Thomas

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

New mom Hallie is devoted to baby Ava, who had a heart transplant when she was born; but motherhood is exhausting and her mother-in-law is overbearing, so Hallie is thrilled when she makes a new friend in Megan. Hallie’s life takes a sinister turn as danger seems to follow her every move, and she starts to question whether someone is out to kill her and take her child–or if it’s just her mind playing tricks. Alicia Leigh Willis, Morgan Bradley, Conner Floyd, and Meredith Thomas star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in a hospital where a hooded figure messes with pediatric transplant records. The figure is almost caught but takes the doctor out with a computer keyboard.

Cut to Hallie, artist and new mother, singing a lullaby to her sleeping baby. (She has a good voice! Her painting, however, leaves a lot to be desired. THE GIRL PAINTS A MOUNTAIN RED!!) Her loving husband, James, has a country accent and messy hair. James wants attention because Hallie is constantly worried about the baby.

Speaking of the baby. Baby Ava, recently had a lung transplant. It was a very stressful event for James and Hailie. Hallie was put on anti-anxiety medication, but that doesn’t stop her from carrying the baby monitor around everywhere she goes. 

James’s estranged mother, Lynn, comes back into the family’s life after years of absence. She shares memories of James as a child and is instantly subtly critical of Hallie and the fact that she has a housekeeper. Things get worst when James learns he has to leave town and asks his mother to help out while he is away.

Haille leaves the house to give the mother and son some alone time and to cool off. She forgets her wallet and is embarrassed when she can’t pay her bill at a cafe. A woman named Megan offers to cover her coffee, and they get to chatting. Megan is in art PR and is familiar with Haille’s artwork. They become fast friends. 

With James away from work, Haille and Lynn struggle to communicate. Haille thinks her baby has been kidnapped, but Lynn just took the baby for feeding. When Haille tries to set boundaries, Lynn shows up unannounced and tries to fire the housekeeper. 

Mary, the housekeeper, takes the baby for a walk while Haille meets with Megan to show her what she is working on. Megan seems more interested in the nursey. While Mary is distracted, someone sneaks by drugs Mary’s water. She drinks the water, chokes, and dies on the scene of an apparent overdose. Leaving Ava unattended. 

Lynn uses the incident as an opportunity to shame Haille for being a terrible/neglectful mother. The confrontation is nasty, and Megan takes Haille and Ava home. The stress of everything is not good for Haille’s sleep, and she is becoming more anxious by the day. She starts missing days of her medication and losing her baby everywhere she goes. 

The back door is left ajar at night, and Haille finds some vandalized paintings. She checks on Ava and rocks her to sleep; little do they know that a nanny cam has been implanted in a teddy bear, and someone is watching them. 

Lynn shows up for storytime and gives Haille time to show her work at a gallery. They agree to take Hailee on, but she needs to update her portfolio, which means no sleep for Hailee. She starts seeing someone following her and grows increasingly paranoid about Lynn. 

Hailee is locked in the garage and frantic when the baby starts crying. She is convinced that someone is trying to steal her baby. It is James back early from his work trip, and he is seriously concerned. Hailee tries to explain that Lynn is messing with her, but James doesn’t see why his mother would do that. 

While Hailee meets with Megan to talk about watercolor, James is run off the road while jogging. The accident puts him in a coma. Hailee rushes to be by her husband’s side and leaves Ava with Megan.

At the hospital, Lynn and Megan have a heart-to-heart, and it is a nice scene. Hailee realizes Lynn isn’t out to get her.

Haille returns home, and Megan has just put the baby down, made dinner, and offers to help refill Hailee’s medication. The next morning, Hailee finds laundry thrown all over the house and her baby crying in a laundry basket downstairs. The vandalized painting is back too, and Hailee is sure someone has broken into the house. She even sees the man who has been following her in the backyard.

Megan comes over to check on her friend and can’t find any evidence of forced entry and convinces Hailee to self commit herself to e mental crisis center. On the way, they stop at Megan’s house. Haille hears an altercation inside and runs inside to see what is going on. 

Haille finds the surveillance cameras and a nursery set up in the house. She also sees the man who has been following her unconscious on the floor. Megan tries to explain and runs to call 911. The man wakes up and tells Haille that he is Megan’s husband. They are the donor family. 

Megan cries to Haille and says that it is all unfair. Haille tries to reason with Megan, but that doesn’t work, and they fight in the driveway. Megan almost strangles Haille to death, but her husband stops her and tells her that their baby is gone. 

Megan wasn’t in art PR; she is a psychiatrist and was manipulating everything to make Haille feels like she was losing it. It was a calculated attempt to get Haille committed. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Waitress, Police officers, Art Gallery Owner, 

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