Secrets In the Marriage (2023 Lifetime)

Secrets In the Marriage (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Brianna Cohen, Alex Trumble, Lauren McCullough

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Inspired by a true story. Newlyweds Kat and Richard receive a call from a woman claiming be pregnant with Richard’s child. But Richard quickly explains that the woman is one of his former patients who suffers from mental health issues, and Kat believes him. Weeks later, though, Kat begins questioning Richard’s whereabouts when she finds out he isn’t at work. As Kat questions Richard, he manipulates their conversations, claiming her delusions are a side effect of her sleeping pills. Just when Kat begins doubting her own mental state, she finds out that he’s been cheating on her with their neighbor, Vivienne. Furious, Kat confronts Richard, and they get into an altercation. As Kat discovers the ugly truth about Richard, she must find a way to absolve herself of a crime she didn’t commit and expose Richard once and for all before it’s too late. Stars Brianna Cohen, Alex Trumble, and Lauren McCullough (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Kat runs through the woods and seems exhausted. She is running from an attractive man.

Flash to Kat celebrating a promotion in her law firm (or something; she wants to be a politician.) with her BFF/Sister, Alex. They are interrupted by a handsome man named Richard, who buys her a drink. Kat appreciates the drink but doesn’t want to spend her night with a stranger. Richard knows a lot about her; he is a very observant psychiatrist. (He is also nosey and reads her license on the bar.)

One year later, they are married and move to a small town. The marriage seems to be going well until a woman calls and says she is pregnant with her husband’s baby. Richard says that the caller is a former patient who has skitzo obsessive disorder and has focused on with him. Kat believes him, and honestly, he is very convincing.

In the new neighborhood, a welcoming cougar named Vivian welcomes them and flirts with Richard in front of Kat. (Vivian is giving budget Samantha Jones.) 

While unpacking, Kat finds a bottle of pills and asks her husband what they are for. He gives them to her to calm her nerves and ease the stress of moving back home. Naturally, she takes them with a couple of glasses of wine. Kat does, and the meds cause terrible nightmares, and she oversleeps.

Kat starts her new job at city hall groggy and out of it. She is concerned because she thinks Richard didn’t come home the night before and is having an affair. When she brings it up to him, he tells her the pills messed up her memory, and she doesn’t remember him coming home. 

An old boyfriend named Marcos is sad that he missed his chance with Kat and is happy that she is back in town. Kat tells him she is married but is flattered the town detective is interested.

Richard makes Kat a celebratory dinner, and she asks more questions about the night before. He says that his phone died, and when he came home late a night, she was sleepwalking and attacking him. Richard shows her cuts and bruises on his arm to prove it. Kat feels horrible.  

Slutty neighbor has Richard over to “fix her sink,” and he ends up shirtless holding her in his arms after she gets a call from a friend who committed suicide. Richard talks to her about her friend, and Vivianne insists that her friend wouldn’t do that because she was dating a new guy and was very happy. 

 Kat and Richard celebrate their anniversary, and when Kat calls to confirm plans, his secretary tells her that he isn’t in the office. Kat wants to surprise him but realizes he is keeping secrets from her.

Kat tracks her husband’s location to a shack of a house and is shocked to find Vivian there. Viv avoids Kat’s questions and seems generally put off. Then Viv kicks Kat off of the “private property.” 

Richard is home before Kat can get up her anniversary surprise. He gifts her a scarf and ties it around her neck a little too tightly. When she asks him how work is, he acts like her was there. Later in the night, Richard’s phone goes off repeatedly. Kat wakes up, looks at the phone, and sees the messages are about her.

Kat decides to hire her ex-boyfriend, turned detective Marco, to trail Richard. He confirms that Richard and Vivian are having an affair. He doesn’t even have an office; he hired an answering service to pretend he does. Marco can’t even prove that Richard has a medical license. 

Kat confronts Richard with the evidence and demands to know what is happening with their slutty neighbor. Richard claims that Vivian is his patient and blames Kat’s paranoia on the sleeping pills. She tells him she wants a divorce, which causes Richard to grab Kat and tell her that her delusions are dangerous. Kat pulls a knife on him and runs out of the house. 

Alex takes her sister in and tells her to file a police report for the assault. Kat doesn’t want to attract bad publicity for her campaign. 

A reporter and former classmate named Mirium is holding a grudge from prom. She was roofied and hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Mirium blamed Kat and had her ostracized from the town. 

Somehow we end up in court?!?! BORING!

 Basically, Riched ends up representing himself and pops off in court, claiming Kat killed his former patient, Susan. (The woman who called and said she is pregnant with his baby.) It causes Kat to double-think everything and worry that he might be right. Did she do it while on sleeping pills?

Marco questions Kat, and they both realize that Richard has manipulated everything to frame Kat for Susan’s murder. 

Vivian spends the night with Richard and finds a suicide note he has written for Kat. Richard catches her snooping and force feeds her medication, and then makes out with her, which is so gross. 

Alex continues to take care of her sister and heads to the grocery store for some ice cream leaving Kat alone. She falls asleep on the couch and takes up to a knock at the door. It is Vivian with the suicide note around her neck. She begs for help and passes out. Then, Kat is grabbed from behind by someone in black gloves.

Kat wakes up tied up in the woods by a dock. Richard drags her to the water while admitting to his plan to frame/kill her. He gives her one last goodbye kiss, and Kat bites his lip.

She strikes him and runs away, but Richard chases her deep into the woods. Marco tracks them and stops Richard. He tells him they know everything thanks to DNA evidence. Richard is arrested.

Kat has a thank-you dinner with her sister, Marco, and Mirium. They are finally home and friends now. Yay! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Marcos, Mirium, Judge, 


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1 Comment

  1. In the end Marcos and Miriam were still strange and annoying to me. And why was Marcos taking pictures of her running at night. They never addressed that. In the end this would’ve been a skip for me.

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