Revenge for My Mother (2022 Lifetime)


Revenge for My Mother (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Janet Carter, Gabrielle Fernandes, Jason Tobias, Sami Nye, Taylor Joree Scorse

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Audrey teaches postnatal fitness to a group of moms who bring their baby strollers to the park. However, when her recently hired assistant secretly starts exacting revenge, Audrey’s perfect world of cute moms and babies erupts into madness and murder. Sami Nye, Taylor Joree Scorse, Jason Tobias star.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in a park with a bunch of mommies trying to do yoga with their babies. It doesn’t work because the babies keep crying. Audrey, the post-natal workout instructor, laughs it off. Her company is called Stroller Moms.

Cut to a tattooed lady in prison. Her name is Elizabeth, and she is being released to her father’s care. Too bad her father thinks Elizabeth is a deadbeat. He demands she find a job ASAP if she is going to live under his roof. Elizabeth finds an assistant position for the Stroller Mom company, and when she shows her dad, he goes into heart failure on a peloton. (Which is so Mr. Big of him!) 

Elizabeth rushes her father to the hospital, and he has to get heart surgery. Before he goes into the operation, he admits to his daughter that he lied about how her mother died. Elizabeth’s mother didn’t die from breast cancer; she was hit by a car while out for a walk. The woman driving the vehicle was Audrey Banks.

The operation doesn’t go well, and Elizabeth loses her father. She is distraught and angry, which is understandable. What isn’t understandable is when she changes her name to Brooklyn while posing as a job applicant for the assistant job. Aubrey hires her and introduces the new hire to her husband, Matt, and her lesbian best friend, Jane. 

Brooklyn has no social skills and brings up her father’s death and mother’s murder over dinner. Jane is so shocked she drops her pizza and gapes at Brooklyn. Then Brooklyn goes home and talks to her father’s ashes and a photo of her mother. The woman is unhinged and vows to ruin Aubrey’s life.

Matt isn’t on board with Brooklyn and storms off in a financial meeting for the business. Brooklyn sneakily brings up the high premiums on the insurance policy, and Aubrey opens up about the car accident. She recalls that a woman walked into the path of her car, and she was charged with vehicular manslaughter. Audrey only served community service because her father was friends with the judge. (So, daddy’s connections and money got her off?) 

Later, Audrey interrupts a sexy time to ask Matt why they aren’t married. Matt laughs it off, but when Aubrey doesn’t let it go, he skips bedtime and goes downstairs to work on his novel. (During the whole argument, he holds a bottle of Listerine. I wasn’t sure if this was an ad of not, but if it was. Good for you, movie!) 

Matt is up all night writing and becomes tired during the day. He tells Brooklyn that he is going to take a nap, and she says, “Do you want me to tuck you in?” He tells her that she is out of line. 

Since she can’t seduce him, Brooklyn stages an affair. She sends herself flowers/lingerie with Matt’s credit card, emails from his address, and causes a scene when Audrey comes home. Brooklyn shows Audrey all the incriminating evidence. Audrey is horrified and comforts her employee. Matt denies everything, but Audrey kicks him out. 

Brooklyn slams her face in a door repeatedly and then calls the police. She accuses Matt of attacking her. Matt is arrested. To make bail, he needs Audrey to take out a second mortgage on her house, something she isn’t willing to do because he is a cheater/woman abuser. 

Audrey and Brooklyn bond while trying on shoes until Brooklyn slams her foot down and impales her stiletto through Audrey’s foot. (I jumped out of my chair, it is particularly gruesome for Lifetime.)

Brooklyn offers to take care of Audrey, which mostly means drugging the bedridden woman with banana smoothies and canceling Stroller Moms until further notice.

Jane becomes concerned and stops by to check on her friend. Jane tells Brooklyn that something is off and tries to force her way inside, but Brooklyn locks Jane out. Jane does some MASSIVE internet research (She even wears glasses) to get to the bottom of this new woman in their lives. Jane can’t find a digital footprint and calls Audrey to warn her. When Audrey doesn’t respond, Jane follows Brooklyn around.

Jane breaks into Brookyn’s house and finds an article, the photo of the mother, and her father’s ashes. On the box is his name. She also finds Elizabeth’s police record (She was in jail for assaulting a math teacher who “grades on a curve and tried to touch her curves”) Jane confronts Brooklyn with all the information she has pieced together. That doesn’t go well because Elizabeth/Brooklyn lunges at Jane and eventually bashes her face in with the box of her father’s ashes. (Another gruesome scene!) Jane is taken to her house and placed at the bottom of the stairs to make it look like an accidental death. Brooklyn deletes the messages from Audrey’s phone.

Once Audrey is well enough, she shows up to a Stroller Mom class and is surprised that no one is there and Jane isn’t filling in as she thought. Brooklyn cried and said she tried to call Jane but got no response, so she emailed the members, letting them know that classes were canceled until further notice. Audrey gets upset and accuses Brooklyn of essentially ruining her business. 

Then the word of Jane’s fatal “accident” makes it way to Audrey, who is overcome with grief. She goes to bed early. 

While Audrey is passed out, Brooklyn stages the house to make Audrey look like an unfit mother. Bottles of alcohol are strewn around the home, and cigarettes are smashed in ashtrays. Brooklyn also stages a fire and calls the police to report a fire in the yard.

Audrey wakes up disoriented and confused. The police are in her house and have a lot of questions. Audrey isn’t interested in talking to them and is hell-bent on finding her baby. She sees a crib burned in the yard. The jerk officer drags the story out as long as possible before letting Audrey know that the baby is fine but was discovered alone on the living room floor. 

Jane follows the social worker to track the baby. Then she puts on a face mask. (COVID kind.) Jane punches the foster mother in the face before stealing the baby. The baby was removed from Audrey’s custody, and the court will decide if she is fit to take care of her baby. (In Audrey’s car.) 

Brooklyn calls Audrey and tells her to meet her in the park, or she will kill the baby. Audrey races to the park and finds Brooklyn/Elizabeth/Lisa with a switchblade. Audrey admits to killing her mother and says she wants to reach out, but the lawyers advise against it. Brooklyn tells her that she got off easy. Audrey explains that Brooklyn’s mother was drunk when she walked in front of the car. (Like it is some excuse. Audrey is one of the most unsympathetic protagonists I’ve seen on Lifetime.)

 Brooklyn wants Audrey to take a bunch of pills or she will hurt the baby. The baby cries and distracts Brooklyn just long enough for Audrey to lunge and get the baby. Audrey places the baby in the crib but accidentally sends it careening down the sidewalk headed to a busy street. 

Good thing Audrey knows how to walk with a stroller because that is what she does to get away from Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn finds them and raises the knife to stab Audrey and the baby, but the bundle in Audrey’s arms is actually a big ass log. Audrey recorded the whole confession and calls the police.

Matt is released from jail, and Brooklyn is put back in the slammer. Audrey writes an email to the new mothers who might be suffering from postpartum depression to restart her business. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor, police office, Rebecca Peters, 


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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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1 Comment

  1. pretty good movie. But my question is when are we going to finally see the person who got accused by their spouse to dump them when they find out that they were innocent all along and all the horrible things that the spouse said to them. If I was the boyfriend, I would be glad the baby was OK and so was the woman but then I would’ve left her for all the horrible things that she said about him and didn’t believe him and didn’t back him up. He should’ve dumped her!

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