What Happened to My Sister? (2022 Lifetime)


What Happened to My Sister? (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Heather Harris, Lauryn Speights, Monique Straw, Ashley Jones

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Drea, a freshman at college, decides to rush the same sorority her sister Gabi died rushing two years earlier in hopes of finding out the truth about her death. Lauryn Speights, Heather Harris, Monique Straw, and Ashley Jones star (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A college student at Benhurst University walks home late at night, and someone murders her with a bat.

One year later, Vanessa emotionally drops off her daughter, Drea, at college and tearily tells her to be careful. Vanessa doesn’t want what happened to Drea’s sister to discourage her from enjoying college. (But the question is, what happened to her sister?!) Not really; she was the girl murdered at the movie’s beginning a few mins ago. The mother and daughter visit a makeshift memorial to Gabrielle.

When Drea is alone, she talks to her sister Ghost Gabrielle. Drea’s roommate, Jess, catches her and is weirded out but continues to hang out with her new. Friend. Drea tells her roommate about her sister’s death and admits to getting a full ride from the university. 

The girls are recruited to join a sorority called Delta Phi Zeta; Callie and Mindy are the stereotypical sorority type. When they learn that Drea is Gabrielle’s sister, they are overwhelmed with emotions, still upset about the murder. Jess encourages Drea to join to find out the sorority’s secrets and figure out what happened to her sister.

The house mother, Rebecca, is intense. Rebecca admits to being a bit overprotective about the sorority. She quickly tells Drea the safety precautions the house is taking to keep the sisters safe. 

We randomly cut to a baseball game, which I’m okay with because baseball uniforms are flattering. Eddie and Rob get some ice cream after the practice and flirt with Drea telling her she is so hot she could melt all the ice cream in the store. (Eyeroll.) Jess is excited for her friend because Eddey will be recruited to the major leagues. 

Drea is officially invited to pledge to the sorority. (Jess is not requested.) At the pledging event, Drea gets an anonymous letter that warns her about the sorority and tells her that her sister’s murder was not a random mugging. Drea shows Jess and decides that she has to become a part of the sorority to learn what REALLY happened to her sister…

In the sorority house, Drea is assigned to have the President of the sorority Callie as her Big Sister, and Mindy is her roommate in the place and seems jealous. Mindy warns Drea not to get on Callie’s bad side. 

Callie bursts into the Kappa Tau Phi frat house and sees Eddie with another girl. She is pissed and warns Eddie that is she flirts with another girl again; she will ruin his baseball career. (Just think what she will do when she learns he was hitting on her Little Sister, Drea.) Callie orders a nanny cam teddy bear and leaves it in Eddey’s room to catch him in the act next time. 

Speaking of Drea, she isn’t even worried about Eddy because she is too busy trying to get her sister’s handwriting compared to the note. (She gets handwriting samples by organizing a group birthday card for Mindy.) She also goes shopping with Callie to find out why her sister left the party early, alone the night she died.

With the evidence gathered, Drea brings it all to Jess. Jess is accommodating in comparing the samples and helping find Gabi’s killer. 

Drea has a study session with a cutie named Kris, and while she is at the frat house, she sees Mindy coming out of Eddey’s bedroom. Drea tells Mindy to leave before Callie finds out, but there is the whole teddy bear nanny cam situation. Eddy finds out about the nanny cam from Drea’s off-handed comment and breaks up with Callie. Before he leaves, he tells Rebecca, the house mother (and maybe his mother?), that Callie is her problem now. 

Mindy recalls the night of the party to Drea, Vanessa, and Jess. She spread a rumor about Gabi and Eddy hooking up that sent Callie over the deep end. Mindy never told anyone that Callie screamed, “I am going to kill her!” This prompts them to go to the detective who has been working on the case.

The detective starts to ask questions about Greek Row, and the house mother, Rebecca, refuses to cooperate. 

Callie decides to get back at Eddy for breaking up with her by showing up at a frat party looking amazing. She sees him with Mindy and is heartbroken. Eddy threatens Callie, and she leaves angrily. On her way back to the house, Callie texts Drea that she wants to talk about Gabi’s murder. 

The next morning Callie is found dead of an apparent suicide. A note is left where Callie admits to killing Gabi. No one can believe it—especially Drea. The hashtag #DeltaDie is trending. 

Kris decides that he needs to tell Drea about the night Gabi. He recalls seeing Gabi push Eddy in the pool during the party the night she died because he was coming on to her. Drea starts to think Eddy might be more involved than anyone previously thought. (Which he is because Eddy is listening outside the door. He calls house mother Rebecca to see what to do.)

Feeling unsafe at the house and around town because a car is following her, Dre turns back to her former roommate Jess. Jess thinks that Callie may have been covering for Eddy in providing an alibi the night of Gabi’s murder. Before Jess can elaborate, she is hit by a car that was targeting Drea. 

Eddy was in his room playing video games all night, and Drea can’t think of who he can be working with until she learns that House Mother Rebecca is Eddy’s mother.

Drea and her mother, Vanessa, are sure that Eddy had something to do with the murders and come up with a plan to prove it. That means Drea has to move back into the sorority house. 

On the day of Cassie’s funeral, Vanessa distracts House Mother Rebecca that the detectives have had a break in the case and discover the murder suspect is male. They plant a listening device plugged into an electrical outlet and record House Mother Rebecca’s conversation with Eddy and her boyfriend. (Who is also the baseball coach.) They admit to pretty much everything before going back out for the funeral service.

The speeches are interrupted by audio playback of the confessions. Rebecca, the coach, and Eddy run off comically. 

In the hospital, everyone visits Jess. They tell her about the solved murder case, and Jess is happy to know it was the school baseball coach that ran her over. Then Jess gets a card and a congratulatory balloon to welcome her into the Delta Phi Zetas! (They promise that it isn’t just because she was hit by a car.)

Drea and her mom sit in Gabi’s room and put all that to bed. Ghost Gabi smiles and walks away. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Drea, Vanessa, Gabi, Jess, Kris, Detective, Susan

I’m really happy Jess didn’t die or turn out to be the bad guy. She was just a genuine friend. 


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