The 12 Days of Christmas Eve (2022 Lifetime)

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Spencer Grammer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve is the story of Brian Conway (Kelsey Grammer), a successful businessman whose relationships with those around him have really suffered. While this Christmas season has been the most successful for his business, he’s divorced, his relationship with his daughter Michelle (Spencer Grammer) is strained and he doesn’t have a meaningful connection with his only granddaughter. After Brian gets into a car accident on Christmas Eve, Santa gives him twelve chances to re-do the day and repair the relationships in his life to find the true meaning of Christmas. For Brian, these twelve days are a journey of self-realization about life, love and happiness as he attempts to right the wrongs of his life in pursuit of the Christmas spirit.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

 We start off in a repair shop in the 1960s; a young boy named Brian works with his father to fix a radio. It is Christmas Eve, and the dad has to work; he tells his son that he does it so his son can have a better life than him. Then they wish on a candle. 

Flash to modern-day Brian; he is wealthy and hates Christmas because he was to work! Brian hosts a meeting at work, learns that the business is down, and tells his team to work all night on Christmas Eve. Steve and Dale come up with a rebranding to target a younger audience. Jet, Brian’s assistant, pitches an idea because he doesn’t want to stay late at work. He suggests a business mogul, Nina Nishii, who is looking to invest. Jet sets up the meeting.

Michelle, Brian’s daughter, has surgery, and her babysitter cancels the last min. She asks her dad to watch her daughter, but Brian refuses because of his meeting.

Nina Nishii is fab, and she loves spending money. Brian invites her to his Christmas charity gala to close the deal. 

At the gala, Brian rubs elbows with important people in the hospital, like Dr. Angeloni and his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brown. He sees Nina Nishii tipping a bartender $200 for a can of whipped cream and ditches his daughter to close the deal. Nina says she doesn’t want to invest. She wants to buy it. He agrees as long as she keeps the Annual Bradly Hospital Fundraiser, the Christmas carnival. 

Brian leaves the party feeling good about his business dealings. He flips through the radio dial to change from Christmas songs and almost runs into a reindeer off the Brooklyn bridge. 

Brian wakes up in a room with Santa Clause, who decides to give him 12 days of Christmas Eve and a chance to get things right. If he doesn’t, he will die, but if he finds the true meaning of Christmas, he is good to go! 

Day 2- Brian wakes up and thinks that it was all a dream, but he has Deja Vu when he sees the same news story and annoying neighbor. The repeat moments keep happening, and Brian is freaking out. He. Storms out of the meeting and slips on a patch of ice, and dies.

Day 3- Brian asks his neighbor how to beat the time loop movies stop the time look, and the neighbor says to just be nice and generous to everyone. Brian gives his employees a 10% raise and a week off. He tips generously and works to raise as much money as he can for the hospital. Brian even adopts a whole kennel of dogs. He also gives out random items to people on the street. He invites homeless people to the charity gala and speaks about being selfish. Then he throws money into the crowd. His daughter is very confused as to what is going on and gives his granddaughter a dog, even though she is allergic. Michelle is annoyed with her father and storms off. Then the dog knocks him off of the ledge of the building. 

Day 4- Brian agrees to watch after Harkin, and Michelle is thankful for his generosity. He takes his granddaughter to his meeting with Nina Nishii, and Harkin throws up on him. Nina Nishii is put off and doesn’t come to the charity gala. He screams at Michelle for Harkin ruining his business dealings. Harkin over hears the conversation and cries. Then he chokes on a gingerbread cookie.  

Day 5- Brian asks Harkin what she wants to do, and she has him take her for ice cream, toy shopping, and sledding. When they see another group of kids, Harkin says she has no friends and runs off. Then Brian sleds down the hill to catch her, but he runs into a tree.

Day 6- Brian and Harkin run into the kids again. They try to play a song on the jukebox, but it is broken. Harkin tells him that everyone thinks she is weird. He tells his granddaughter that if she likes herself, that is all that matters. Then he takes her to his shop and shows Harkin how to fix an old radio together. At the charity gala, Michelle is impressed that he has done so well with Harkin. When he tells Michelle that he booked a surprise vacation, she tells him that he never loved her and only does things to keep up appearances. Then a chandelier falls on him. 

Day 7- He invites Nina Nishii to take a meeting and talks her into spending time with family and friends. Then he dances and parties with Harkin at the gala, impressing Sarah Brown. (She likes to see the looser side of Brian.) Michelle talks to her dad about her surgery not going well. He encourages his daughter and tells her that she is a wonderful doctor. He also learns that the patient had an unseen brain bleed. Then he is electrocuted. 

Day 8- Brian calls Dr. Angeloni and asks her to reschedule the surgery with another doctor. Michell takes it as a personal attack on her ability as a doctor. Brian insists that he take his daughter and granddaughter out for a day of Christmas. He tells Michelle that today is her day and asks her to show him who she really is. They get into an argument when he tries to take his meeting with Nina Nishii. Then he is hit by a truck.

Day 9- Brian spends time with Michelle at the gala, and they share Christmas memories. Her memories are mostly sad about him not devoting her any of his time. She tells him that she wishes he had loved her his whole life. It gives him an idea, and he jumps off a ledge.

I guess I missed some days! 

Day 12- Brian knows everything is about love and goes about giving people what they need instead of just random gifts. Brian is worried about making it to the next day and is very nervous at the gala. When Nina Nishii shows up, Michelle blesses him to take the meeting. Nina decides to buy the business. Brian gives Michelle a music box clock. He neglected to help his daughter fix it. She is unimpressed. Nina Nishii makes a speech at the event and announces that she is buying this company. It doesn’t go over well. Michell finds out about her father taking off the schedule and tells him he is a horrible father. Brian screams that he is horrible, and then he has a heart attack.

Brian talks to Santa and tells him that he just needs one more day. Santa makes a deal for the extra day. Brian can set things right, but he will die at the end of the day.

Day 12 (again?) – Brian wakes up with a focus. He brings a gingerbread latte for Jet and tells his team that they need to change their business strategy and marketing campaign. He thanks them all for their years of devotion with a 20% raise and promotes Jet to COO. When Michelle drops off Harkin, he tells her about the brain bleed and sends her to surgery. Then plans a big surprise. The surgery goes well, and he gives Michelle praise and apologizes for not being there for her as a child. 

The gala is now a Christmas extravaganza, and Brian dresses up as Santa. He dances and parties. Nina Nishii thanks him for believing in her. She promises to invest in the company with her time and money. Brian then dances with Sarah Brown, who reminds him how much his father loved him and how proud she is of him for finally loving himself. He makes a Christmas wish that everyone loves themselves as much as he loves them. 

Brian takes Harkin and Michelle home, finding the house fully decorated. He gives Harkin a tool belt so she can fix things in life herself. He also gives Michelle the music box, but he gives it genuinely this time. They all hug, and he tucks them into bed.

Brian stays up and watches the fire burn in the fireplace, not wanting his perfect day to end, but he made a deal with the devil or Santa and falls asleep. 

Brian is surprised when he wakes up the next day and is alive. Michelle tells her dad that she loves the new version of her dad, and then they sing an Irish Lullaby.

There is one more present under the tree from Santa that holds the candle he wished on and a card that reads, “Don’t Blow It.”  

Side Note

Minority Report: Bellhop, Donation bell guy, Dave, Nina Nishii, Dr. Angeloni, Santa kid, and Parent, Harkin, 


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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

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