The Baby Swindler (2023 Lifetime)

The Baby Swindler (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Rhonda Dent, Emily Tennant, Jason Cermak

Director: Chester Sit

Writer: Felicity Evans , Kayley Loveridge, Toby Venables

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Long before the tragic death of her husband, Susie Ashcroft froze an embryo. Now, emerging from the throes of grief, surrogate Lorna Morgan agrees to carry the child to help Susie have the family she’s always dreamed of. The partnership starts out as a dream, but danger begins to follow Susie wherever she goes. When Lorna disappears, Susie will do all she can to save the life of her unborn child–even if that means she loses hers. Emily Tennant, Rhonda Dent, Jason Cermak star (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Susie works in business and is good at it! She has everything she wants, except her husband Mike, who tragically died too soon. She tells her friend Helen she has a secret wish that might be coming true.

Dr. Shaw meets with her fertility doctor about having Mike’s baby. The doctor recommends surrogacy. Susie talks with her brother Andrew, and he and his wife Grace are trying to have a baby by IVF. The bill is shocking, and Susie isn’t clicking with anyone she meets at the clinic. 

Then, Lorna shows up. She is an old neighbor’s brother and looking to be a surrogate to pay some college bills and help a friend. Andrew recommends her during a sushi dinner ambush. (The dinner consists of two pieces of maki per person.) Susie likes the idea since it is someone who knew Mike AND her/Andrew’s dead parents. It just “feels right.”

Dr. Shaw is on board with the idea and impregnates Lorna with no questions asked! No test, no sonogram, no nothing! It is just taken as a fact that Lorna is pregnant. Lorna leaves the clinic and says, “See ya when I see ya!”

Grace and Susie have a lot of bonding time setting up the nursery and naming the baby Michelle. Grace is just as excited about this baby as Susie. (Which is sad because she can’t have a baby.)

Lorna gets a cold, and Susie becomes concerned. She visits her apartment, and instead of caring for Lorna, Susie goes through her things. Susie finds an article about a chain gain or something. (IDK, when Susie asks about it, Lorna explains that it was an article about a bad ex-boyfriend.) 


Susie wonders if someone is trying to get revenge on Lorna for something in her past. Susie invites Lorna to stay with her after a break-in. Strange things keep happening to them, and Susie tries to get detectives to take her concerns seriously. 

Grace meets with Susie for coffee and admits that she and Andrew are taking a break. The emotional and financial stress of IVF has been too much for them. Grace hopes to stay in Susie’s life. (Which could be awkward!) 

Susie takes a sonogram to her dead’s husband grave and promises to give their daughter the best life she can in his memory. Then someone steals the photo from the gravestone. 

Lorna suddenly disappears, and muddy bootprints lead out of the house. Susie thinks she left because they were fighting and asks Andrew to help her find Paul. (Lorna’s brother.)

At Lorna’s apartment, Susie and Helen check to see if she is okay but can’t get into the building. A neighbor seems like they are going to help but then don’t because the woman in the picture Susie shows her isn’t named Lorna… it’s MADISON!

The friends go home and find a ransom note asking for money. Helen helps Susie look into Lorna/Madison’s past while Susie goes to a totally trashed old house. She takes pictures of some invoices until she hears a motorcycle pull up; it is the motorcycle man!!!!!! 

Susie asks Andrew for help, and he promises to help her sister find her baby. They go to a meeting place where a guy pulls a gun on them. Lorna screams for help as the motorcycle man drives away with her in the van. 

Helen finds some offshore accounts and tries to transfer the files before she is killed. Poor Helen. The checks to the accounts were written in Mike’s name. 

Grace pours Susie a brandy and tries to calm her friend down. Grace “calls” the police. Then she is “attacked” by a masked figure. The masked person chases Susie around the house, and it is so obviously Andrew. (I don’t know what it says about me that I can identify Jason Cermak in a ski mask.)

Susie is kidnapped and tied up. She wakes up next to Lorna and screams all her theories. Lorna tells Susie that she has it all wrong. Lorna was in bad debt from taking care of her mother and was having an affair with Andrew, who was posing as Mike. He lent Lorna money and had her running scams for him. 

Paul and Lorna aren’t related, but they have been working for Andrew. He tells Susie that they need to help him pay back very bad people. They instead make a run for it after hitting him with a brick. 

Grace shows up and talks Andrew out of holding his sister at gunpoint. She calmly explains that she needs the baby and the money from Susie’s life insurance policy. 

They run up to the roof, where Mike (maybe) killed himself. Susie and Grace struggle near the ledge, and Susie sends Grace flying over the edge. (Just like Andrew did to Mike, apparently.)

There are so many things to keep track of here; it is tedious and exhausting. 

Lorna has the baby and plans to travel the world, leaving Susie and Michelle Lorna to live happily ever after or whatever. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Dr. Shaw, Helen, 

Also known as A Deadly Surrogacy

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Overall rating 

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