Love Triangle Nightmare (2022 Lifetime)

Love Triangle Nightmare (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Glenda Braganza, Jeff Teravainen, Tomas Chovanec

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Divorce parties are very mainstream now, and widely commonplace. Brittany, a new divorcee is attending her “Divorce Party Weekend,” and meets handsome stranger, Jake. He appears to be everything her ex-husband is not! A few days later, she bumps into him at a coffee house–and she finds herself falling for him. In the meantime, Brittany is still friendly with her ex, Austin, who is seriously questioning this new relationship. But his warning falls on deaf ears, and she attributes it to jealousy. Turns out, the new guy is evil, and she will only realize this when it is too late. Glenda Braganza, Jeff Teravainen, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Tomas Chovanec, Kelly Hope Taylor, and Janae Armogan star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts like a low-budget version of The Staircase. Jake, who is a doctor, stands over the woman pleading for the paramedics to hurry. On the phone, he shouts, “I’m a doctor! Please hurry!:

One year later, Brittany is going through a divorce and co-parenting her teenage daughter, Emma. Brittany’s husband, Austin, is recently sober and employed. He wants to get back with Brittany, but she isn’t having it.

While on vacation with her friend Thea, Brittany literally runs into Jake. The first thing he tells her is that he is a doctor. (What is with this guy!) 

Thea throws Brittany a “divorce party,” like a bachelorette party but for when you get divorced. There is also a stripper, so I’m into this!

Brittany is not into the party and goes to bed early. The following day she has breakfast alone but is joined by Doctor Jake. He asks her to go on a hike with him and shares about how his wife died falling down the stairs. (Which would be a RED FLAG!) Thea inexplicably follows them and hides behind trees. (She mentioned dating a married man; could it be Jake? Why wouldn’t she tell Brittany?)

Jake continues to run into Brittany around town. He asks her out, but Brittany is not ready to date. Brittany is attacked while on a run and admitted to the hospital… JAKE IS HER DOCTOR? He set ups a follow-up appointment, but it is just a ploy to see her again and caress her wrist. 

Austin helps take care of Brittany while she recovers and tells her that he loves her. The timing is bad, though, because she is considering taking up Jake on his date offer. 

Brittany and Jake go to dinner at Brittany’s friend Ava’s restaurant. Austin is also at the restaurant because Thea sent him an invite via Brittany’s email, and Thea loads him up with shows. Austin confronts Brittany and tells her that Jake is no good for her. Then Austin randomly shares that he was sleeping with Thea for months! He leaves the restaurant and gets a DUI.

Ava steps in as Brittany’s BFF, since Thea is obviously out. Ava encourages Brittany to stop dating Jake, the doctor, and focus on herself. That is the LAST thing Ava does because Jake strangles Ava in her restaurant and makes it look like Austin killed her. 

When Brittany finds out about Ava’s murder, she goes for a sad run. Jake follows her and comforts her; he implies that Austin could be to blame. 

Detectives are on the case and suspect Austin. They get a search warrant and find incriminating evidence in his home. (Planted by Dr. Jake)

Meanwhile, Jake continues to plot while caressing photos of Brittany on his computer. 

Next, Thea is killed by the doctor and it is staged as a suicide. In the note, Thea confirms that Austin killed Ava. Since Austin was out on bail, he is also a suspect in this as well.

Jake comforts Brittany from all the murder going around and suggests they get away to a cabin. The only problem is Emma, the daughter, is starting to think Jake is a weirdo.

Emma looks into Jake’s past and learns about the wife on the staircase. Emma talks to the wife’s sister who says Jake is dangerous and probably responsible for her sister’s death. 

Emma tries to warn her mother, but Brittney is doubling down on the quality time with Jake. (This includes a montage AND that trip to his cabin… where there is no wifi or cell service.) More red flags include a completely secluded restaurant. He proposes to Brittany, but she declines his offer. 

Emma drives up to the cabin and snoops around while her mother and Jake are at dinner. She finds a room that is a shrine to his… mother? Is this the love triangle? I’m lost. 

Back at the restaurant, things aren’t going over well with the whole rejection of Dr. Jake thing. Then Emma shows up and talks trash about Jake being a momma’s boy. 

The movie flashes back to the staircase and Jake pushing his wife down the stairs. 

Jake tries to explain himself, but Emma and Brittany start to leave. Jake grabs Emma and starts to choke her out, but Brittany stabs him with a steak knife. Jake dies dramatically from a single stab wound. 

Austin is out of jail and three months sober. He loves his family and it seems like the marriage is back on. Brittany and Austin don’t file their divorce papers. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Brittany, Stripper, Ava, Detective, 

The fake blood in this movie was exceptionally fake looking.

The mother shrine at the end really came out of nowhere.

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know whether to watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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  1. This movie is fantastic, the dramatic score alone is super and you have no idea where the next turn is and who’s in the love triangle. I still don’t know! I recognized some locations too. I really liked it, and crazy talking to yourself moments are a fav. It’s so much fun.

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